Naming Rights and Personal Bias

For some reason I have the following broad scope of opinions about the new stadium/arena names.

Amsoil Arena – Fine by me. Sounds OK.
Target Field – Kind of dumb, but I can deal with it.
Mall of America Field – Kill me now.

Am I the only one with these blatantly hypocritical feelings?

By the way, Mall of America Field is at the Metrodome, in case any of you are unaware. The name change happened kind of quietly last year, but apparently some Teflon fabric panels will soon be placed on top of the dome to make it painfully clear.



about 14 years ago

Interesting thing about Mall of America Field is that it is just the field. The naming rights for the building are still up for sale. Mall of America is getting a heck of deal since people assume it is the whole enchilada. By the way I think Amsoil Arena has a good ring to it and no nickname is needed. I think anyone older then 40 will still refer to the building as just "The Arena."


about 14 years ago

Nah, it's not hypocritical. I think it's an ear thing, and everything can morph to a comfort level. The Metrodome is actually the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. The Xcel Energy Arena is called "The X." Target Center and Field are benign from the start. MOA is odd since few football teams name their fields. They are sticklers with the broadcasters on this one, so hearing "here at Mall of America Field" will never fall trippingly on the tongue. Will there be beer at the new DECC? If so, that's an easy mark, the AA. Sorry, but Amzoil, in how they market and just in the name, always brings me to Amway, which lies somewhere in the cheap, cheezy realm.


about 14 years ago

If it's not named after a dead person, I'm against it. George Bush Airport in Houston doesn't just piss me off because it's HIM, but because if he ain't dead, he ought to keep his name off shit. 

At least I'm consistent in my prejudices.


about 14 years ago

It looks like the unfortunate signage is going up today: 

Star Tribune: Signage of the times for that puffy roof


about 14 years ago

Well when Hubert Humphrey paid the millions of dollars to get his name on the dome, he must have understood it was a limited duration contract.

Just like how the veterans of WWI paid the University of Minnesota big time for naming rights to Memorial Stadium.


about 14 years ago

I agree with hbh.


about 14 years ago

I was somewhat surprised Mall of America wants to be associated considering the Metrodome has been nearly universally trashed as ugly, outdated, and obsolete.  

Isn't that why our socialist spectator sports required a new tax-payer funded Gopher Stadium and a new Twins Stadium?  Now the Vikings are appalled they should have to play in the ancient 28 year old Metrodome. They are demanding that our state, while projecting a $4 billion deficit, needs to pony up a mere $500 million to build their new playground.

It's not so reassuring to see our disposable culture also applies to nearly billion dollar recreation projects.  As Jesse Ventura pointed out; the trees around the Metrodome are not even mature yet.


about 14 years ago

Sponsorship naming rights have always rubbed me the wrong way.  But Downtown Minneapolis may be going especially overboard w/ the Target Center, Target Field, Target Plaza, Target building, Target Hollidazzle, and first billing on pretty much anything else that happens downtown from farmers markets to 5k races. 

I understand their desire to market and appreciate the fact they practically wrote the book on corporate stewardship, but jeez, where does it end?
/rants over


about 14 years ago

Duluth upped hospitality taxes by .25% to pay for the DECC. Should count for something. But it is great a Superior company is doing well enough to pay for their name on the wall. No Duluth group could pony up the bucks.

Poor dead Lindberg, the powers that be wouldn't even keep his name on an airport. Is he Thing 1 or Thing 2?


about 14 years ago

Resol should keep ranting; the rants are spot on.


about 14 years ago

"Socialist spectator sports." I love this.


about 14 years ago

When I was at the Arena Auditorium on Monday I watched my wife walk across the "Allete Stage" for her graduation, then yesterday when my kids were there for their dance recital there was no sign of  "Allete," literally -- with the orchestra pit lowered out of view so was their sign.  So ... maybe Allete should move their signs to keep in view no matter what kind of event is there.  Plus, then the DECC could offer the naming rights to the Orchestra Pit itself.    

My vote:  "The Perfect Duluth Day Pit"  or maybe  just "the Paul Lundgren Pit"  but surely others will have better ideas.  Also, why stop at stages (or pits) with naming rights?  Chesney's or Country Boy could get great exposure from naming of the parking ramp(s) and Brent's Biffies could buy up a few choice, ahem, seats in various places around the "facility."  

Oh, lest it gets lost in translation of my tongue in cheek comments here, I'm grateful that Amzoil put up money for the Arena.  Thanks for your support.

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