Green Collar Duluth

Three recent observations on the “greening of Duluth” Or green positioning, anyway.

Note: Over the last couple of days I have realized that the things we do and say online really matter, even if it’s just meant as a fun tirade or rant, the tone can be very easily misinterpreted and send a distorted message. I think that happened with this post. I have taken out almost all of my own notes and commentary as they obviously missed the mark and were possibly misleading. Plus, all along, even as I was planning this, I really wanted the focus on the images, anyway. Words got in the way.

Exhibit a)


Exhibit b) Actually, Hillsider newspaper first brought this to my attention in my facebook feed … This weekend at the (excellent) “Taste of Greece” festival at 12 Holy Apostles Church in east hillside they were composting all of the food disposable containers.


Exhibit c) Duluth Hydroponics on W 1st st in Downtown … I have no comment on this, but perhaps some of you will … I hope you will, can’t wait, in fact.




about 11 years ago

From my understanding, Waste Management sorts all the recyclables at their own facility.

I could have misunderstood, though. Wouldn't be the first time.

Tony D.

about 11 years ago

No idea what happens to today's recycling picked up by the city's trash haulers, but about a dozen years ago a friend of mine drove for a local, now defunct trash hauler. He said all the recycling went straight to the landfill, no sorting, no recycling--a practice the owner picked up while working for Waste Management. I'm hoping PartsGuy understood correctly.


about 11 years ago

In regards to exhibit a): Yes.  When I lived in Colorado this was exposed as a racket.  Prove to me that they separate it at the facility.  Why else would there be separate trash containers?  Have you ever been to a wildlife habitat built upon miles and miles of landfill?  That's a whole lotta taxpayer dollars to make things right.  Kinda good but kinda sad. 

b): I can't find anything about it on their website, but yes, SMDC does have a pretty nifty container recycling program.  Next time you get takeout in an enormous styrofoam container, think about how ridiculously wasteful that is.  SMDC's program is pretty cool.  San Francisco just passed a mandatory composting regulation.  Also pretty cool.

c:) FANTASTIC.  Now I can have fresh herb.. er, yeah, herbs!  In the comfort and privacy of my own home!


about 11 years ago

Have you ever thought about calling Waste Management about your questions instead of just writing a post on PDD?


about 11 years ago

Hi - 2 things.  WLSSD has inaugurated a policy to make all restaurants, etc., compost.
Some of the larger cities have "single stream" recycling.  It's very slick and the stuff does get sorted at the plant.  But, regardless, WM is the evil empire.

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