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May 31, 2007

Viewcrest Voices


I am in need of a keyboardist to accompany a group of nursing home residents who have just formed a choir that they have named Viewcrest Voices. They are really really excited about this! They will be performing a concert on July 19, 2007 at 7pm.
The person who accompanies them should have some experience with accompanying a choir (but not necessary), a good sense of humor and a high tolerance for senior citizens who forget things from week to week (both very necessary.) Rehearsals are generally at 9:30am on Thursday mornings at Viewcrest and last about an hour. There will be more rehearsals scheduled as we get closer to the concert. The song list is below - I have sheet music for the songs. (Except for the children's' songs.) The theme of the concert is "A Lifetime In Song." The position is paid. Please email me at pyntatyahoodotcom or leave your email in the comments if you are interested or willing or need more information.
Ideally, we would also like a guitarist and a drummer to round out the group, so if you're one of those and you're interested at all, please email me as well.

Song List:

Hail Hail The Gang's All Here
The More We Get Together
Three Blind Mice
Row Row Row Your Boat
Yes, We Have No Bananas
Pistol Packin' Mama
I'm A Lonely Little Petunia (In An Onion Patch)
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Last Night On The Back Porch (I Loved Her Best of All)
I Love You Truly
My Blue Heaven
Memory Lane
Anniversary Waltz -- instrumental solo?
You Are My Sunshine
Show Me The Way To Go Home
Goodnight Ladies

Barry Pirkola Benefit Tonight


Barry Pirkola lost most of his possessions in an apartment fire in February. Show him some love tonight at Thirsty Pagan Brewing. The Fractals play at 9 p.m.

Unfounded rumor perpetuated


First of all, congratulations to Spinout Records and all the musicians involved in the Duluth Does Dylan Revisited album. City Pages recently named the disc Best Local Music Compilation.

Now take note of the last sentence of CP's write-up for a good laugh.

From City Pages, April 25, 2007
Good local music compilations always say something about the scene. Last year's The Best of Smoke-Free Saturday Nights Volume 3 said there were a bunch of good, unreleased female-fronted punk bands around here. DUNation.com—Volume Won said local rappers, even well-known ones, had started writing about how broke they were. Last year's Duluth Does Dylan Revisited told us to get ready for a year of Minnesota Dylanmania—but to keep a sense of humor about it, and take it as an excuse to get to know the state. Whether Dylan is our Homer or our Picasso, or neither, his vision has enough creative force to come through like a bell on these 15 tunes rendered by the diverse likes of Cloud Cult and the Retribution Gospel Choir. (The former transforms "Mr. Tambourine Man" into tender and tasteful space pop, while the latter recycles "All the Tired Horses" as PiL-style dub noise.) The less tangible connecting thread here is Duluth, of course: Dylan's birthplace. Drive down Superior Street with this on, and you can't help hearing something northern and smart and sad in Jerree Small's aching "To Ramona" and Ol' Yeller's warm "When the Ship Comes In." Behind these performances, there's the faintest hope that if Dylan had grown up in Duluth instead of Hibbing, he might have stayed. In fact, he never quite left: The man himself snatched up T-shirts of the first Duluth Does Dylan compilation from a local shop.

May 30, 2007


Just wanted to thank everyone for coming out to 4 Track Films Open House tonight. We had a great turn out, met tons of cool people and got even more excited about our new company here in the city that we love. If anyone's interested we still need extras for this Sunday, June 3rd from 10am-8pm at St. Scholastica (email me at auditions(at)4trackfilms(dot)com) and we also need various crew types - everything from loading in sound gear to painting 12' crosses to wrangling extras....again drop me a line if interested!

Thanks for all the suggestions on our missing rapper too...he's seen the light and is back on the project - whohooo!

Going green and global in Superior (sort of)

It can be sad living in Superior sometimes. You get the feeling nearly all the cool stuff is over the bridge in Duluth. So I am ecstatic that our little Belknap Plaza Super One store now carries a small but impressive collection of organic and ethnic foods.

The organic offerings include dairy, bread and produce, as well as frozen and packaged staples. Nearby, the international foods take up nearly half a full aisle in the store. It's not an ethnic grocery in Minneapolis, but they've obviously made an effort. Some of their most impressive offerings are in the Indian section, where they have at least a dozen different chutneys and dipping sauces. You'll find them somewhere between the Kosher and Asian food sections. (The Asian food section includes some interesting looking beverages I plan to try).

Anyway, I selfishly want my little oasis of cool foods to survive over here in Superior. If you live over here, stop in and buy some great fresh food. If you drink over here, stop by to check out the Asian sodas and the Indian chutneys. They'll keep in the car while you're at the bar -- just make the trip before it gets too cold out.

Weight Bench?

Anybody out there have a weight bench they'd like to get rid of for cheap or (preferably) free? I don't need weights, just a bench that has the option of reclining (most do). Nothing fancy. The more beat up the better. Goodwill, surprisingly, has not been fruitful on my seach. Anybody?

Did I Mention?


