Wilco rocked Duluth again … I think.

One of the many Perfect Duluth Days was punctuated with I had hoped be the Perfect Duluth night … an evening with WILCO live on stage at the DECC.  I had bought tickets months before and had been anticipating the night ever since.  Unfortunately, instead of waking up this morning, thinking what a GREAT concert, I woke up thinking…WTF was wrong with the people in our row at the concert.  The self-indulgent, self-centered, group that could not or would not just stand there, dance and enjoy the amazing music the band was putting out.As early as the second song, they were excusing themselves to get out of the row to go get another beer, smoke another cigarette, go pee, or whatever they thought was more important than enjoying the LIVE music coming form the stage.  As a matter of fact, I can’t remember ONE song that we were not interrupted by “excuse me can we get by.” ….SERIOUSLY….ONE SONG!  Just one uninterrupted song is all I ask.  THEN, I had to listen to you tell your girlfriend/boyfriend what happened when you went out and do what ever you thought was so much more important than listening to the band… SERIOUSLY…just ONE FULL SONG!  The kicker came near the end of the concert when two more of their friends came and begged us to trade seats with them so they could be with the rest of their friends… by this time, I was ready to be ANYWHERE else than where we were…SERIOUSLY…JUST ONE UNINTERRUPTED SONG!

It was a great concert, and I am not saying that I did not enjoy the music but SERIOUSLY!  If you want to talk and go smoke and drink so much you have to pee every two minutes, go to a club, or listen to the music on the radio, don’t go to a LIVE concert…you missed the whole point, and a great expereince!



about 11 years ago

I guess there are people who either are gifted tickets or win tickets and maybe not true fans.


about 11 years ago

F-ing Right.  It seems like you just can't go to a concert without being surrounded by 6 people with no respect for other's personal space.  I was especially peeved at the folks who rushed down to the front, which in itself doesn't bother me, but as soon as you start ruining the experience for the folks who actually paid to be there, we have a problem.  I don't understand how so many people feel entitled to just do whatever they want, regardless who they infringe upon.

And yet, like a sucker, I keep buying tickets, thinking "maybe this time will be different", but evidently the population is too saturated with assholes to make that a possibility.

See you at the next show, pricks.


about 11 years ago

We were in the front row next to some ticket winners.  They kept switching out with some friends.  Drove me nuts!  That and most of the center stage just stood there.  C'mon - dance people!  This was one of their best shows, set wise, that I've seen in the past 3 years and I don't know how you could just stand there and not rock out.  Casino Queen didn't even get 'em going!  If you aren't a huge fan, give those sweet tix to someone who will appreciate them!


about 11 years ago

I'm with you. A whole section away, I could hear the conversations which only got louder! as the band played louder. (Worse, it was during Ashes)But, a vet of 8 shows, this one did have an experimental tone to it in the middle (which I liked, they usually blow through their sets of faves, etc.)which created a bit of a lull for fans who are only a few albums deep with them. I am always amazed by the spectrum of fans. People in their 60s around us, kids, little kids, and then the wheelhouse Xers. You got a bad draw, we all do at some point, at some concert. Best bet for Wilco? See them outdoors. If not Bayfront, then Bonaroo or 10K Lakes (unbelievable sound). And Tweedy with the funniest line I've heard him utter, and he probably doesn't know it, after he held up the "Duluth Band" proclamation from Mayor Ness: "Yeah, a teenage boy came up and handed it to me. I hope it's legit."


about 11 years ago

Yeah it was an amazing show. The guy in front of us wouldn't stop farting and the drunk guy behind me yelled the phrase "more cowbell" after a few songs ... fuuuuuuck.


about 11 years ago

Agree if lucky enough to be up front, you have to be there.  If we were any closer to the stage, we would of had to imagine the audience in their underwear. Danced like fools: stopped short of endangering others, but not our pride. Great show, Wilco!  Califone was a treat too... my how that name was imprinted at a young age. Not the finest, but perhaps the sturdiest record player ever built. Also anticipating a resurgent interest in macrame owls.

