Lost dog needs help finding her humans

On Sunday, October 12, I took off from my backyard in the lower Chester park neighborhood. It’s too damn cold now, and I need help finding my humans. I am an adult female (spayed) Springer Spaniel, mostly brown with some white on my paws and face. I was last seen either above or below E. 8th Street, east of Chester Creek.  I would like to go back to my humans, Nick and Echo, as long as they promise to take me on long walks each day and feed me bacon grease. Please call them at (218) 213-7817.

P.S. My human is either too much of an idiot, or not worthy enough, to post a photo of me.


Scout and Murphy

about 14 years ago

If you come by our house on 5th St. and 19th, we'll let our humans know and give you some of our bacon grease


about 14 years ago

On my journey the other day, I passed close to your house, Scout and Murphy.  I'd like to have a playdate with you sometime.  Maybe Stella can come, too.  I overheard her talking about a girl who lives with you named Lydia. I actually crossed both 19th and 8th safely. However, family found me, to my dismay.  They got me new tags too, so if it happens again the people who find me will know who to call.  I need a vacation, away from these children who scream all the time, take precious attention away from me, and generally make my life a living hell.  Woe is me!

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