Northland Anti-war Coalition Statement on FBI Raids

On Friday, Sept. 24, FBI agents raided four homes of anti-war and social justice activists in Minneapolis, the offices of the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee, two homes in Chicago, and others in Michigan and North Carolina.

All of the activists targeted have been involved in legal, open political work against U.S. wars and for solidarity with the people of Palestine and Latin America. None have yet been charged with any crime.

Reports indicate that this raid was more than a year in the making, and it follows on the heels of a U.S. Justice Department investigation revealing that the FBI has been illegally spying on activists in the peace and social justice movements for several years.

Activists had their computers, cell phones, other personal effects, and even their children’s art work carted away for probing by the Feds.

These raids appear to target activists for their political affiliations and ideas. The fact that an organization very similar to the Northland Anti-War Coalition, in the same state, had its offices raided should give all Northland activists pause. Whether or not we personally agree with the politics of those under investigation, all activists are potential targets, and we must stand in solidarity with those who are victimized, lest we be next.

The FBI says it is looking for ties between the targeted activists and so-called Foreign Terrorist Organizations. Many local residents in various organizations, secular and religious, have visited the Middle East and Latin America and met with groups that have perspectives at odds with U.S. authorities. Equating peace and justice solidarity with support for terrorism is false and sets a chilling precedent, betraying the democratic principles enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

The Northland Anti-war Coalition rejects the criminalization of solidarity, anti-war and social justice activism.

We reject the notion that the United States Government has a right to arbitrarily label foreign organizations “Terrorist” based not on their tactics, but on whether or not their aims conform to U.S. foreign policy.

We demand that the FBI return everything taken from the raided homes and office and that the Obama Administration issue an apology to the targeted activists.

We refuse to be intimidated by the FBI’s actions. We call on all people of conscience in the Twin Ports area to join us in a protest for money for jobs and schools, not for war on October 11, 5 p.m. in front of the Historic Old Central High School and 6:15 p.m. in front of City Hall.

For more information, please see, or contact 715-919-0214.

Some background:
Twin Cities Indymedia

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Danny G

about 11 years ago

More importantly, I saw "I'm Still Here" last night and it was awesome!

Jv R.

about 11 years ago

And remember, bring your own poster board and Sharpie (TM).

Joel Kilgour

about 11 years ago

Anyhow, for folks who think the integrity of the Bill of Rights trumps movie time...

NAWC has called an emergency rally and press conference today, Monday, at 4:30 at the Duluth Federal Building.

Carl Miller

about 11 years ago

The "thought police" are here to make sure your anti-establishment voices are muted.  I hope people are starting to realize that this administration is no better than the previous.

FBI Raids Homes of Antiwar and Pro-Palestinian Activists in Chicago and Minneapolis


about 11 years ago

We should all read through the directives of the FBI before commenting further in order to avoid making ourselves look foolish with our hyperbole.

eco eco

about 11 years ago

We should all read the history of the FBI to avoid making ourselves look naive.

Joel Kilgour

about 11 years ago

True that, eco eco. We're talking about the same agency that once spent taxpayer $ scheming to convince MLK jr. to kill himself. 

CNN: FBI tracked King's every move

While the FBI is an equal-opportunity surveiller (our own pacifist Loaves & Fishes was mentioned in a recent OIG report of the agency's nefarious political spying), there is no doubt that it is singling out far Left and anarchist elements of perfectly legitimate social movements, in line with a historic divide-and-conquer strategy.  Furthermore, this is the US of A, and our political beliefs and associations -- whether we sympathize with Nazis or Jesus Christ or the FARC -- are protected by the Bill of Rights and must be defended.


about 11 years ago

Sounds interesting. What is the Anti-War Committee doing about Dictator Hugo Chavez's war on his people and the economy of Venezuela, and also his subversion of democracy?


about 11 years ago

ehm...Bob, I believe the NAWC's mission is to protest OUR (i.e., The United States) war in Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm certain that if there are any VAWC (Venezuelan Anti War Colalition) organizations out there, they probably could use your help.


about 11 years ago

Bob is funny in a tragically uninformed kind of way....

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