Permanent McLight Pollution?

Have you recently looked out into the evening sky to be welcomed by what would seem to be a search beacon?

I don’t know that I have ever witnessed it while I have lived in Duluth, however, years ago, it was common practice to hire a “searchlight advertising” team help promote your special event.

This new searchlight seems to be something altogether different.

Of course, some might applaud the re-opening of the London Road McDonald’s, and it might even be searchlight worthy, but it seems that the searchlight that is emitting from McDonald’s is permanently fixed on top of the building. WTF?

(Admin note: According to McDonald’s Duluth-area supervisor, the light is not permanent. It will be in use for about 30 days.)

Are we to expect that this light will constantly beam into the sky, luring unsuspecting folk to this establishment? Forever polluting our night space?

When I look out toward the big dark lake, that’s all I care to see … black … nothing else … thank you very much.

I suggest that we begin here, with a letter-writing campaign urging that they turn that damn light off.


Bad Cat!

about 13 years ago

It would be silly to waste that much electricity for a fast food restaraunt. I'm sure it's just for their opening and it will be down soon enough.


about 13 years ago

I've noticed it too, and couldn't figure out where it was coming from.  Is it really permanent?  If so, as someone who likes to see stars in the sky, that really McCheeses me off.

I was already put off by the new McDonald's onnacounta they tore down the awesome deck overlooking the lake, which actually made that old McDonald's kind of unique.

Somebody needs to pull their McHeads out of their McAsses.


about 13 years ago

The new Amsoil sign does the same effect for the harbor view.


about 13 years ago

Doh! I thought it was the "Baci Signal" -- I showed up each time and found the evil super villain dressed as a twisted clown trying to poison people by forcing them to eat cardboard. The people seemed "happy," although they had a "glazed" look. I turned the Baci-mobile around and went back to the cave.


about 13 years ago

Can we find out if it is indeed permanent?  And if so, let's start writing!  If not, can we ask them how much longer we have to put up with this crap?  (By "crap" I'm here referring to the light, I know the food is likely to be around for a while).


about 13 years ago

In the time it took you all to write your post and comments complaining, you could have phoned McDonald's and checked yourselves if the spotlight is permanent. Instead you all wait for someone else to research it for you and automatically assume the worst. I enjoy the night sky as well, however I live in a city, which is bound to have light pollution. Please check to see if the lights permanent before complaining senselessly over something you can easily check on. (I didn't check because the light does not bother me.)

Bad Cat!

about 13 years ago

I'll miss the porch too. Not because I'd sit out there, but because the tourists would, and would think it was cute to offer a seagull just one french fry...

Here ya go little birdy
(one minute later)
OHHAH gawd for the love of humanity!! Whyyyyy??!?!?


about 13 years ago

Let's make it the "Honking Light" and everyone can honk when they drive by!

Dave Sorensen

about 13 years ago

I just called McDonald's and they said they don't know how long the light will be up , but the manager said the light is a RENTAL UNIT. Probably no more than a month.

Barrett Chase

about 13 years ago

Someone should probably let Patrick Nelson know that the UFO invasion hasn't begun after all.

Hillsider Newspaper editor

about 13 years ago

Here is an column about light pollution in the October Hillsider:

Outdoor lights cause light pollution


about 13 years ago

This site really is becoming home to knee-jerk paranoiacs, isn't it? Chill out. Every couple years some place drags one of those lights out. Sheesh.


about 13 years ago

Anyone else find this comical?


about 13 years ago

Do you all have nothing better to do?  Write letters about a temporary light? Silliness.


about 13 years ago

Big 10-4 Karasu and TOTHM.  It's always good to light up the sky before it begins falling...

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

I drove by last night and saw no promotional lighting at the London Road McDonald's, so I guess that's over now.

On a related subject, I found two photos of Putt Skil Minature Golf on Facebook courtesy of Anine Lufholm.

Putt Skil was located at 2105 London Road, which is roughly where McDonald's is now (McDonald's uses 2101 London Road as its address these days). Anine notes that she thinks her photos are from about 1970.

Putt Skil lasted about a decade, from the mid-1960s to mid-1970s, operated by William J. Brull. McDonald's took over the spot in roughly 1976.

Before Putt Skil the area was probably bare land. There are no listings in the city directory to provide any clues, anyway.


about 13 years ago

All of your house lights are wrecking the entire hillside view.  Damn you all!

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