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June 30, 2007

Nerd News

Some nerd porn (safe for work) and some pleasing electronic voting news.

I dont like the smell...

agent_smith_poses04.jpgYou are being simulated. The DOD is developing a parallel to Planet Earth, with billions of individual "nodes" to reflect every man, woman, and child this side of the dividing line between reality and AR.

Called the Sentient World Simulation (SWS), it will be a "synthetic mirror of the real world with automated continuous calibration with respect to current real-world information". Here's the rest of the story.

June 29, 2007

I'm curious. Aren't you?


Since this store in Superior always seems to be closed, maybe it's moving into this space.

No Star Wars to Interrupt

Well, it seems they won't be able to show it later this summer either. Apparently the liscensing is all $#%@ed up. But I love this clip anyway.


June 28, 2007


MNSFW (maybe not safe for work.)

Go North


5135 North Shore Dr.
(218) 525-1014

Joker's Wild - Loopfest 2007?


Laurie's earlier post has fueled some interest in some sort of Joker's Wild tribute/reunion loop. Gayle and I (and anyone else who wants to help) will try and put something together for later this summer. In the meantime, if you want to be a part of it or have questions, send an email to: [email protected].

Who knows...if we get enough people, we might even come up with a logo and kick out some t-shirts!

June 27, 2007

Freedom Festival 2007!



just a little advanced notice that on Saturday July 7th Freedom Festival takes place all day out on Park Point. More info at, you guessed it, myspace.com/gameonfestival.

Duluth folks on NPR tonight

Pretty cool, there was a short piece tonight on the NPR program The Story about Dan and Bobbye Larson who now live in Duluth and make historical stringed instruments and genuine gut strings.

here is an audio link to the full hour, the relevant bit starts at about the :38 min mark.

Robert Randolph Show photos wanted

Anyone else attend the Robert Randolph & The Family Band show on Tuesday night? I am looking for pictures of the show-- we were fortunate to be right in front of the living legend, but didn't have a camera. The venue offered such an intimate experience, and Robert Randolph & friends seemed like genuinely nice people (and killer musicians). Anyone know who the local talent on stage were? Local dancers, local guitarist pulled from the crowd for a few moments of fame.



I would like to proudly announce the new, improved, and easy-to-manage PDD Links page.

PDD Links is a local blog aggregator that will collect and syndicate as many Twin Ports-related blogs as possible. I've already added nearly 50 blogs from the area. If all works properly, recent posts from local bloggers will appear at the top of the page.

I hope it turns out to be a good resource for all of us. Bloggers will attract more readers. Readers will find new blogs to follow. It's win-win.

If you author a blog, or have a favorite blog that should be listed, please e-mail me ([email protected]) with the URL of that blog's feed.

Also, maybe we should discuss if any other RSS-driven media should be included, such as DNT headlines or whatnot.

The Force will be with you... Yeeha!

Star Wars is playing at Leif Erikson Park this Friday at dusk. Come and bring your blankets and banjos!

June 26, 2007

From the Photo Archive | May 27, 1990


Eclipse Productions presents the hottest band in the world … KISS! Live in the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center Arena. It’s the “Hot in the Shade” tour, featuring the hit song “Forever” (written by Michael Bolton!).

Festival seating means we’ll compete in a battle royale with 5,000 people, all fighting for Bruce Kulick’s guitar pick. And, of course, the guy in the Yosemite Sam shirt takes home the prize.

In my hand is a pair of glasses that were trampled by the crowd. Who’s to say what’s a souvenir and what’s a piece of garbage? I kept the glasses and got rid of the hip-hop British Knights hat.

The true relic in this shot is the T-shirt I’m wearing. You can’t see the gold logo very well, but it says “Chinese Lantern – Brass Phoenix.” If anything can kick Yosemite Sam’s ass, that would be it.

...And The Heroine Sceams Help! 06.28.07

...And The Heroine Screams Help! releases issue number 9! Come check out some new/old favorites. $3 cover and All Ages!