Andrew o

about 11 years ago

Really? Getting an act like this to come up here and all you do is complain? This is why we don't get bands up here, I hope if they read this thread they don't get turned off by a few complainers.


about 11 years ago

Jeff Tweedy: Hey, guys, band meeting.

Rest of Wilco: Yeah, boss?

JT: I was on the Internet, today, and something really disturbed me.

RoW: Was it meatspin.com?

JT: No, I love that site. This was something else. It was a Duluth-based site called "Perfect Duluth Day."

RoW: Oh, that was that great town with the boats and the teenage mayor, right?

JT: Yep. but this site, they were discussing our recent gig on it. and ... I'm really troubled. You see, someone was talking about how great the show was, but had some issues with how some of the fans were acting like jerks and farting and being generally annoying.

RoW: What?!? 

JT: Yeah, I know. Apparently, I've got nothing better to do, so I'm going to take this really personally, for some reason. I'm thinking that maybe we should send our "honorary Duluth band" plaque back. I mean, if they can't appreciate that some of our fans like to fart during our shows, yell cliched phrases, and leave over and over while we're playing our music, and that inconsiderate fans spoiling the concert for others is part of the whole experience, then fuck 'em.

RoW: Yeah! if they don't like it, they can just say goodbye to ol' Wilco.

JT: Then it's decided. Onward, to Madison! a town where our fans can be free to fart with impunity! Good riddance, Duluth!


about 11 years ago

Ahhhhh :'[ I can't believed I missed this one. 

Did they play Sky Blue Sky? The Lonely 1? Well, I hope most people enjoyed it! They really are an amazing band.

We need to start hosting more great bands like Wilco!


about 11 years ago

QQ some more.


about 11 years ago

Andrew O: Nobody is complaining about the band (obviously) they are complaining about the 'fans'. The reason we don't get as many bands up here is because we are a relatively smart market (duh).

Personally I thought the people around my friends and I were well behaved and generally very excited about the show. I hate it when people can't just enjoy the show for its own sake, but perhaps we ought to feel sorry for them rather than feeling sorry for ourselves. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Wilco for my 4th time and I think Don's hospitality just might entice them to return to Duluth a few more times.


about 11 years ago

Parts of this thread read like an Onion article.  "30-Something Hipster Annoyed by Concert Noise, People."  

Seriously, not once in your complaint did you mention asking them to stop being assholes.  What were you doing?  Planning your scathing blog entry?  The indie part of this scene has always been very aloof and high strung, open and inviting if you fit a certain mold.  It's a concert in a public area, people will be people.  And not everyone will think like you or act like you, even if you think they should.

I can't believe how nuts this town gets for Wilco.  I think Ness is a good guy, but when re-election comes around, this is the type of publicity stunt that I would use to rally some good old fashioned non-issue based conservative support.


about 11 years ago

You are all right to some extent.  The show was awesome, they had me from the first note.  I do expect the usual drunken people at concerts and realize that not everyone will be into the music to the same degree.  And, no, I was not planning my blog as I was listening to the music.  All I wanted to do was listen to the music and have a good time. I just wish that others would take into account how their actions effect others more often.

I do hope that more bands like this will come to Duluth and that WILCO will come back because I would LOVE to see them again!

And as for Don Ness' actions...well he's just a fan like the rest of us, let him be one.


about 11 years ago

"I just wish that others would take into account how their actions effect others more often."

Get in line.


about 11 years ago

NOOOO JT!!!!  Don't go we LOVE YOU!  It was just a vent, don't you ever vent?  

The concert was awesome, one of the best!

Once again, don't let the actions of a few ruin it for those of us who really love your music.  Please come back.

