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Dead Man Winter in the Current studio

[This post originally contained an embedded video that no longer exists at the source.]

Trampled by Turtles side project Dead Man Winter performs “Wasteland,” “A Long Cold Night in Minneapolis” and “Nicotine.”

The Current Roadtrip: Duluth

Join 89.3 the Current as we travel across the state to bring the best and brightest of the cities musical acts to Duluth, Mankato, Rochester and Austin.

What about the Current in Duluth??!!

The MPR website recently announced a new expansion of the Current station to St. Peter. Not that I don’t love some of the stations we have around here, but it really makes me feel even further from the cultural scene to not have access to all three MPR stations. As a yearly supporter of MPR it doesn’t seem fair. If there’s anyone out there who agrees, please join me in writing to MPR to let them know how we feel.

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