Punk Rock Show


The Story of a Boy, a Girl, and a Universe...

Star Wars is playing at Leif Erikson Park this Friday at dusk. I'm going to be there in spite of this trailer. Whoever wrote this drivel didn't even watch the opening crawl let alone the whole movie! And Star Wars without the John Williams score? Blasphemy!

June 25, 2007

One More Time!

GOD ROCKS needs extras for this weekend!!!

GOD ROCKS is a rock-mockumentary about a Christian Battle of the Bands. We will be following 4 bands through a 2 weekend competition complete with interviews, "days with" and of course the rock performances.

That's where you come in!

We've shot the initial round of competition at St. Scholastica and now it's on to the finals!

We'll be at Sacred Heart Music Center on Saturday, June 30th from 8pm to 4am ("lock-in" available where we will host everyone til everyone is picked up). The shoot will consist of a "rock show" where 4 bands will be performing. We need enthusiastic crowd members cheering on their favorite bands. There will be opportunities to be "interviewed" as an audience member and get on camera.

The humor in this project comes from the battling dogmas of the various Christian bands. Each character is steadfast in his/her denomination and the music is "for real" and comes from a place of truth for each band. We feature Rock/Heavy, Rap, Folk and Country-Pop-Rock - something for everyone!

You don't have to commit to both but we'd appreciate if you DO commit that you hold that commitment as we'll be counting on you! :)

If you participate in ONE day of shooting you will receive a GOD ROCKS t-shirt; if you participate in BOTH days you will receive the t-shirt AND our soundtrack on CD.

PLEASE EMAIL ME your contact information:


if you are interested and I will put you on our master list.

Thank you!

Carrie Boberg
Producer, God Rocks

Palisade Head

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

June 24, 2007

A to the C.

I tried looking for a nifty graphic to go along with this post but...it's hot, so...meh.

When I lived in Tacoma, during the dog days of summer, a bunch of us would pile into my Toyota and head over to the dollar theater and spend all. day. long. there. One summer, I think I must have sat through Jurassic Park and Aladdin a total of seventy three times. Each.

I've heard the India Palace has the best Air Conditioning in town...judging from the condensation that forms on my glasses after stepping outside from there, I'm inclined to agree.

To wit: Anyone else have any suggestions on where to go for quality air conditioning?

PDD Game Night

When: Monday, June 24, 2007 at 6pm-ish
Where: air-conditioned Robin Goodfellow's
What: Come play games in the cool air of Robin Goodfellow's with your fellow PDDers! Food is generally ordered - cool fun is always had!

I may be a little late this week - I have a meeting that starts at 5pm. Shouldn't take too long but just in case... I will be there, however! :D



June 23, 2007

Duluth: the Movie


Skateboarding Should be a Crime!

This should be interesting reading for a while..

Bang Head Against Wall

I guess at least they're up front about it. More here.

Joker's Wild-Loopers Unite!

I am in one of my “ahh the good old days” moods and somehow was brought back to the Joker’s Wild in Superior. I know it’s gone, but the good times just linger on.

I first went there when I was in kindergarten. My Dad was unemployed and I would go to half day at Blaine and we would spend the rest of the day at the bar. He would drink beer and I would play the shuffleboard/pool game. When I turned 21 I became a regular-had my wallet stolen while playing pool, met many good friends and since it was before cell phones I even got phone calls there!
For years now I have tried to remember two things.

What were the quintessential jukebox songs? I have wanted to make a Jokers Jukebox tribute album. I know I always played the same songs, over and over and you probably did too. Kate Bush Rocket Man, Cherokee Nation, Wild World, The End by The Doors. Sherman and Dr. Thunder played Judy in Disguise and Busy mixed with some Smashing Pumpkins. What did you play?