Did I mention I have started my own business? Why yes, I did. Starfire Screen Printing Co. at 1131 E 4th St. is where I spend my daytimes now. I will happily produce for you high quality Screen Printed goods at a reasonable price. Did I mention I am making buttons too? 1" buttons to be exact for all the Rock and Roll types.

My hours are 9-5 Monday-Friday and I am usually around at some point on Saturdays. My phone number is (218)464-0403. Stop by, I'd love to give you a tour.

Mark your calendar for the grand opening extravaganza on Friday June 22 featuring the photographs of Aaron Molina. There will be food, wine and of course music.

Enjoy the fog.


May 29, 2007


If I was in "Control"

If I was in control of the movies shown at the new indie film theatre, I'd make this the first:

When I heard there was a Joy Division biopic, I was optimistic but worried. I'm surprised one was not made sooner as I've viewed Ian as genius for the past 20 years. Presently, it sounded like an indie take in the line of recent pics about deceased singers: Ray then Cash now Ian. But the trailer has me hooked and it did very well at the Canes Film Festival. I may have to make a trip down to the cities for this film. Of course, a girl can dream that it will make it’s Northland premier in the soon-to-be indie theatre.

Hey Duluth,
So the video that Matt, Al and Mim let me make for the Belarus song is on the Patagonia blog at
They also put a link in there to the Wikipedia entry for Duluth, MN. Did you know that David Oreck the vacuum cleaner guy is from the city by the lake????

What the hell is that thing?

This has been driving me slightly crazy for many months. Has anyone seen the strap thing that hangs from the rear underside of some (but not all) larger trucks and just barely drags on the ground? I keep seeing more & more of them. What the hell is it and what the hell is it for? And why does it always seem to be on the more "Good ol' Boy" kind of trucks?

Back Up and Running at Full Speed


ha ha!

dr. laura.jpg
dr. laura, meet dr. karma.

Those damn terrorists

I'm sure they're responsible for Miss USA's little "accident."

May 28, 2007


Ah, when you go into production on your micro-budget film, and you cast people back, oh, I don't know..7 months ago and you THINK they have their sh*t together but then 5 days before you shoot you find out they don't and then they flake out on you when your director expresses disappointment, you can sort of feel every blood vessel in your brain shutting down.

So, here I am again.... any RAPPERS out there? The thing is this - two "old testament" rappers (the O.G.'s of the O.T.) who rap these very wordy old testament "songs." The beats are done, the rap is written and we *thought* being rehearsed. So there you go.

if anyone's interested (shooting this weekend!! short notice but I'm getting desperate) email me at carrie(at)4trackfilms(dot)com


May 27, 2007

What I did this weekend, two words... Kidney Stones

So, I woke up Friday to the prospect of four days off work, but ending up puking in pain, spending two fucking nights at the hospital and having a 5mm stone (plus some additional accidental tissue) ripped out of me via the penis, catheter inserted, a PCA pump of morphine that I was hitting every 6 mins for 2 hours post operation. At that point I definitely could still feel the pain, but just didn't care. Imagine getting stabbed in the right kidney with a long knife and you can approximate the pain. Now, for the next week whenever I go pee it feels like someone is kicking me in the right side.
On balance I would have preferred to have my fingers slammed in a car door, seriously.

What, me work?


So everybody knows the job market in Duluth sucks right? Well that's tough because I'm coming back from my sophomore year pretty soon and I was rather hoping to have some kind of money making thing to do. Preferably something interesting that might provide a certain amount of job experience toward employment in the future.

Does this kind of thing exist? I'm going to Tokyo next semester and the word is that its kinda pricey over there.

4 Track Films - OPEN HOUSE

I just wanted to invite everyone to the open house of my new film company - 4 Track Films. We're a micro-budget High Def studio located at 222 E. Superior St (same building as Renegade Theater). We're kicking off our first production (GOD ROCKS - filming starts June 1) with this open house/party/soiree.

Wednesday, May 30th
4pm to 8pm
Some food, some wine, some schmoozing, perhaps?

Please RSVP to carrie at carrie(at)4trackfilms(dot)com so I can get a head count. We'd love to see you there! Also - check out our new website: www.4trackfilms.com. We're always looking for good ideas to produce, technicians (in fact...any lighting designers out there?!?), people to build props, make costumes, do music, extras, etc.

Thanks for letting me post. :)

tourist season

canal park.JPG
While stopping to get an espresso at one of my favorite local coffee shops, I awakened to the fact that it was the opener of tourist season. What is the limit this year?

Will you be my friend?

film_reel2.jpgSo, after a year of talking about it I joined Netflix last night and I've already got about 75 movies in my queue. I noticed that Netflix has a function so that you can see what are on other people's lists and compare how different people rate movies and I was thinking you would be a fun company of people to do that with so... Will you be my friend? If you have Netflix, be my pal. I'm just curious as to what other people are watching and liking or not liking.

May 25, 2007

The Farce will be with us... always...

Happy Birthday Star Wars!

Ms. Bue's cd release party at Luce tonight


As far as I can tell, not much is going on musically tonight, so why dontcha come on down to Luce tonight for Mary's cd release party? Sara Softich is opening, then Mary and her extended band, then the Alrights. Plus, you'll get to see me butcher a perfectly good sitar. Shameless self-promotion? Yer darn tootin'.

