Window Watching

I’ve always wondered about how the window placements on this house came about. It’s on Arrowhead Road, east of Kenwood Super One. I’m a fan of big windows, so this house and its lack thereof always sticks out as I drive by.

In a way I guess it’s kind of smart, because it probably cuts down on noise from the busy street. But there must be some window-less rooms up on that second floor. I wonder what could be done with that massive blank spot in front.

Anyone know more about this place?


Barrett Chase

about 13 years ago

I wonder what could be done with that massive blank spot in front.

I attended a party at Jim Richardson's house once where he projected a movie onto the neighbor's windowless house across the street.


about 13 years ago

I've noticed this kind of thing on older homes with fantastic lake views. Did the Duluthians of yore just take the lake for granted? Was this a heating issue? I'm always amazed to see the fronts of hillside homes which face the lake and have 1 postage stamp sized window.


about 13 years ago

Photography enthusiasts with a lovely 2nd-floor darkroom.

Tim K

about 13 years ago

The house pictured started out as a single story dwelling. The 2nd story was added, I'll assume, when that part of the neighborhood went rental.


about 13 years ago

i'm going to guess (on this side of the houe anyway) there are bedrooms at each end of the second floor, with a bathroom and closets between them at the sad, windowless middle of the second floor.  it's certainly fugly.


about 13 years ago

I believe the style is called "New Scottish Thrift", known for its strict adherence to minimum egress code requirements.


about 13 years ago

could be they have huge windows on the back facing the trees and really don't want to look at the road.


about 13 years ago

That's where they play out their kidnapper and victim role play fantasies. It's decorated like a windowless basement, but is above the damp and carbon monoxide to keep things safe.


about 13 years ago

It's simply an artifact with very little taste or imagination. You can find lots of houses built like that in Duluth.


about 13 years ago

It's the bondage room. Bring out the gimp.


about 13 years ago

I know the owner of this house and I can tell you that edgeways is correct.  I myself used to live on Arrowhead Rd 6 blocks down and with 15,000 cars/day who wouldn't want a little blockage?  Nonstop noise...


about 13 years ago

That blank space could generate some good income with advertising, then they could buy some nice trees for the front to help block noise.  Perfect spot for a Perfect Duluth Day banner to hang.


about 13 years ago

I think the front of this house faces north, another good reason to have larger windows on back.

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