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Heat with wood?

We have approximately a dozen six-foot logs, primarily ash (hardwood). Needs to be cut into logs and moved by anyone who wants them. The logs are one year old and in my back yard, which is down a hill from the house.

Contact me at sarafenix @ and let me know if any of you want them and I will send phone # to make arrangements. It’s going to be first come get’s em.

Free! Real law books from a real law firm!

Did you like Ally McBeal when it was on the air? Are you devastated that Law and Order is getting the axe after almost twenty years? Isn’t the law totally rad? Do you think books add ambiance to a room? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then here’s a deal for you:

I have to get rid of over 1,500 law books — American Law Reports (ALR), Supreme Court Reporters and Federal Reporters (and their supplements). The Federal Reporters are not a complete set, but the ALR and the Supreme Court Reporters should be.

They need to go and they need to go by the end of summer (preferably mid-to-late July). Use them as paperweights, make a coffee table out of them, stack them against your wall as a sound barrier for your noisy next door neighbor, make secret hidey holes for your flask — the possibilities are endless! Come grab some books and get creative!

You must pick up, I will not deliver. Take as many or as few as you want. Businesses are welcome! Reply to me at eutyro @ and I will email you back and give you a time and location to pick up your new treasure!

Thanks for looking!

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