Happy Birthday...


May 24, 2007

Today In History

Isn't it Bob Dylan's birthday today? I thought for sure someone would post that. Maybe everyone is busy with the DCB stuff to notice. I just got my fruity Google alert telling me so:


Sadly, I'm not a huge Dylan fan, but I found a few ideas on how anyone who is can celebrate his b-day:


Happy BDBD*, everyone

*BDBD=Bob Dylan's BirthDay

Does anybody know...

Anybody know of a good place to get some target practice in? The shooting range outside Superior isn't open but 3 times a week.

And no, I'm not looking to debate whether guns are bad or not. I just wanna go punch some holes in paper targets with my buddies and have some fun.


DCB Banner Contest

I hereby announce a banner contest.
You must create your best PDD banner using an eagle and a flag. Winner gets elected to city council.

(and please don't use quotes in your post. quotes allow satan to infect your computer with a virus. quotes are also the leading cause of SIDS in infants.)

From the Photo Archive | Circa 1979


Whatever became of you, Dee Dee Kubishak? It’s been almost 30 years since our whirlwind romance. It seemed like we would be together forever.

And then your family moved. I don’t remember if I ever knew where. You could have said Cloquet or Argentina and it would have meant the same thing to me.

Life goes on, doesn’t it? So many things have happened since you left. Did you know they built a new bridge to Superior?

Mr. Bordwell cut down his trees and planted new ones. When I was in sixth grade I could still jump over them. I think they’re 20 feet tall now.

Your old house by the railroad tracks is still there. It doesn’t look abandoned, but I haven’t seen anyone go in or out since you left it.

Mikie died a few months ago. His mother sent me a card and told me to share it with the other kids from the neighborhood. I wish I could share it with you.

Dee Dee, my life has been blessed with so much love and friendship. I hope yours has, too. And I hope you remember me once in a while.

I’m still right where you left me, standing by the evergreens with my hands in my pockets, probably fresh from some strange mischief.

May 23, 2007

condensed vapor veneration

I have a friend that would like to put on an environmental benefit type of show and wants to get in touch with Cloud Cult. Does anyone know the best way to do this?

for gus

angry eagle.jpg

Happy Fun Duluth Citizens Day!

happyface.jpgI have been reading the Duluth Citizens Blog with the rest of you and it has made me sad. I think they need a big virtual hug. So, on authority of myself, I am declaring today Happy Fun Duluth Citizens Day! I am encouraging everyone to make Duluth's blogging community a happier funner place and spread joy to everyone!

So let's go do our part! Maybe they'd like some knock knock jokes. Or you could tell that happy story of your last birthday. Or maybe you could tell them how happy you were at Homegrown this year! Leave out the part about barfing on my shoes, though. That wasn't so happy.

May 22, 2007

Substance Only Please

Please use this post to comment only on substantive matters! We have to play catch-up to how seriously substantive the Duluth Citizens Blog is! If we don't quickly accumulate matters of substance, they will have more substance than PDD. Oh, if only PDD weren't so lacking in substance (boo hoo .. boo hoo hoo...) Please oh please stop hating on us, Duluth Citizens of Substance! Plus, where is the Duluth Citizensopedia entry that will tell me just what is considered substantive enough, and the correct matters for a community blog to blog upon? Update the weblogs of Justice!

May 21, 2007


they're bitching about pdd here.
i guess free speech only counts for some...

May 20, 2007

PDD Game Night!


When: Monday, May 21, 2007 at 6pm-ish
Where: Robin Goodfellow's
What: Come play games with your fellow PDD Gamers! A new mystery expansion pack for the game "Ticket To Ride" has been found - come check it out! Or come test your wits with a game or two of Trivial Pursuit! Or just come and observe! Whatever floats your boat, come and join us! See you there!

From the Photo Archive | Feb. 5, 1999


Below the NorShor mezzanine, either relaxing after some good band or avoiding some crappy band, Barrett Chase, John Ramos, Trish DeLude and some guy with poofy hair.

May 19, 2007

In Search of... Band Photo


How does a body go about finding a good Cars & Trucks promo photo?

adam [at] transistormag [dot] com


Hail remains

Hail stone

May 18, 2007

Welcome to my nightmare...


Become Mr. or Ms. Duluth!

Pier Pressure

The City of Duluth is looking for a qualified person to operate the Aerial Lift Bridge [pdf]. I ran across this job posting when it was offered a few years back and thought that if only I could operate the Lift Bridge, I'd pretty much be the King of Duluth. Then today, I found out that it's being offered again.

Sadly, I'm not nearly qualified, as the job demands not only the operation of the bridge, but the bridge's maintenance as well.

Coolest job in town? Yes, I think it is.

Roar By The Shore No More

The Red Lion is outta here. On the double-plus-good side, it will become an art movie house. Awesome. Thank you again, Zeppa Foundation, Keir Johnson, and Mayor Ness! Duluth is on the upswing...

More info here.

May 17, 2007

Saturday Nite!

Okay, friends. Now I'm going to talk to you about something very dear to my heart.

