Skiing and Snowboarding Posts

Easiest ski trail in the Duluth area

In a land of steep hills and deep valleys, where can a beginning cross-country skier in Duluth go without fear of hills and spills? Check out the new trails and new parking at Boulder Lake on my blog. Now we just need Slim Goodbuzz to check out the adjacent Island Lake Inn.

1970s pop culture quiz on Piedmont ski trail

The cross-country trail at Piedmont is in great shape … but in what shape is your 1970s pop culture mastery? Know your Lip Smackers from your Mayberry RFD? Test yourself against the punny wisdom of Piedmont’s wooden signs at my North Shore blog.

Micha Mellang’s Favorite XC Ski Places

Skiing at Duluth’s Bagley Nature Area: Nearly free and always fun

Smack dab in the middle of eastern Duluth is the only ski trail that costs a quarter to ski … if you’re really fast. Most people should bring three quarters. 75 cents buys you 60 minutes of parking at UMD’s Bagley Nature Area. That’s enough time to ski the 2.7 lovely kilometers of loops and hills twice.

Thrills, spills and chills

I shot this on Sunday, the last day at Chester Bowl for skiing / snowboarding. I’m still trying to dry out my kid’s snowboard boots.
This is mostly the crashing and burning, and to be fair, most of the skiers made it across just fine. But really, who wants to watch that? Success is boring.

Summer or winter, Chester Bowl is the best.

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