Today’s my birthday.

So where’s the best cake?

I’m talking about cake I can buy one piece of and take back to my house, by the way.



about 11 years ago

SHIT!  Today is my birthday too!  And Hayley Mills, but surely you know that by now.  If I were you I'd buy a piece of cake at the Coop, they're all packaged up by the cookies.

Barrett Chase

about 11 years ago

I'm no expert, but I'd suggest the Oatmeal Stout cake or whatever it is at Fitger's Brewhouse (or Burrito Union). It's probably not the BEST cake you can get, but it's really good, and though you're buying one piece, it's about the size of four pieces.


about 11 years ago

I hear there's lots of cake in east Duluth


about 11 years ago

The carrot cake at Luce...if you like carrot cake it's the bees knees!


about 11 years ago

Happy Birthday!!!

Check out the Mt. Royal grocery store deli and bakery.  Those cakes are awesome and you can buy by the slice or a whole cake.  I love those rectangular ones on the top shelf back in the cold bakery case, they are $14 but what a treat!!   Yes, I suppose the best cakes come from cake-eater country.....


about 11 years ago

The cake they have at Sarah's Table (aka Tarran's Marketplace) is wonderful.  They have fantastic carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that is just the right blend of sweet and tart.


about 11 years ago

What Ruthie said. Chester Creek's carrot cake.

Tony D.

about 11 years ago

Lake Ave. Cafe: flourless chocolate cake. Have it with an espresso.


about 11 years ago

Too bad it's Sunday. Otherwise I'd say the Exchange Bakery in the Board of Trade Building across from the YMCA.


about 11 years ago

Chester Creek indeed has great cakes. And happy birthday!


about 11 years ago

Happy Birthday!
Best cake in town:  The Exchange.  Hands down.


about 11 years ago

I agree that The Exchange cake is the best. Nothing else compares. 

Happy Birthday (sorry if it's belated too)


about 11 years ago

The cake is a lie.


about 11 years ago

My vote goes to the stout cake, but Barrett beat me to it.


about 11 years ago

I agree with the vote for the stout cake at the Brewhouse or BU. It may not be the best cake on the planet or even your birthday anymore, but really, isn't every day is a good day for cake?


about 11 years ago

The carrot cake at Valentini's is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

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