Second season of comedy series

Hello. I am interested in scheduling some pre-production meetings for the second season of an independent web-based comedy series. The catalyst for the series is from the first season, about a failed writer and actor who had the misfortune his old college roommate hiring a documentary crew to follow him around for a week. This week caused him great embarrassment, termination from his job, and eviction from his apartment. Worst of all, it gave him a false sense of stardom. This series picks up after the incidents of that week. The character seeks a fresh start, and tries to get his ‘reality show’ back online with no knowledge of video production, no budget, and no direction other than his preposterous ambition of launching a dramatic/action film career.

The new season will follow the ambitions of this character as he attempts to hire a group of actors, musicians, and artists to form a talent pool for his own gain. The talent pool is comprised of a charming and gifted lot of actual artists. The series will effectively be a survey of the Twin Ports arts scene, with the mockumentary venues and events all carried out to capture the essence of Duluth. The production is outlined and a story arc is in place, though many of the events will be created through artist collaboration and improvisation.

A couple of months ago, I started making contacts with Twin Ports people interested in production work and collaboration. I have since moved to Duluth, and have begun an informal process of assembling a cast and crew.  I am also looking for web hosting. The last series and all media content related to my production company was taken offline, due to past contractual obligations. That contract is over.

Anyway, I am excited about the process of meeting creative people willing to invest some time and energy into a video project. I am particularly looking for about 5 principle characters with a good sense of comedy, and 2 or 3 people with knowledge of documentary-style videography. The project is focused on making staged scenes look authentic, blurring fiction and real life. We’re attempting to authentically capture artists and the area, while using loosely formed characters and names as a mechanism for exploration and exaggeration of the self.

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