I want to carpool from Superior to Duluth.

Starting June 1st I will be a resident of Superior.  I am working up at UMD full time.  I would love to find someone or some people to carpool with.  I am willing to drive if they want to kick in some money, or I’m willing to ride and kick in the cash.  My schedule is M-F with flexible start (7:30 – 8:30ish) and end times (4:00 – 5:00ish).  Does anyone know someone or a good website to use?  Thanks for the help!



about 13 years ago

You're working at UMD? You can bus it for free, I think. (Or at least I can going the opposite direction to UWS and when I worked at UMD could ride the bus for free).


about 13 years ago

It is 60 minute bus ride... http://bit.ly/aedGJI

Or a 19 minute car ride.... http://bit.ly/arSqRl

Saving around 80 min per day, or 400 per week, by carpooling is significant.

Of course, it is generally best on yourself, your family, and the environment to live next to work (or at least a bikable distance), but this is not possible for everyone.  

Biking would allow a healthier commute (one has to exercise regularly anyway, I figure).  Here is a blog of someone who commutes in Duluth by bike 16 miles or so roundtrip all year round....

It can be done, apparently.


about 13 years ago

so you can have 38 basically waste minutes in the car every day, or you can use 120 minutes a day reading, journaling, knitting, making lists of people to kill, writing to your grandmother and zoning out.  to me, that sounds way better.  

i'm not judging - i drive over that bridge 10-20 times a week, but i did love taking the bus when i went to umd, not only for the quiet time it gave me every day (riding to school and walking home) but also for eliminating the parking hassle.  

and of course, you could do all those things or something else equally cool, with the 400 minutes you "save" by not taking the bus.  what are you going to do with those minutes?


about 13 years ago

I appreciate the bus info., but i've looked into it already.  I know it will save me money but take more time.  I want to save money and time by carpooling, not biking or bussing it.  If I find others to drive with, this will still remove the emissions from at least one vehicle and be better for the environment.


about 13 years ago

well i think you deserve a gold star for wanting to car pool - i just got overly excited about the bus idea!


about 13 years ago

RE: Bus vs. Car

If you carpool, you can read or zone out as well.  And most drivers seem to zone out a lot anyway.  Zoning out is about all I can do on the bus, as reading is not doable for me on the bus.

But some people I know can do they stuff like reading better on the bus, subway, or train than in a car.  Although most people I know aren't able to do much on the bus or in a car.

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