The Rank Strangers are a great, great band. And I can prove it! Go to their myspace thing-- www.myspace.com/rankstrangers-- and listen to "Rayner Park". Or "Khan". Or "My Genius". You'll see.

However, the last two times the Rank Strangers have played in Duluth, attendance has been real sparse. So much so, in fact, that by the time they took the stage, the only people really left in the Red Lion were me, the people I brought with me, and the bitter, old red lion regulars muttering to themselves at the bar ("someone ought to throw these fuckers into oncoming traffic. This is garbage music. Garbage.")

Now most bands would find this deeply demoralizing. But the Rank Strangers are a very resilient sort. Thus-- this Saturday night, at 10:00 PM, the Rank Strangers will be playing with Gus Watkins (who is also excellent-- www.myspace.com/guswatkins) at the Red Lion Lounge. The Cover is TWO DOLLARS, which is cheap cheap cheap, and the black label beer is practically free.

So do come, if you're free. I promise it'll be worth it.

Tonight at the Redstar


Tangier 57 has built our reputation on a promise to bring you technological gizmodigry disguised as musical entertainment. Such as the Organ-Bar, bubble machines, In-Lounge movies, and fashion-forward, cruelty-free drums.
So we're pleased to announce the latest addition to our arsenal of technological wonders, our Theremin.

While we're still working out some issues with size and bluetooth connectivity, we're excited about this beta version. Steve Jobs has been invited to tonight's show.
Can you say iTheremin?

At the Redstar, 600 East Superior
Doors open at 7
Lines around the block start forming right after you read this post.

May 15, 2007

Strings wanted

I'm looking for a violin and cello player for recording a new record, and playing some scattered (Duluth - Minneapolis - Chicago - Milwaukee) and sparse (4-5) performances over the next year or two.

If your interested shoot me a message:

[email protected]

the Reign of Terror is over ..

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

One for all the Liberals, "abortionists," the American Civil Liberties Union, feminists, gay rights activists and the faithless.

Let's go to the quotes

End of the Geek Streak?

geekprom 002.jpg
Minnesota Statute 617.23 sub (1)

We came, we spazzed, we lost our inhalers


A few photos from the best nerdfest in the Midwest.

GeekProm002.JPG GeekProm003.JPG

GeekProm004.JPG GeekProm005.JPG

GeekProm006.JPG GeekProm007.JPG

Photos by Barrett Chase are here.

Photos by Sharyn Morrow are here.

Photos by Ross Raihala are here.

Photos by Chuck Olsen are here.

Photos of King Neal here.

Everything on Flickr tagged "Geek Prom" is here.

May 14, 2007


I love the storms Duluth gets this time of year. Shelf cloud from today. More to come at moeview.com

Tangier57 Invites you! Thursday 05/17

photo by rich narum
To our final Third Thursday of the season. This Thursday at the Red Star Martini Bar. 7-10pm. That's right, we're taking th summer off to finely craft our "breezy lounge vibe" and work on our upcoming album workingly entitled "Last Night Never Happened".

Room For Rent

I have a room for rent in my house.

The room is available June 1st

It's two blocks from UMD and on the busline at 305 W. Maryland St.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Included with rent are:
All Utilities
Wireless Internet Access
Cable TV
Off-street parking
Month-to-Month Lease.

There is also a deck in back that is perfect for drinking margaritas on.

Rent is negotiable.

Email me or feel free to call if you're interested.

612.267.3085 or [email protected]

PDD Game Night

When: Monday (today), May 14 at 6pm-ish
Where: Robin Goodfellow's
What: Come play some games with your fellow PDD Gamers! Fun will be had! Food will be ordered! Woo!

May 13, 2007

do you ever google something .. then get so bogged down by all the answers you just want to turn to someone and say ... hey maybe you can help me.

anyhoo... i googled this to see it it's been posted about here before and after weeding through archives and posts about homegrown i said screw it .. i'll just ask.

but first .. let's go back in time. on this very weekend 10 years ago ... i was grad-uh-mah-tating from UMD. seeing the kids all crowd down to the decc on saturday got me waxing nostalgic... what was life like 10 years ago.
[insert garth and wayne going back in time .. dooodledooodledoo...doooddlleedoodlledoo]

in 1997 ... i still owned pearl jam's Vitology | i was packing my bags to move to oregon | stamps were 33 cents | i was still a blond | bill clinton was president [sigh] | ricky martin was livin' la vida loca | kamal gindy was still alive and a caring professor and guide.

soooo tangent off .. back in those days .. i worked the open mic circuit pretty good
then you couldn't go one night with out some sweet gal getting up with her weathered acoustic singing fake plastic trees. aaawwww bless her heart.

well i guess this is a rambling blog to ask... where are the good open mics now 10 years later?
i've seen the list, but i want to know what you PDD pals suggest. maybe i'll dust off my 15 year old songs and give it a go again. also, i have a fairly portable full size keyboard, i can bring this to open mics too if folks are interested in playing ...

thanks for letting my ramble

Bow before us

Preschoolers Thoughts on Aging

I laughed way to hard reading these. (It may just be funny in my head since I'm still at work from last night, plus the usual nervous laughter I tend to get when around small children)

all hail me

as geek king, i feel it only right to post a blog about it right as i get home from prom.

my first rule of order was going to be withdrawing the troops from iraq, but i see season 2.5 of BSG sitting on the table. instead i'll watch an episode and fall asleep to visions of starbuck dancing in my head.

it was fun, pepper spray and all.

