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for gus

angry eagle.jpg


Yeah! That eagle is totally pissed!

Tell me, if you were a terrorist, would you fuk with that eagle?


That eagle makes me proud to be an AMERICAN!!!

What makes me even prouder, however, is reasoned discussion and tolerance of dissenting viewpoints.

And Tiger beer, even though it's from Singapore.

I wish there were more bald eagles in Canal Park. I could feed them Alka-Seltzer filled popcorn so they explode in the air

one time, standing near the norshor marquee, adam and max were dissing seagulls and seconds later one shit on MY head!! do you think an eagle would do this?? an AMERICAN eagle???

yeah, I wonder what Don Henley would think.

I *heart* the eagle PDD banner...paste Sam the Eagle in there somewhere, and it'll be true love. ;+)

Yeah Adam!

sam the eagle totally makes it.


Now about that haircut ...

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