Where can I buy a blender part locally?

We need a new rubber seal for the blender – you know the “o” that goes between the jar and the blade.

The original one got caught in the blade and was destroyed. Shortly after that happened, Big E did a little surgery on something purchased at Marshall Hardware and managed to cobble together something that works semi-decent. The rubber has gotten hard and it no longer seals well, I’d like to get a bona fide blender part.

I can order online for 4 bucks for the part + at least that much in shipping. I’m in search of a local place to buy one of those o-ring rubber seals for a blender.



about 12 years ago

Try to find the part number and if that is not possible, measure the inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD) and thickness and call around to industrial supply houses (Grainger, Northern, Viking Electric, etc) or plumbing suppliers to find the same size. 

Blend away...


about 12 years ago

Dey Appliance up in the Air Park or W.A. George way out west might have it. It'll run you more than $4 in a parts shop, I assure you.

frank nichols

about 12 years ago

Used to be some local hardware store by the co-op , called Dourities(sp) had all that stuff, miss them


about 12 years ago

Daugherty's Appliance is now out west and still has a parts department


about 12 years ago

There's a 10% off coupon for Dey Appliance in the DNT Marketplace thing.


about 12 years ago

Go to walmart and get a new blender for $20,  why sweat the small crap?


about 12 years ago

Thanks for the ideas. They are super helpful. And since our oven heating coil now needs to be replaced we shall be visiting at least one of these fine establishments ASAP.

We like our blender. It does a good job. Why buy new when I can repair something pretty easily: no screwdriver required?

Tracy J

about 12 years ago

L&M Supply in Cloquet has them.


about 12 years ago

One might also run an ad to buy a used blender.  You could dicker about the price and pay maybe $5.00 for the (new) one.

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