G Money

about 11 years ago

Dear iedesign, if you would like a concert experience where everyone stays where they are supposed to be, says (or doesn't say) what you want them to, doesn't have to pee, and cheers appropriately, then my suggestion is to sit at your house and stream a concert over the internet.  Concerts are not about a highly controlled environment - part of the experience is all the "other stuff" going on during the show.  I'm not trying to defend people who act stupid or talk a lot during the show but you just have to expect that.  If you don't want that experience you could go see "A Prairie Home Companion".  I should say that this is my 9th Wilco show, I am a member of their fan club, and I was located in row "B".  Yes there were people in the aisles during parts of the show who were rocking out, but they looked like they were having a great time and not causing any problems.  Hope you have fun watching the next show from your climate controlled, noiseproof pod.


about 11 years ago

My friend and I had this same experience at the Monsters of Folk concert. Look, if all you want to do is get drunk and stumble out of the aisle 20 times to get more beer, maybe just go to the bar so the rest of us can enjoy the concert the way it's intended to be.

Have fun, rock out, dance, sing along. That's what a concert is for. But that doesn't mean people can't be considerate, too.

For once, we had cool people around us at the Wilco concert, and it made a great experience even better. My friend actually thanked the people by us for not being drunk jerks. 

Obnoxious folks or not, Wilco was amazing. My third time seeing them, and every time is better than the last!


about 11 years ago

I wasn't there so I don't know if people were overreacting or not, (and I do find the The Onion reference kinda funny) but I will say that basic manners have declined to a very shabby state in this country.  I'm not saying that people should act all formal all the time, especially not at a concert.  But it is still appropriate to have some respect for the performers on stage and for the people who have shelled out some real cash to be there and enjoy it.  Even more importantly, have some respect for the people who REALLY love the band and the music and are attempting to have a soulful connection with the performers.  

When I was in college I road tripped down to Milwaukee to see James Taylor (I know, not exactly edgy stuff, in 1993, but that's what I was into and I was really into it).  Nearby, there were some people behaving similar to what you mentioned and I was getting really upset. I mean, I had planned for this trip, saved money gotten the time off of work and looked forward to it for months, and here was someone who didn't seem to care that there was a band on stage playing a concert.  Young, long-haired peace lovin' dude that I was (with a Minnesota twist) I wasn't going to say anything.  But finally, I broke down and told the people politely that I had traveled a long way to be there and the it meant a lot to me and they quieted down and were very nice.  Still, it was awkward.  


Less awkward, but also annoying, asking someone to put away their cell phone and quit texting or twittering while you're trying to have a conversation with them, or at a show with them or during a movie.  Most awkward of all? Being that dude who's the one who's being told to knock it off.  Yep.  Like many things, I can see both sides of that one.


about 11 years ago

How do I get the ability to add posts days later and insert jokes?  I would say a comeback, but it will be removed by the mods anyway.  It is always perfect in Duluth here, just try to say something against it.

I was trying to say it is funny how someone would go onto a blog and write several paragraphs about how the fans around them pissed them off.  So someone farted near you.  So some people got up to pee.  Do we need to hear it described in so many words?  No.

The mayor posts on this blog, so are you saying no one reads the stuff here or that Wilco are too busy because they are a successful band?  Too successful to have time to read, let alone post on a blog...  Too bad that isn't a problem for you Tony.

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

AndrewO, Tony's comment was inserted two days after it was written because it was caught in PDD's spam filter over the weekend, waiting for approval. While that may suck a little, trust me, PDD without a spam filter would suck more. 

By the way, I'm, really enjoying what everyone has to say and I'd like to share a link with you all about an exciting new product.


about 11 years ago

You really have to think about the fan base. When I moved to Ely, MN in the early 1990s, I was fresh off the late 80s Minneapolis scene. Friends I met in Ely would spend winters out west doing the ski bum thing. They played Uncle Tupelo nonstop at every party. I hated them at the time. It wasn't until Golden Smog popularity that I started appreciating Tweedy. They draw in punk, alt country, jam band, older 70s rocker fans, and the college crowd. 


That's what makes them so great.

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