May 12, 2007

True stories of super-normal para-natural unsolved mysterious encounters of the 4th kind

Mystery #1: The Vibrating Mountain and the Metal “Bird”

While climbing Mt. Shasta, a friend and I pitched our tents in a steeply sloped boulder field at about 13,300 feet to spend the night. I soon realized sleep would be impossible due to the audible “humming” and tactile vibration coming from inside the mountain...

The ground and rocks were vibrating in such a way that, laying on the ground in my tent, my whole body began to tingle. The humming seemed to emit from the rocks and ground. In the morning, my friend reported that he, too, didn’t sleep because of the humming and vibration.

The previous evening, we were sitting on a rocky spine above our camp watching the clouds over the Trinity Alps. There was no vegetation, and there had been no sign of birds or animals since 10,000 feet. Suddenly, what looked like a shiny, smooth, metallic ovoid about the size of the palm of one’s hand flew from one side of the spine, directly between my friend and I, then dropped over the other side and disappeared. It moved very fast, made no sound, had no visible wings (or made any apparent “flapping” noise or motion), and appeared to have two, inch-long “antennae” protruding from its “head area”.

Mystery #2: Another Metal “Bird”

Again, in Northern California, west of Redding along the Trinity River. I had stopped to eat lunch and go for a swim in the river on my way to the coast. I was sitting on the hood of my car within ten yards of the river eating a sandwich when I noticed something flying upstream about five feet above the water. As it approached around a bend, I initially thought it was a large bird. Then it passed directly in front of me and I saw a four- to six-foot-long shiny, smooth, metal cylinder about five inches in diameter. It seemed to be propelled by some sort of spinning (but blurred) blades that ran the length of the object. It maintained an exact height above the water, turned smoothly around the next bend without making a sound, and disappeared. It was traveling about 5 to 10 miles per hour.

Mystery #3: Strange Light

Driving through western South Dakota on I-90 late one July night. There was very little traffic, clear sky, and no moonlight. Suddenly, a very large, bright and “flaring” orange-red light appeared in the sky above me just to the south, at approximately 2000 – 5000 feet in the air. It was very bright, large and noticeable. It stayed in that position for about five seconds, then suddenly accelerated extremely rapidly, in a perfectly straight line, to the west. From a position almost directly above me , it had reached the horizon and was gone in about two seconds. It seemed to be traveling thousands of miles per hour. My initial thought, after the goosebumps went away, was that whatever it was, it was hovering and then fired up it’s “engines” just before zooming away.

Got any good mysteries?

May 11, 2007

Lip smacking goodness

Cloud Cult on MTV


Duluth’s own Cloud Cult will be on MTV News this weekend. See the Minowa farm, Earthology Records, Cloud Cult's recording studio and live footage from the band's recent New York City show.

Air times

Fri 5/11: 650pm, 1050pm
Sat 5/12: 1050pm
Sun 5/13: 550am
Mon 5/14: 550am, 650am, 850am

Sun 5/13: 430am, 1130pm
Mon 5/14: 330am, 630am

Fri 5/11: 645pm, 745pm, 845pm, 945pm, 1045pm
Sat 5/12: 1145am, 1245am, 145am, 245am, 345am, 445am, 545am, 645am, 745am, 845am, 945am, 1045am, 1145pm, 1245pm, 245pm, 345pm, 445pm, 545pm
Sun 5/13: 645pm, 845pm, 1045pm
Mon 5/14: 1245am, 245am, 445am, 645am, 845am, 1045am, 1245pm, 245pm, 445pm


Speaking of Ticks


How many have you pulled off so far? After this post, I started finding about one a day on myself. The dog has had his share, too.


I hate it when people forward bogus warnings, but this one is real, and it's important. So please send this warning to everyone on your e- mail list.

If someone comes to your front door saying they are checking for ticks due to the warm weather and asks you to take your clothes off and dance around with your arms up, DO NOT DO IT!! THIS IS A SCAM!! They only want to see you naked.

I wish I'd gotten this yesterday. I feel so stupid. :)

May 10, 2007

Amy & Lanae

I found a youtube video of a play called "Jesus Loves Me". And I spent about fifteen hours rewriting it and voicing it over to create a new play entitled "Amy & Lanae".

Here's the link to "Jesus Loves Me". I suggest watching this one first, if you can stomach it.

And now I present "Amy & Lanae". Watch it before the New Life Drama Company asks youtube to remove it.

Fear is gone ...


Here's the latest hype about this thing.

And here is the even more latest.

May 09, 2007



the gift that keeps on giving.