Now the Loop. What was a loop? -somebody-usually this guy Gayle? (blue shirt in photo) would say “Loopers!” and we would all rally to the call. The deal was you entered a bar through the front door, ordered the signature drink as established by Looper custom and then left through the back door and off to the next stop. From Jokers it was to the bar across the street which I think was a root beer barrel shot-then to Labelle’s which was scary and I can’t remember what we drank, amaretto sour maybe? I know the next bar was Mama’s behind Lignell Drug. That was a gin/vodka tonic. You stood in a circle and said, “Straws?! We don’t need no stinking straws!” and then threw the straw over your shoulder. It would all end with heading to the VFW and buying off sale bottles of Mad Dog which were shared in the alley and then smashed against a wall with a final “Loopers!” call. These photos are from the New Year’s Eve Loop 1993/94.
Jokers burned down about 9 years ago-I know it was after I moved to Chicago in 1997. Dr. Thunder even has a piece from the wreckage. Screw the Berlin Wall memento's I want a piece of Jokers!



June 22, 2007

PDD Mayoral Campaign Exclusive

Superior Skating

Mr. Nice for Mayor Official Campaign Viral Video Announcement.

Official website.

"I'm in it to win it." -Mr. Nice

News from Chester Creek - 3 Items

So please do not flame me if I am not doing this accrding to your normal conventions
We are looking for line cooks - at Chester Creek Cafe
There is a debt retirement party for Becky Lourey on Tuesday the 26th at our house 1924 East 8th at 5PM - Please come- BBQ and red wine - bring $$$
Is anyone interested in a soap box derby down 19th ave east over labor day?


I have a few clients who have go carts but are having difficulty in find places to use them legally? Anyone have any tips?

Fire video

Here is a video of today's fire. . .

Another One Becomes Dust

I was somewhat comforted by c-freak's "Do Not Be Frightened of all the burning" post as I watched smoke billow up from my office window this morning. What with Fichtners and Loui's having burned down in the past year. But, to my GREAT relief, it was just True North Cedar burning to the ground (apparenly, wood burns) and NOT a pile of tourists in our beloved aquarium.


As the office continues to buzz, I realize how sometimes I am very thankful that this is the biggest news we usually get around here.

June 21, 2007

Not logical.



Bad Spock Drawings

The Shatner Show

June 20, 2007


Still in the middle of production (GOD ROCKS!) and we're getting close to the end...but I need your help (again!)...

We're looking for a grocery store to shoot a very short, small scene in - basically 2 characters are shopping/arguing over produce (or...whatever)....we've come up short so far (Co-op, 4th Street Market) and before we go kamikazee style....we're wondering if anyone has any grocery/market connections? This would 2 actors, 1 camera, some wireless mics, a couple crew people and that's it. no more than 2 hours (MAX).....

Anyway - if anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them! carrie(at)4trackfilms(dot)com

Grand opening & photo show

Friday June 22nd from 5pm to 8pm 1131 E 4th St. Duluth, MN
Please join us for Starfire Screen Printing Co grand opening with the photographic work of Aaron Molina www.moeview.com There will be food, brew, and tunes. What a way to start your weekend.

June 19, 2007

2 Bookish Items, Several Tidbits and News of which to be aware

Item One:
For those of you not aware, Harry Potter 7 is due out very soon to the joy of many fans and the hesitancy of many booksellers. Sell at a loss to compete with the big people? Not carry the title and disappoint loyal customers? Even B&N and Borders are hesitant. Locally owned stores face even greater challenges in terms of clout with publishers, advertising, ability to discount, and places to store the tomes in question. Northern Lights Books is throwing a party as a way to establish community and reclaim the joy that should accompany as huge a publishing success as Harry Potter should be to those who love books.
In times that media seems so proud to tote the democracy in our purchasing power, it is disappointing that this has not caught more attention. I'm not calling for a Harry Potter Czar to control prices, but for people who think that they are making statements through their purchases to look above the bottom line in this circumstance in the same way they do with their organic tomatoes.

