From Homegrown to worldwide


The Homegrown video for the Black-Eyed Snakes got picked up by the Channel Frederator Cartoon Podcast. It’s a weekly collection of animation from around the world. You can watch it on their site, or subscribe through the iTunes store.


Professor n'Marion

about 13 years ago

Flomp! Poot! Doink! Poink! and Krunkle!   This is great news--hilariously fun video to go with a rockin' tune--you are an animation god--when does T-57 get the Full Barber Treatment?


about 13 years ago

wtg brian! ... we knew ya when ...


about 13 years ago

I've seen this thing everywhere, Brian - nice job!


about 13 years ago

Brian you made my day and it's not even 8 am!  I'm reposting throughout my cyber realm cause I think every Duluthy person should see it!


about 13 years ago

Brain Barber, world class man of talent!
Congratulations on some well deserved recognition!


about 13 years ago

Great work Brian, thanks for pimping out our song with such awesome animation! The Snakes

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

What makes this video extra amazing is that it was done in the course of a single weekend.

By the way, all of the videos from the Homegrown Music Video Festival are at

My second favorite is Mike Scholtz' video for Father Hennepin's "I Like it in Duluth." I've learned several new dance moves from it, and I'm hoping you all get the reference when you see me at local clubs tossing my arms straight out, sticking my face forward and shaking a dopey grin.


about 13 years ago

Seagulls fight dirty. Poot-n-poink is their favorite move. Right on yer picnic.

Amazing job, and doubly so given short time. Oh and the Snakes rock, naturally.


about 13 years ago

I love that video.  It's a big success with my family too.  Donny being Mayor is alright and everything, but him being a cartoon is the shit!


about 13 years ago

thats awesome!!!!

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