Anyone have any story ideas?

I am writing a story for my Reporting and Writing II class at UMD.

We are to cover a specific area of Duluth, and dig deep for a story.

I have the area near 4th and Wallace, sort of near the Holy Rosary Catholic school.

Does anyone know of anything going on, or have an idea you would be interested in hearing more about?

Please let me know any thoughts or ideas. Thank you

Brianna Dehncke



about 13 years ago

I just realized that I don't have it online, but I thought I had a piece that includes one of the Nuns who teaches at the school talking about going away when she was a teen and joining the convent.  I find those stories fascinating.

Another good one will be about what the neighborhood is going to do and how they will respond to the changes coming at East High School.  

I know that spot I have a good friend that lives right by you.  He says that when traffic was diverted due to woodland ave construction this summer people were really upset about the traffic.  Like, steam coming out of their ears upset.  I get it but I also find excess traffic concerns in suburbanish areas to be mildly amusing.  Being a Hillsider I hate all the traffic on Lake Ave, too. Every day, all hours of the night ... they just drive on it like they own it or something.  ESPECIALLY those outsiders who don't even live in this neighborhood!


about 13 years ago

How about a story about the proposed changes for Fourth Street. Allowing new construction of over 90' along Fourth Street.. wiping out views for many residents.


about 13 years ago

How about the city's disregard for parking laws during church services at the cathedral? They turn their eye as people park in front on stop signs and on the wrong side of the road on Wallace. 

I had a neighbor call the cops about this and the police said that it seemed to be a minor infraction and "at least they're doing good by going to church." My neighbor responded that East High School kids were doing good by going to school so by using the cop's logic the kids should be able to park similarly. That got my neighbor nowhere!


about 8 years ago

I'm way late for these postings but I lived at the corner of 27th Ave East & 5th Street.  I was there for the building of the Cathedral (& attended Holy Rosary, "graduating" in 1960).

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