Item Two:
McSweeney's Press is having a big sale. Normally cause for celebration, this is even more significant because this sale and auction to help recoup losses from when their distributer went bankrupt (full story). McSweeney's is a fantastic press dedicated to intelligent and witty literature. They also publish The Believer Magazine, which covers many aspects of a culturally curious life, and runs the 826 program an initiative that pairs young writers with experienced teachers and writers to promote reading, writing, creativity and expression (and Valencia also has a tre-cool pirate supply store for extra funding and rewards). So, check it out. Whether it be a baby book, t-shirt, stationary, magazine subscription or grammar guide, you're likely to find something that you'll enjoy today and down the road. And it'll help out a very worthy publisher.

Apathy and Other Small Victories is coming out in paperback soon. Look for a review, also soon, on Slicer Review.
Junot Diaz is coming out with a novel that is very entertaining.
Sweet Land the movie is coming out soon on dvd.
Icelander is now out in paperback.
The Tent is now in paperback.
North of the Cities is still excellent.


Remember when some of us were talking about local currency? I thought I'd bring it up again, just for the heck of it...

Did you know there are over 100 local currencies in use in the United States? "Conitinue reading" to see them all. From Wikipedia.

BerkShares - Great Barrignton, MA

Ithaca Hours- Ithaca, NY

Madison Hours- Madison. WI

* Amesbury Hours Amesbury, Massachusetts
* Anacostia Hours [1] Mount Rainier, Maryland
* Area Bucks Palo Alto, California
* Atlanta Hours Atlanta, Georgia
* Bainbridge Island Bucks Bainbridge Island, Washington
* Baltimore Hours [2] Baltimore, Maryland
* Barter Bucks Indianapolis, Indiana
* Bay Area Bucks [3] Traverse City, Michigan
* Berea Bucks Berea, Kentucky
* Berkeley Barter Network Berkeley, California
* Berkeley Bread Berkeley, California
* BerkShares, Southern Berkshires, Massachusetts
* BloomingHours [4] Bloomington, Indiana
* Blue Money Brattleboro, Vermont
* BNI [5] Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey
* Boise Hours Boise, Idaho
* Brattleboro Hours Chesterfield, New Hampshire
* Brooklyn Greenbacks Brooklyn, New York
* Buffalo Hours Buffalo, New York
* Buffalo Mountain Hours Hardwick, Vermont
* Bull City Bucks Durham, North Carolina
* Burlington Bread [6] Burlington, Vermont
* Butte Bucks Crested Butte, Colorado
* Cape Anne Dollars Gloucester, Massachusetts
* Capitol Area Self-Sustaining Hours Albany, New York
* Carbondale Spuds Carbondale, Colorado
* Chenango Hours New Berlin, New York
* Columbia County Hours Philmont, New York
* Columbia Hours Columbia, Missouri
* Community Cash Durango, Colorado
* Cuyahoga Hours Cleveland, Ohio
* Dillo Hours Austin, Texas
* Disney Dollar Disneyland and Disneyworld
* Flagstaff Neighborly Notes [7] Flagstaff, Arizona
* Floyd Hours Floyd, Virginia
* Fourth Corner Exchange [8] Pacific Northwest
* Great Lakes Hours Detroit, Michigan
* Green Mountain Hours [9] Montpelier, Vermont
* Greyhound Bucks Taft, Texas
* Hero dollar Minneapolis, Minnesota
* High Desert Dollars Prescott, Arizona
* Hollandollars Holland, Michigan
* Houston Hours Houston, Texas
* Humboldt Hours Eureka, California
* Humboldt exchange community currency Arcata, California
* Ithaca Hours Ithaca, New York
* Kansas City Barter Bucks Kansas City, Missouri
* Kauai Barter and Trade Network [10] Kilauea, Hawaii
* Kettle River Hours Kettle Falls, Washington
* Kitsap Hours Bremerton, Washington
* Lehigh Valley Barter Hours Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
* Liberty Dollars [11] Evansville, IN
* Lopez Island Hours Lopez Island, Washington
* Madison Hours [12] Madison, Wisconsin
* Mendocino SEED Fort Bragg, California
* Middletown Cash Middletown, CT, Wesleyan University
* Milwaukee Hours Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* Missoula Hours Missoula, Montana
* Mo' Money [13] New Orleans, Louisiana
* Mountain Money [14] Mars Hill, North Carolina
* NOCO Hours [15]Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland, Colorado
* North Fork Helping Hands Paonia, Colorado
* P.E.N. Neighborhood Exchange Takoma Park, Maryland
* Plenty [16] Carrboro, North Carolina
* Portage Hours Kent, Ohio
* REAL Dollars [17] Lawrence, Kansas
* RiverHOURS [18]Columbia River Gorge, USA
* San Luis Obispo Hours San Luis Obispo, California
* Sand Dollars Bolinas, California
* Santa Barbara Hours Santa Barbara, California
* Santa Fe Hours Santa Fe, New Mexico
* Santa Monica Hours Santa Monica, California
* Sequoia Hours Garberville, California
* Simply Hours Columbus, Ohio
* Skagit Dollars Mount Vernon, Washington
* Sonoma County Community Cash Santa Rosa, California
* Stoneridge Hours Kerhonkson, New York
* Summit Hours Akron, Ohio
* Thread City Bread Willimantic, Connecticut
* Time Bucks [19] Seattle, Washington
* Tulsa Hours Tulsa, Oklahoma
* Ukiah Hours [20] Ukiah, California
* Valley Dollars Greenfield, Massachusetts
* Waldo Hours Unity, Maine
* Wash Bucks Sioux City, Iowa
* Wooster Hours Apple Creek, Ohio

