The Duluth Mongoose

The true story of how an aroused public saved the life of a single little animal condemned to death by the Federal government.



about 13 years ago

The whole story, from the News Tribune Attic:

Dave Sorensen

about 13 years ago

An illegal immigrant at risk from a government Death Panel.


about 13 years ago

The Duluth Public Library has copies of both The Duluth Mongoose (599.74422 Sco84d) and Mongoose Magoo by Herb Montgomery (Juv Fic Montgomery). They're available in multiple copies, for checkout and as non-circulating references in the Duluth Collection in the North Shore Room (at the top of the stairs between the Congressional Records and the typewriters).

David Anderson linked to an online version of The Duluth Mongoose in a comment on the first News Tribune Attic article above. It is in DAISY format, which seems to be some sort of glorified audiobook. (I haven't tried listening to it.)


about 13 years ago

mestes76 has four more recent pictures of Mr. Magoo: Duluth Mongoose, Mongoose, Mr. Magoo, and The story.

(I'm not nearly as aroused by mongooses as my two comments might imply.)


about 13 years ago

I need to get me a pet Mongoose who always returns to my shoulder (like the Beastmaster's Ferret) when summoned, esp for those pesky pet Cobras in Duluth.  Does anyone remember the local dude whose pet Cobra eventually turned on him, and the doctor had to remove one of his fingers with a pair of side cutters?  If you have a pet Cobra, I think you should also be required to carry a pet Mongoose.

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