25-43 and Bored? Join Life in Duluth!

In May 2009, we lauched the Life in Duluth Social Networking Group.  We’re a group of younger Duluthian who want to meet new people, try new things & have a full social calendar.   Singles & couples both accepted.

We’re over 100 members today & have been meeting for events like happy hour, bowling, hiking, biking, movies in the park, volleyball, kickball, Huskies games, concerts, etc.

If you’re a typical young, bored Duluthian, check us out & join up!  http://www.meetup.com/Life-in-Duluth/

-Brian Tasky, Life in Duluth Organizer



about 11 years ago

Only the boring get bored. Typical indeed.

Mendel Scohaughts

about 11 years ago

Afraid it's a trap there Admiral?
Stop the judging.


about 11 years ago

When we first moved to Duluth in 94 we went to a dinner mtg at the Incline of a group that called themselves "The Newcomers Club." Same kind of thing, people who wanted to meet other people. Turned out the people in this club all hated Duluth and spent the dinner complaining about the city. We never went back.


about 11 years ago

Sort of random seeming age limits.


about 11 years ago

Calk:  That's unfortunate.  Duluth has alot to offer... lots more that's better in a group.  After all, who wants to go hiking or skiing alone?  It's been a fun group thus far.  No haters allowed. 

lojasmo: The age 'limits' are really more like guidelines.  It looked like the age group that was most underserved.  Before 25, college & grad school keep people socially active.


about 11 years ago

...at least they give permission to "Date and do what you want." OMG, thank you!


about 11 years ago

DrT, your group definitely sounds a lot more interesting and pro-Duluth than this Newcomers Club was. It was actually rather sad, I felt like they were just glomming onto each other and not bothering to get to know Duluth, some of them were obviously marking time until they could leave town, they seemed quite transient. It's too bad, DrT, that your group didn't exist when we first moved here, it sounds like fun, and a good way to meet people if you are new to Duluth.

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