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Found: Warehouse Bar artifact

1988 relic.

Whatever happened to the old Holiday Inn?

The old Holiday Inn in Duluth was located in Canal Park, just down from downtown, and this was before all the new development happened in Canal Park. In the 1980s, it had its name changed to something else. I don’t remember what that name was, or if the building is even still there. Can anyone bring me up to date?

What Canal Park Brewing Company will look like

Following up on a post from July 2010:

The Canal Park Brewing Co. has the beginnings of a website now, it is expected to open this summer, construction is underway and Wagner Zaun Architecture’s designs look like this:

Walk for Thought in Canal Park

The 10th Annual Walk for Thought is rapidly approaching! This year’s walk will take place on Saturday, Sept. 24, at Canal Park in Duluth.

Since 2002, thousands of individuals who have experienced a brain injury, their loved ones, and the professionals who work with them have come together for one event to commemorate their strength and success as well as to remember those who were lost to brain injury.

One more free day in Canal Park

Parking meter on Lake Ave. Note the May 15 start date.

If you think that Canal Park belongs to Duluthians and not just to the tourists, you have one more day to freely utilize that right. Emphasis on the free. Paid parking goes in effect this Sunday, at  least at the meters and presumably at the paid lots as well.

Stroll the piers. Gawk at a 1000-footer. Deconstruct the meaning in public art. It’s your birthright, Duluth.

For today, you don’t have to worry about the gatekeepers at the hotel parking lots and their clipboards.

You don’t yet have to worry about the eager tow companies in the private lots, who will boot, tow, or just flop upon every car whose driver heads to Coldstone before hitting Caribou Coffee.

Toss some rocks at the beach at the corner of the lake. Enjoy your city. Without a roll of quarters in your pocket.

Twelve Moons on Gichigami – Canal Park Film

Not sure if this has ever been posted here before, but figured I’d share it just in case.