Duluth Mayor to Google: Forget Topeka, Take My First Born

The good news is that Duluth appears to be a leading candidate for the Google Fiber Project. The even better news is that the more people get involved in the next three weeks that more we can do to improve our chances. The best news of all is that when we get this bid Duluth will be on the cusp of an emerging, revolutionary technology that could dwarf the positive impact that our rail, ore, steel and timber had on the world economy in the 19th & 20th centuries.

The most important thing that EVERYONE should do is take 5 minutes and fill out a Google Fiber Nomination form. Save the code you are given and post it below, on the Google Twin Ports facebook page or at GoogleTwinPorts.com

Next, we need volunteers to help get the word out online, in person, and at businesses, schools and community hot spots and more. If you can help, fill out the form on the web site, or even better just stop by the Google Twin Ports Office in the Old Carnegie Library building (101 W 2nd St, Suite 200). It’s open from 9 am – 9 pm daily until the bids close on March 26th.



about 13 years ago

Awesome.  I just saw the PDD ad, was gonna ask if you'd do one.  Thanks, powers-that-be!  You won't regret it.


about 13 years ago

I like it.  I can't decide if the faux Mayor was Scandahoovian, a pirate, or some Scott from the Highlands.  Perhaps a little from column A, B, and C.


about 13 years ago

They must be all out of codes!

Thank you for responding for Duluth
We appreciate you taking the time to respond to our request for information for a fiber trial. Note that we are unable to respond individually to every application but please check back for updates and news once the response period closes.

Danny G

about 13 years ago

If you have to overly-explain that something is a "parody" before the skit it really takes a lot of the humor out of it.


about 13 years ago

Well the parody was somewhat factual, "cast aside your dignity and self respect."

 This should do it.


about 13 years ago

Phew, I finally had a moment to nominate Duluth, now that latest assignment has been completed. I too did not receive a code afterwards, though I received an acknowledgement. And I hope Mayor Ness doesn't hand over Eleanor to Google! Yikes!


about 13 years ago

Check your email?  All I got was a 'thanks' after I filled out the nomination page, but I then got an email with one of those ginormous codes.


about 13 years ago

Everyone could use more fiber.


about 13 years ago

Can someone tell me why we're supposed post here the code we got after nominating Duluth on the site?  Thanks.


about 13 years ago

This video popped up on the Newser feed so it must be getting some national attention.


about 13 years ago

Davids I'm not sure why they want the codes, to be honest.  I thought it was just as a show of solidarity or something. If you don't get one or don't want to post yours that is fine, the important thing is doing the nominating itself.  I appreciate all of the responses that have come in from this post and the PDD ad, by the way. Each and every one makes a difference.

As for making other kinds of parodies the right way, Danny (and others,) you are in luck!  They want them. Dozens of videos, hundreds, maybe a thousand or more.  Organizers (and google) want all kinds of YouTube videos from all different angles supporting the Twin Ports Google Fiber bid.  

There is a training session today (Thursday 3/4/10) at 5:15 pm at the Zeitgeist arts cafe that will teach people some of the how and why of shooting nomination videos.  If you miss it, go to the googletwinports.com website or the facebook page for more information.


about 13 years ago


Sorry I missed that one, yes it has gotten a lot of national attention.  Was discussed on Mashable.com and that set off a firestorm of responses.  At one point last night it was one of their most discussed stories (worldwide) apparently.  

I also put this one out int twitterville, too hoping to get some more hits for PDD.  I'm not sure if it worked or not, but clearly from your responses here, the local PDD neighbors are seeing it, and acting, and that is the most important thing right now, anyway.


about 13 years ago

Here's my code: The chair is against the wall; John has a long mustache.


about 13 years ago

Boing Boing picked it up.


about 13 years ago

Metafilter, too.


about 13 years ago

If you want to change the atmosphere of Duluth, go ahead.

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