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One Less Guest – “The Fruit”

The jazz/rock outfit One Less Guest has a new album on the way and a new music video. The song “The Fruit” appears on Viewfinder, scheduled for release June 9. The video was shot and edited by Patrick Parkhill and Jay Reiss.

The band formed in Duluth in 2018 and moved to Anaheim, Calif., in 2021, but returns home every summer for a show. This year’s gig at at Earth Rider Brewery is July 22.

One Less Guest – “Breezeblocks”

Duluth band One Less Guest performs “Breezeblocks,” a song composed by the British indie rock band Alt-J.

The live rooftop performance is part of its 2021 collection of favorite cover songs.

One Less Guest – “Suitcase for Two”

Duluth band One Less Guest has released its debut album, Monochrome. In the video above, guitarist Nick Muska and violinist Ren Cooper get into a jam with a suitcase.

A Bit of Ren to Lift Our Spirits

A little entertainment for you. My daughter, Ren, is in a Superior-based band called One Less Guest. With the band’s upcoming gigs cancelled for the foreseeable future, she has been taking violin song requests and live streaming every few days in the hopes of lifting our collective spirits. I thought someone here might be in need of a little music on a chilly, homebound Tuesday.

One Less Guest – “Come on Over”

Duluth band One Less Guest will release its debut album, Monochrome, on April 18 at Thirsty Pagan Brewing. The group also performs on March 7 at Bent Paddle and St. Patrick’s Day at Rex Bar. The music video above was shot by Caelan Mars.

The Playlist Presents: One Less Guest

WDSE-TV‘s The PlayList Presents is a series of 5-minute segments featuring emerging musicians, including interview clips and a live performance. The Feb. 20 episode focused on jazz/rock/funk quartet One Less Guest, with footage from a performance at Duluth Cider.

The PlayList Presents airs Thursday nights at around 8:20 p.m., after Making it Up North.

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