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The first meeting of the Duluth-Superior Camera Club is on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 7pm at the Bethany Baptist Church, 6700 Grand Ave., Duluth. Photography enthusiasts of all ages, experience, interests, and equipment are welcome to join in the fun! For more information on the club, go to


Barrett Chase

about 12 years ago

Can you explain the difference between the Duluth Photographers Guild, the Duluth Photography Institute, and the Duluth-Superior Camera Club?


about 12 years ago

The Duluth-Superior Camera Club has a history back to the 50's (or before) and is a group of amateur photographers meeting the 3rd Tuesday of each month starting in September. This club is a part of the N4C (North Central Camera Club Council) consisting of 40-something clubs around the upper Midwest. There are local and N4C competitions each month, and there is an annual N4C conference each fall, which Duluth hosted last year. There is a $20/year fee to join the club

The Duluth Photographers Guild is a loosely organized group of younger, tech saavi, photography enthusiasts organized by the online photo sharing site A number of these members are looking to get into the business of photography and have also worked up a number of art shows. Irregularly scheduled meetings (mostly centered around drinking beer) and no club dues.

The Duluth Photography Institute, LLC is my new business that will (eventually) be a photography center with gallery space, studio space (with lighting equipment, etc.) and a workshop center for learning photography and photoshop. 

Hope that clears things up a bit!


about 12 years ago

"Irregularly scheduled meetings (mostly centered around drinking beer) and no club dues." -- Sign me up shutterbugs!


about 12 years ago

How does one find out about the irregulary scheduled meetings?


about 12 years ago

For more info on the DPG, go to

Sign up for Flickr (it is free) and join the group to be updated on all the stuff going on!


about 12 years ago

Irregularly scheduled meetings are typically the last Thursday of the month. Location varies, so you should monitor the above Flickr group.

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