PDD, Infected. Leave immediately!

PDD appears to be infected with malware, which may harm your computer. Please leave immediately and take proper measures to cleanse your computer of our apparent filth.

We’re working on the problem, but it may take awhile for us to set things straight. Don’t check back. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts for further information.

And may God have mercy on our souls.



about 11 years ago

Double meh.  /ipad


about 11 years ago

Yeah, if you look at the last part of the page you have a  tag with encoded commands in it.

You've probably been hacked through WordPress. You guys have updated your WP installation? Plugins should be audited for security, too.

If not that, it could be your host. I know people who have had this exact thing happen due to their webhost being misconfigured.

At the very least, you need to remove this script tag from your WP themes ASAP.


about 11 years ago

Wow, Mildred sounds like she knws what she's talking about!

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