Tweedy with ‘teenaged boy who claims he’s the mayor’

Thanks PDD for the help with the proclamation.  Wilco was very gracious about it and accepted it in good humor.  I half expected that it would be handed off to a roadie for disposal.  Not only did Jeff take it on stage, it then played a prominent role in the show.  That was amazing.  I’m also glad everyone got a good laugh at my expense – it’ll take me a while to live that one down.  Fortunately, I have a pretty good start on grey hairs and a beer belly – and with the stress of the job, I’ll have that ‘teenaged boy’ label taken care of in no time.



about 10 years ago

Nice work, Donny!


about 10 years ago

You've made them hungry, Mayor. From a Madison post on the concert there Saturday:

"Tweedy threw down the gauntlet asking where our mayor was, explaining that at the previous show, Wilco received a key to the city. They figured that, considering how often they play in Madison, they should get one here, too. It's apparent that Wilco truly loves Madison and even though they were joking, our mayor should seriously consider it."


about 10 years ago

From the site:
The members of Wilco seemed thrilled to be back in Madison on Saturday night, playing a sold-out show at Overture Hall that was webcast around the world on their Web site.

But would have been so much for the Chicago band to get a little municipal love?

"Last night, the mayor of Duluth made us an honorary Duluth band," Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy jokingly griped to the audience. "And we've only played there twice. How many times have we played Madison? A lot. No key to the city, no certificate, nothing."

Despite their unofficial status, Wilco has made the trip up Interstate 90 from Chicago enough times in their 15-year career to qualify as honorary Madisonians. And this latest trip had to have been the best show they've ever played in town, a raucous, powerhouse of a show that rarely hit a slack moment in almost two and a half hours.


about 10 years ago

When I was reading about this on Sunday I couldn't help but think of Donny as a "Rock and Roll" mayor.  Even though Wilco isn't exactly rock and roll.  Hopefully you get the point.  It was a cool move by the cool mayor of our very cool city.


about 10 years ago

Laura Ness for mayor next, let the coolness continue!

Dan E.

about 10 years ago

Congrats to Wilco.

However, by my count, KISS have played here at least six times (maybe more).  I believe they deserve a key to the city the next time they roll into town (hint hint, nudge nudge Craig).  Would the Mayor be up for that?

Here are the dates I've found...feel free to add to it if I missed some.

03/13/86 (yes, exactly one year later)


about 10 years ago


about 10 years ago

Welp, this has officially become national news.

Pitchfork: "Madison City Council Sucks Up to Wilco"

Pitchfork is one of the biggest indie-rock sites of the past ten years, if you're wondering.


about 10 years ago

Seriously, now they can play Homegrown.  Let's make this happen next year, people.


about 10 years ago

I would LOVE to see Wilco at RT's.


about 10 years ago

"This is why duluth isn't cool; Wilco comes twice and we're already naming them an 'honorary' band (whatever that means). Blew the load a tad early, perhaps? Duluth is becoming more and more like that acquaintance that tries way too hard. Of course, the second they leave the room everyone starts making fun of them. Effing lame!"

...I agree

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