Movies In The Park

That's right, they're back... here's the tentative schedule (and it's a kickass one!):

* June 15th - Rocky
* June 22nd - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
* June 29th - Star Wars
* July 6th - Grumpy Old Men
* July 13th - Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind
* July 20th - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
* July 27th - Jaws
* August 3rd - Karate Kid
* August 10th - Shrek II
* August 17th - Shakespeare In Love
* August 24th - Wizard of Oz
* August 31st - Mighty Ducks
* September 7th - Iron Will

Movies start about sundown in the Leif Erickson bowl. Looking forward to seeing you there!

May 08, 2007

Hitching a Ride


Geek Prom is Saturday. Convoy info is here.

Quoth City Pages:
Unless you were prom queen, or had a magically clichéd virginity-losing night à la Brenda Walsh on 90210, prom was probably an expensive disappointment. Or maybe you just stayed home that evening and did your geometry homework. Don't be bitter; just go to Geek Prom. The event takes place at the Science Museum of Minnesota, which is far better than any school gym or hotel banquet hall. Partiers will get their nerd on with video gaming on a ginormous screen, talent contests, and handwriting analysis. There will be dancing, of course, with live music by the local E.L.O. cover band E.L.nO. Are your dance moves awesomely odd? Spend some extra time this week practicing in front of the mirror for the "spaz-off" competition, which recognizes the most bizarre, awkward, or joint-cracking dancer on the floor. Nerd attire is strongly encouraged, so be sure to get those pocket-protectors, knee-high socks, and plastic glasses out of storage. Pushing 30 and still without a date? Fear not; according to the Geek Prom website, "inflatable, cardboard, or otherwise inanimate dates will be admitted at no charge." 18+. $15. 9:00 p.m. to midnight. For tickets call 651.221.9444. —Jessica Armbruster

By the numbers...

I ran across an interesting article on Middle East online, by way of cursor.org by Ismael Hossein-Zadeh, a professor of Economics at Drake University about the escalation of war and military spending. This economic info should be staggering (to say the least) to anyone on either side of the fence.

He makes some really grim comparisons on military budgets versus government spending in other areas, causing a dramatic shift in the distribution of wealth from the middle and lower income to the already wealthy by noting the impending permanence of tax cuts to the richest 1%, and then the plan to cut vital services and programs in order to make up the difference in money coming in.

For perspective, he quotes comparisons in the article made by William D. Hartung, Senior Fellow at the World Policy Institute in New York:

Proposed US military spending for FY 2008 is larger than military spending by all of the other nations in the world combined.

At $141.7 billion, this year's proposed spending on the Iraq war is larger than the military budgets of China and Russia combined. Total US military spending for FY2008 is roughly ten times the military budget of the second largest military spending country in the world, China.

Proposed US military spending is larger than the combined gross domestic products (GDP) of all 47 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

The FY 2008 military budget proposal is more than 30 times higher than all spending on State Department operations and non-military foreign aid combined.

The FY 2008 military budget is over 120 times higher than the roughly $5 billion per year the US government spends on combating global warming.

good, you're still with me...

so, in order to make up the difference, Mr. Hossein-Zadeh goes on to say:

"The official Pentagon budget for 2008 fiscal year is projected to rise by more than 10 percent, or nearly $50 billion, “a total of 141 government programs will be eliminated or sharply reduced” to pay for the increase. These would include cuts in housing assistance for low-income seniors by 25 percent, home heating/energy assistance to low-income people by 18 percent, funding for community development grants by 12.7 percent, and grants for education and employment training by 8 percent."

and further:

"For example, at the same time that President Bush is planning to raise military spending by $50 billion for the next fiscal year, he is also proposing to make his affluent-targeted tax cuts permanent at a cost of $1.6 trillion over 10 years, or an average yearly cut of $160 billion. Simultaneously, “funding for domestic discretionary programs would be cut a total of $114 billion” in order to pay for these handouts to the rich. The targeted discretionary programs to be cut include over 140 programs that provide support for the basic needs of low- and middle-income families such as elementary and secondary education, job training, environmental protection, veterans’ health care, medical research, Meals on Wheels, child care and HeadStart, low-income home energy assistance, and many more."

I don't give a rat's ass who you support, this should make you sick.

Calling all photographers

So there is a new group in town and on flickr http://www.flickr.com/groups/duluthphotographersguild/
Were the Duluth Photographers Guild. Join us on flickr and watch for posts about events and photo walks. I noticed so many great photos from Homegrown that I decided to gather our efforts and start a group. Let us unite and take over the photo community and at least share ideas and tips to help one another improve our work. Extreme armatures are welcome.


Salsa Picante.jpg

Lets share salsa recipes!

Berry Salsa (also known by my friends as the most expensive salsa in the world):


1 Jalapeno (or Serrano....or pepper of choice)
1/2 minced red onion
2 scallions chopped (optional because I don't like cutting them)
1 tomato chopped up good
1 small yellow bell pepper (seeded and minced)
3-4 tablespoons of chopped cilantro
1/4 teaspoon o' salt
1 tablespoon of raspberry (or fav.) vinegar
1 tablespoon of O.J.
1 teaspoon of honey
1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 1/2 cups strawberries (hulled)
1 1/2 cups of blueberries or blackberries (or both!)
1 cup of rasberries

basically chop and mix. wet ingredients and dry ingredients blah blah blah. Its tasty in many variations...enjoy!