June 18, 2007



Why is it that when I think of Hazel taking her first steps this afternoon, my mind conjures this image?

Not that I'm complaining. I love the idea but...we're in Very Big Trouble. So here we go, blissfully into the breech that is a fully mobile, very rambunctious young lady.

What's your best guess?


What new and exciting commerce will be taking place at 517 N. Central Ave.?

Under the Stars..


June 17, 2007

don't be frightened


PDD Game Night


Monday, June 18, 2007 at 6pm-ish
Where: Robin Goodfellow's
What: Come and play a variety of different games with your fellow PDD Gamer Geeks! (No Genus II Trivial Pursuit this week, we promise!) Food is generally ordered, fun is always had! Hope to see you there!

I am the Cheese. I am the Best Character on the Show. I am Better than Both the Salami and Bologna Combined.


Rocko's Modern Life provided more joy and inspiration in 1997 while I was attending Mankato State University (now the Minnesota State University - Mankato) than I can begin to explain. The episode, "Wacky Delly," nearly made me lose my brain. Part one starts a little slow, so we'll segue right to the... meat... as it were.

A finer treatise on the creative art of filmmaking does not exist.

Part one and part three.

More Local News


While the Duluth Life weblog has been (comically) hijacked by Evil Jeff, the Duluth Journal news site has been hitting with some little-known local news tidbits. While most are nothing more than press releases, I have come across information not reported on anywhere else.

A Recipe

Take one fifteen year old girl. Combine her with a horrible attempt at being Otep Shamaya. Whip until frothy, and mix with equally two other not so talented 15 year olds. Let settle, then bake to the tune of Smells Like Teen Spirit until golden brown.

Voila! You have just prepared a tasty dish called "Has the last 4:51 of my life been the worst ever, or most hilarious ever?"

June 16, 2007

It's Tourist Season!


For BadCat! because she made me laugh... again.

June 15, 2007

Muppet Mania...

Those of you still in town for Grandma's weekend but are trapped in your homes by street closures, insane runners and yard-saling soccer moms, please enjoy the following Muppets clips.

