Center of the Universe

A physicist explains why parallel universes may exist

These guys stole my idea circa 1997, probably while they were cruising the astral plane, that our universe may be one among many, perhaps overlapping. Not to draw on the big picture here, but any thoughts? Verify your veracious vicissitudes and I will venerate you.



about 11 years ago

I've always assumed that Sliders was really a documentary.


about 11 years ago

What do you mean "not to draw on the big picture here"? Lol, that's exactly what you're doing. ;-)

Anyway, I too have heard of such theories of alternate universes. Let this video rock your brain:


about 11 years ago

I'll have to do more head stands before I try to tackle that one again. 


about 11 years ago

I guess I misunderestimated Duluthian's carnal lust for science.  It's so nice here in February, who would ever want to leave to go cruising the parallel universes?


about 11 years ago

Weird. All this time I thought Fremont was the center of the universe. Silly me.

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