Makes my problems seem rather petty ..

aerial tornado shots

May 07, 2007

Homegrown in Retrospect

HGaPsychoCapone.JPG HGbSuddendeath.JPG HGcBob.JPG

Wouldn't you say it was one of the top nine Homegrown Music Festivals ever?

HGdMindyRyan.JPG HGeFreddie.JPG

HGfSkateboarding.JPG HGgTrolleyAction.JPG

HGgAmandaJody.JPG HGhStarfireScholtes.JPG

HGiBrendan.JPG HGjErnie.JPG

The Winking Circle

This is one of the most refreshing things I have seen in a very long time. Take a moment and read the 3 Beans statement that these people make on the Winking Circle site. Awesome, as was the film "Ski Boys" that I was lucky enough to see the other day. Truly the best visual experience that I have seen in the past few years. For all those in Duluth, we might be lucky enough to see this at the Free Range film fest in a month or two.... Here is the site
http://www.thewinkingcircle.com/3beans.htm The film trailer is at

May 06, 2007

It's all geek to me

ok, now that the excitement of homegrown is dwindling down, who's getting ready for geek prom? i haven't seen much geek chatter going on at PDD.

May 05, 2007

HomeGrown - Saturday Map


Ok... it's not so much a map as it is a spreadsheet... This more or less covers downtown... it is layed out from West to East... See you out there... Saturday spreadsheet is here : Download file.

More photos on Flickr.

Homegrown Music Festival, Day Seven


Before a single note of music was played, many had already rocked.

070505027.JPG 070505029.JPG 070505047.JPG

070505039.JPG 070505065.JPG

070505071.JPG 070505074.JPG 070505090.JPG

070505082.JPG 070505100.JPG

070505097.JPG 070505099.JPG 070505093.JPG

Portrait of a Drowned Man @ Homegrown 2007

Homegrown 2007

Come check us and a bunch of other great bands out tonight at Pizza Lucé.

10pm - Canine Heart Sounds
11pm - Portrait of a Drowned Man
12am - Little Black Books
01am - Ray the Wolf
02am - Crew Jones


After seeing 3dJesus (Vers 1 and 2), the Raven, Trinity, Agent Orange and The Marten all out last night, the current exhibit at the Karpeles Manuscript Muesum makes some sense. Re-live old glory here.

He said knowingly

Your Homegrown, does it ever...go?
Know whatta mean, know whatta mean?
Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink.

The Surfactants - RT's - Tonight - 9

Homegrown on Flickr

Pretty sure it's been mentioned before, but in case not.
Homegrown photos are being added to this flickr pool. From "A Corrosive Melody" to "Yeltzi" and points in-between. If you got photos to share, please join and post 'em, the more the better.

May 04, 2007

Map Your HomeGrown...


Have you planned out your HomeGrown experience? If you haven't... you're gunna miss something...

I have put together this spreadsheet for tonight... I will get one out for tomorrow... um... tomorrow...

Oh... do you have running shoes? Mandatory Team Practice... departs Chester Bowl 445PM SHARP tonight... meet by the park entrance...

Here is the Download file.

More HomeGrown photos on Flickr.

Free As In Speech


Barack Obama wants the presidential debates to be licensed under creative commons, versus... um, MSNBC OWNING them.

Something to think about.

More beta on how cities are using trails and bike lanes to improve quality of life

Just an FYI as we look forward to the future of Duluth and its greenspaces.
Speaking of that is today the famed Jason Cork Death run in Chester park????
Wall street journal

Homegrown Music Festival, Day Six

CarsAndTrucksFuckers.jpg HGChicken.JPG KeepAwayFreak.jpg

Homegrown Today: 48 bands at 12 venues (and two DJs at the Red Star Lounge)
Plus, Cars & Trucks appear on Almanac North tonight on WDSE-TV channel 8.

The new MAC


The Zeppa Foundation has bought the Gardner Hotel (on Lake Avenue, just up from Luce) and has committed to donating free space to a new non-profit for an all-ages music and arts venue. Chris Halverson has agreed to be involved and the new entity will be known as the Music and Arts Collective - The MAC.

I think we all learned a lot about our last effort with the MAC and there are several reasons why this effort will be successful. It's in a better, more visible location near parking and Pizza Luce. A MAC show could run from 8-10:30 leading into a Luce show. Obviously, the support of the Foundation is key. The previous MAC struggled to pay the $800 month in rent, the Zeppas will be providing the space for free - and will provide some start-up operational support.

Most importantly, we have time to do this right and we have the experience to draw on. I'm glad that Chris has committed to being involved, obviously he was the driving force last time - we're going to stay true to that original vision - we are just going to have the space and the resources to do it right.

In order for a project like this to work, it's going to need to be a collective effort and we are going to need the time and energy of those who support downtown arts to be involved as volunteers and members of the new group. If you're interested in helping out, drop me a line at dness717 at charter dot net.

Hope to see you tonight at the Taconite show.

Please note - Jason Cork is in Duluth and on the loose!

