Help out at Homegrown!

Hey beautiful Duluthians! Homegrown ’09 starts tomorrow and we still need volunteers to help staff doors. Our biggest need is for Homegrown Friday. If you can help email Jen at [email protected].



about 15 years ago

To clarify: It's Jen on Paul's account posting for Friday volunteers. Not Paul calling everyone beautiful Duluthians. ...awkward. :)

Also:We are looking for extra Homegrown Field Guides. If you see GIANT stacks at slow-moving places, you can grab a bunch and bring them downtown and/or drop them off at any venue. Your help is appreciated.

Happy Homegrown.


about 15 years ago

there where quite a few left at the Pig yesterday, I'll swing by tomorrow on the way to the Cacophonic Choir practice and if there a bunch left will snag a few to bring d-town.


about 15 years ago

Are the Cacaphonic singing anywhere now that the Flame show has been canceled?


about 15 years ago

tomorrow, Pizza Luce. 9:40-ish, pm. First live performance of Homegrown 2009. We set the bar low for the rest of the festival, I hope everyone appreciates that. 

Come, find out what we're going to "sing", it'll put hairs on yer chest, (and other body parts).

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