Hot Toddy Hits Basic Cable

Hot Toddy and Laura Jo Dewitt

Hot Toddy and Laura Jo Dewitt

Got this interesting message from my friend who moved to LA to make it big about a year ago. He’s a Duluth native singer/songwriter/babe magnet, Hot Toddy Eckart, and I thought some of you PDDers might be interested in the update on his career:

Hey Friends!

Tune in Wednesday, April 8th to see Lori(Laura Jo) DeWitt, Todd Eckart, Peter Kavanaugh, Jonathan Mohr and the rest of their swing band as they are the featured band on the Discovery Channel show called “Time Warp”.

The segment is an hour in length, and we are featured about 1/2 way into the episode. We have very little face time, but you can hear us singing and playing away. It was a great experience. The purpose of the show is to shoot fast moving objects, using high speed cameras, in this case, swing dancers, and view the film to see how it looks in slow motion

The song and band were needed about 2 weeks before filming, so one of Lori’s co-workers, Elaine White, also a producer, suggested Lori get together a band for this shoot. Our friend and guitarist, Peter Kavanaugh wrote the song and charted it out for each band members, and when it all came together, it was magic!

The song was written specifically as a duet for Lori & I, and was smartly named “The Pendulum Swing”, perfect for a show called Time Warp.

Check your local listings for times.


California: 8pm
Minnesota & Wisconsin: 7pm

Thanks & Enjoy!

Todd Eckart
Laura Jo DeWitt



about 14 years ago

Two notes:  First, I don't have cable so if someone can DVR it or otherwise record it me I'll scratch your back, too.  

Also, Todd won't be here for homegrown this year, but he will do a full show in May at the thirsty pagan on May 8th.


about 14 years ago

hope he can keep his show at the pagan under 80 decibels.


about 14 years ago

I will try real hard, but that's about as loud as a telephone dial tone. I'll bring some earplugs for those requiring the need of such. Thanks JP!....See you in May my friend....


about 14 years ago

try telling that to the guy at the tpb. 

he's got a decibel reader and he's not afraid to use it.

above 80 and it's time to turn down.


about 14 years ago

Then I'll make sure and abide by the rules....unless we can locate this decibel reader and ,well....destroy it! Thanks for the heads, I mean, ears up...

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