From the Photo Archive | Summer 1991


The basement is where the fun happens. There’s a recreation room down there with hideous carpet and completely expendable furniture. Dogs play cards there. The Minnesota Twins are world champions forever. The magic eight-ball has all the answers.

Who bought that latch-hook kit and made a U.S. flag out of yarn? Where did that big ceramic monkey come from? Is that an autographed photo of Adam West with an exploded balloon covering his Batman face?

There are boxes of old clothing in the back room, near the half-empty paint cans and dusty whipped topping containers filled with old screws and unidentifiable appliance parts. It’s like a miniature Goodwill store back there. It opens every Halloween or whenever the urge to play “dress up” takes hold.

There once were people who wore this clothing seriously. They thought it was attractive, and it probably was. Eventually, however, these garments became the stuff of ridicule. Wearing them requires performing the role of some exaggerated character.

Aunt Ellen needed that cane to walk. Eventually, she needed a four-legged cane -- a “walker.” They were serious tools that increased her mobility. Now that she’s gone, they are a joke. “Look at me. I’m old!” says the hunched-over teenager, his friends laughing at the absurdity of it all.

June 13, 2007

Vote for the Hometown Team


Those crazy kids out in Wrenshall are at it again. Mr Mike Scholtz and his filmmaking crew participated in their 2nd 48 hr Film Project last weekend. It'll be screened in Minneapolis at the super-cool Riverview Theater (3800 42nd Street S., in Minneapolis) Monday, June 18. This year, they're entered under the team name Free Range Film Fest. Films from other teams are being screened all week this week.

Each night, the audience votes for the best films, which then get shown again on another date. Then films get judged on stuff like Best Directing, Best Script, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Acting, Best Use of Character, Best Use of Prop, Best Use of Line, Best Music, Best Sound Design, Best Effects.

The people's votes are necessary.

Last year, the little team from Duluth won best soundtrack.

If you can make it, do. It's amazing how many people turn out for this thing. There were 85 teams in Mpls this year, I think there were about 60 last year. Mpls is now the 3rd largest 48 hr film city in the nation.

Again, that's Monday night, June 18th at 7pm at the Riverview Theater, 3800 42nd Street S., in Minneapolis.

June 12, 2007

dead Luna

Luna Moth 3

You could use a mayonnaise jar for that...

Mr Wizard

don't think, just listen

th_creationmuseum133.jpg 2.jpg
most excellent review of the "creation museum".
thanks go to tony bennett for digging it up.

Fight Boredom!


June 11, 2007

Rummage sale thiefs

Just read about this over at the Duluth Freecycle board and am passing it along on the remote chance it might help.

Essentially it boils down to looking for a white jeep-like vehicle that has the lisc plate number VNG 420. The plates are unregistered so the cops can't track them....


am offering a small reward for the proper identification of a vehical.
This past weekend I had a rummage sale in the east end. Someone came into the
sale (2 guys and 2 girls). The first 2 of the set went back to the car and there
was a girl and guy still in the garage. The guy was hiding behind a
partition we have in the garage. I did not know he was back there. While he was
there, he was loading his pockets with items that I had in the sale, new cable
modem, computer parts and more. I noticed, when he came out of the garage, that
his pockets were full. At that point, I noted down the truck plate number as
they sped off. Then I went into the garage to see if they had actually taken
anything and sure enough, they had. The police were called and we found then, that the guy that fit our
description, also fit the description of a guy last weekend, that went to
another rummage sale. One of the 2nd guys, had asked the guy running that sale to come
into the garage to answer a question about an item he had for sale, and when
the guy went into the garage, the one that fit our description stole the money
box from the other garage sale. I would appreciate it if anyone knows this vehical or made note of the plate
number and would let us in on who these people are. The plates came back
unregistered with the MN and WI police~ We were told either because they never
registered the vehical when they bought it, or it has tabs that were never
updated. In any case, the plate number is VNG 420. It is a white, jeep like truck.. 4
doors. It's not a jeep, but is very similar. The guy is about 6 feet tall,
brown hair. About 200 pounds. Big build. He was wearing tan dress pants and a
white shirt. I believe the plates were MN plates. This seems to be a new thing
that they are doing, and easily getting away with, and I would love to see
them caught. Maybe you know this vehical from your neighborhood~ or know of
someone who was bragging about getting some stuff this weekend that fit what I
had stolen. Maybe you were the person who had the money box stolen last
weekend. If so, maybe you can add into the description. The thing that bugs me
themost is.. it could keep going, if we don't nail him soon. Since he was not
the driver of the vehical, the person who was driving, would be held
responsible, unless he rats out his buddy. Either way, I'd like to see them
caught forwhat they are doing. I don't know who else he has done this too.. I only
know about the one other incident we were told about.
Thank you.

