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Cinema Lounge Call for Entries

IFP’s Cinema Lounge is coming to Duluth on November 5! This fun and somewhat crazy annual event will take place at 7pm at the supercool Zinema2. Our fun and friendly Cinema Lounge host will screen the best of the latest Duluth-area short films and interview the directors. If you have a short film — under 20 minutes — that you’d like to submit for consideration, please contact Max Becker at 651-644-1912 or [email protected]

MNTV Short Film Series Call for Entries

Hey all you filmmakers hanging out at Homegrown: It’s time to submit your short films to MNTV 2010! Last year Brian Barber’s excellent Homegrown animation was selected — keep ’em coming! If your film is selected, it will be broadcast on Twin Cities Public Television (TPT-TV) and streamed online, and you’ll be paid $500 in licensing fees.

If you have a film that’s 30 minutes or shorter, please download the submission guidelines and application form at ifpmn.org/mntv. Deadline for submission: June 10, 2010.

Questions? Contact Lu Lippold, llippold @ ifpmn.org, 651-644-1912 x106.

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