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Craigslist … is it stupider here?

Craigslist is probably a bad place to gauge the local intelligence of any given place, but after about two minutes of Duluth CL, the profound examples of improper grammar and spelling become overwhelming, like a Shitnami blowing out the manhole covers, so I wondered if Craigslist is any indicator of local smarts, or is just stupid, plain everywhere? Indeed, good grammar is only one form of intelligence, and may not even save you in a knife fight. Certainly the best example was not “looking for painter’s,” but this 1987 Harley was fun. Is there already a thread for creative Craigslist ads? And if not, why not?

Antique Motorcycle Welding Help

I’m looking for preferably an English/antique motorcycle enthusiast who might be able to help me weld a couple of small front engine mounts as I transfer a small engine into another frame. I can’t afford too much, prefer barter, like some home brew or something for the effort. Thanks.

Building Your Homegrown Stamina

A couple weeks before actual Homegrown, way down yonder in a town called Winona, there’s a music festival happening called Midwest Music Fest. Charlie Parr, Greg Brown and a slew of others are playing. They appear to be liberally using the term ‘homegrown,’ so maybe the powers that be should consider bartering for their superior web skills, as they have a pretty boss website, though the art could use a little help. The weekend pass is essentially free if you buy the Brown ticket. Solid acts from all over abound. Parr, due to overwhelming popularity last year, is playing multiple sets this year.

Hearts of Gold

Today, at Super One Foods in Lakeside, there was an older guy wearing a Marines cap, so I asked him where he served. He said sixty years ago on this day in Korea, December of ’51, they had been in their bunker, which was warmed by an oil stove. Someone mistakenly threw gas on it, and everything went up in a blaze, his Christmas presents under his cot, his camera, some guys died. Another “even got a silver heart.” Probably for running back into the fire to save people.

So when I walk by these modest, quiet homes, and wonder who lives there, I’ll know many of them are old-time Duluthians who served their country in wars people easily forgot. And while I may be angered by the hypocrisy, failure of diplomacy, fear or greed that may cause them, I am equally amazed and humbled by the courage and selflessness of those who serve. Sometimes they just want their stories to be heard.

Canoeing the Duluth area

Entirely not enough PDD attention has been devoted to canoeing small rivers in the area. Yesterday, we canoed the Brule, a formidable opponent when the water is low, any other favorites? Has anyone put in at Jay Cooke and gone all the way to the mouth in an aluminum canoe?

Save the Bees!

Pesticide corporations are destroying bee colonies. A pollination-free world is a place you don’t want to go. Sign the petition and tell the EPA you disapprove of living without fruits and vegetables, and support banning pesticides which kill bees. Start your apiary this summer!

On Dogs Saving Lives

After reading the Iditarod racer profiles today and watching four-time champion Lance Mackey moved to tears about a dog who once saved his life, I asked a friend if any cat ever saved anyone?

Credit was given for ridding mice and disease, lowering blood pressure, etc. Then she told me an odd family history story.

Ball to the Wall

A friend is conducting his motorbike from Minnesota to the South Pole. After painstaking deliberation, I decided for the sake of education, as he is an educator of troubled youth, that he wouldn’t mind if you guys snuck a peak.

Bestia Verde

Center of the Universe

A physicist explains why parallel universes may exist

These guys stole my idea circa 1997, probably while they were cruising the astral plane, that our universe may be one among many, perhaps overlapping. Not to draw on the big picture here, but any thoughts? Verify your veracious vicissitudes and I will venerate you.

Charred Layer of Mystery Sediment

Last summer I was digging post holes in my yard near 47th Avenue East and Superior Street and was finding, about a foot down, a two-inch band of mysterious ashen charcoal material everywhere I dug.

I doubt many geologists are trolling on PDD, but I wondered if this could’ve been from the great fire of 1918, or if anyone else has discovered a similar oddity? It must take longer than 90 years to accrue over twelve inches of clay.

There was a documentary on the fire recently which mentioned the local neighborhoods affected, mostly to the west. Prehistoric shoreline fire? Site of ancient burning ritual? I guess it would be interesting to know if anyone has evidence of the fire near their dwelling anyway.

Favorite Jungle Places?

Nothing throws salt in the eye of minus temperatures more than a week long furlough to some remote jungle destination. Are there any favorite south of the border places sans condos you’ve discovered? I know a Duluth native who drove through Mexico once and discovered a cooler full of beer and ice on the road in the middle of nowhere, they grabbed it and drove off. Stories/Favorite Unknown Palapas?!?! I was partial to Barra De Navidad in the the State of Colima, and heard nice things about Ecuador.

Mt. Bohemia Anyone?

Has anyone skied Mt. Bohemia in the U.P.? They’re calling it “one of the top ten undiscovered ski resorts in the world” which seems a tall order. Matching cheap Porky pass… The trees at the cliff bases look dangerous, plus the five-hour drive, but their promo video is classic. Somebody must know something?

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