And Also With You


Free Comic Book Day


***** FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2007 IS SATURDAY, MAY 5th! *****
For the sixth consecutive year, comic shops worldwide are joining with publishers to promote the comic medium and stores everywhere by giving away FREE COMICS! This annual event gives you the perfect opportunity to sample the worlds of wonder available at your local comic book store. From super-heroes to slice-of-life to action/adventure and beyond, Free Comic Book Day has a comic book for everyone!

There is a vast array of great comic books this year - something for all tastes and ages! Visit the website to see a complete list of free books offered on May 5th.

That’s a great question with a very simple answer: you can find out who the participating comic shops are in your area! To find one, go to the the Free Comic Book Day locator.

In Duluth, you can go to Collector's Connection, or Robin Goodfellow.

Collector's Connection
1600 Miller Trunk Highway
Duluth, MN 55811
(218) 726-1360

Robin Goodfellow
23 North Lake Avenue
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 279-3443

May 03, 2007

Homegrown Music Festival, Day Five


Although two members were sick and another was sidelined with pneumonia, the Lake Superior Cacophonic Choir performed at Fitger's Brewhouse, defaming "The Man" with yet another profanity-laced song.

KUMD's 50th


While looking through KUMD archive photos for our 50th anniversary celebration this weekend, I came across this one of Laurie, PDD'er and UMD's 1996 Student Volunteer of the Year. I had no idea you were so award winning, Laurie.

May 02, 2007


Image hosting by Warst.com

Homegrown Music Festival, Day Four


All right, Homegrown, you win. I couldn't even finish the third night of the festival. The Renegade Radio Hour was great, but Experimental Tuesday would have killed me. I'm taking Wednesday off to eat grilled cheeses and sleep. I'll be back for Thursday night.

P.S., in response to the post about Twin Ports nightlife: Personally, I wish there were less things to do. I'm exhausted.

best. song. ever.

I was excited when Jerree Small shared the stage with Garrison Keillor and even more excited when she sang duets with Paul Lundgren. The magic got kicked up another notch when Jerree sang You Spin Me Round with Starfire. So when I came across one of Barrett’s Homegrown pictures that looked like Burly Burlesque on stage with Jerree, I had to find out more. My search led to the Homegrown section of the Duluth News Tribune website where Bell by Southwire was posted. It’s dark and catchy and powerful... all my favorite music elements in one song. Today, life is good!

Guess who's one?


May 01, 2007

Bird weenies? Duluth nightlife?


Why, here's a little something to go with the 2 previous posts.

Complex Genitalia of Waterfowl

From New Scientist:

Female ducks and geese have evolved complex genitalia to thwart unwelcome mating attempts, according to a new study.

Males of some species, such as mallard, have a notorious habit of "raping" females. They and other wildfowl are among the 3% of bird species whose males have phalluses big enough to insert into the vaginas of females, whether or not the female consents.

Now, in the most detailed analysis yet of duck and goose vaginas, researchers have established that females of these species have evolved vaginal features to thwart unwelcome males.

Tim Birkhead at the University of Sheffield in the UK and colleagues examined vaginas and the corresponding phalluses from 16 wildfowl species. They discovered that the longer and more elaborate the male member, the longer and more elaborate its female recipient was.

No-entry signs
Some vaginas had spiral channels that would impede sex by twisting in the opposite direction to that of the male phallus. Others had as many as eight cul-de-sac pouches en route, that could prevent fertilisation by capturing unwelcome sperm. Moreover, these features were only found in species renowned for forced sex. All other species had simple male and female genitalia.

“These structures are wonderfully devious, sending sperm down the wrong road or impeding penetration,” says Birkhead.

He says that the features demonstrate an evolutionary "arms race" in which control over reproduction alternates between the sexes. If the male develops a longer, more elaborate phallus to force copulation, females wrest back control by developing features to thwart males who rape.

“It shows that females are not passive in averting exploitation by males with large phalluses,” says Birkhead.

Interesting Points?

With this week's deluge of things to do in Duluth, I was kind of surpised to see this headline in the DNT today: Twin Ports night life: Dead or alive?

Some interesting points from the article:

+ Events like the Bayfront Blues Festival and this week’s Homegrown Music Festival draw praise, and many people who’ve participated in efforts to attract young professionals say there are plenty of bars and restaurants.

But what Duluth doesn’t have is a hopping club scene, an evening venue for independent and arthouse films or enough places for relaxing and conversing after work, say people connected to the efforts to attract and retain young professionals.

+ “It’s not just about having enough bars and having enough bands,” said Cheryl Skafte, one of the “community catalysts” who have volunteered to help the community foundation attract young professionals. “It’s about having a place where you fit in.”
+ “With the size of town that we live in, there are options, but there could be more variety,” Neitzel said.
+ Duluth and Superior combined make up only about a third of Minneapolis’ population. And the fraction of the Twin Ports population that likes a late-night gin and tonic or two is even smaller than that.
+It might be easier to please young people if Twin Ports residents didn’t keep such a tight fist on their wallets and purse strings, bar and club owners say.

Personally, I think it's easy for those of us who are heavily into Twin Ports nightlife to forget that the vast majority of Duluthians do not participate in it. Many don't care for it, and many more aren't even aware of it.

What do you think?

[full article here]