It is post # 15673 over at freecycle, so information, if any, can be sent via there, or even posted here and it will be passed along.

In a world....


I just learned Don Lafontaine (aka that movie announcer guy, Thunder Throat, Voice of God et al) is from Duluth. Another local boy done good. So good he makes millions doing this.

Learn more here

June 10, 2007

PDD Game Night

When: Monday, June 11 at 6pm-ish
Where: Robin Goodfellow's
What: Come and play good games with your fellow PDD Gamer Geeks! Fun will be had, food will be ordered, the more the merrier! See you there!

Duluth Photographers Guild

Just a reminder to anyone who likes to take photographs that the Duluth Photographers Guild will have it's first meeting Thursday June 14th at 7pm. location The Burrito Union. All are welcome from just starting out photographers to pro. Join our flickr group DPG Come on down and share tips, ideas, and after the meeting we will go out for some night shooting. Hope to see you there.

June 09, 2007

Attention Geeks and Tweakers

Gonzo Science website showing signs of life. We've got a few bloggers who've thrown in to post occasionally, with an eye towards turning it into a blog community with an emphasis on science/weird science... The comments just got turned on, so the flame wars should start flyin' any time now. Thanks PDD~

June 08, 2007

Get on the Bus

Along time ago while browsing Google Labs, I found Google Transit. Google Transit was a inlay for Google Maps that allowed you to see bus routes for a certain area. Of course, the Twin Ports area wasn't on there, as it was mostly major cities. I went ahead and suggested Duluth anyway, fully expecting that my suggestion would be brushed over with little more than barely any consideration. This was at least a year ago.

Well, today I happened to check my email and saw a link to this: Duluth, MN Google Transit. Google actually incorporated the DTA routes into Google Transit! You can now plan a trip on Google using the DTA. Not entirely useful for many people, but still pretty cool. And the awesome part is our little area seemed to beat the rest of the state of MN, including the Twin Cities. Go us!

I guess Google and the DTA had to work pretty close together to get this thing up and running, so show a little love and if you use the DTA, plan your route on Google (or just mess around with it).

Out of the Hat Tonight and Tomorrow

othart1.jpgRenegade Comedy Theater is launching its semiannual salvo of 16 original plays tonight at their new location on 222 East Superior. Shows are Friday and Saturday at 7:00.

I'm writing both nights. My prompts for tonight's script were Bruce Wayne, a heart-shaped tattoo with the name "Bubba" in it, and a house where a murder took place. The twist this time is that the same prompts were given to another writer to see what he or she would do with them. Lauren Fleischman got the same prompts I did. Coincidentally, Roger Reinert and Don Ness got the same set of prompts for tonight.

If you can't come tonight or just like opening your Christmas presents early, I put my script for tonight up on my blog.

UPDATE: Here's my script for Saturday night. My prompts were the travelling TB patient, a copier machine, and in a UPS truck.

Get Thy Geek On

Geek out old school this weekend!
(and by "old school", I mean 500 years ago old school style...)
Olde World Renaissance Faire
I'll be there... with a freaking dress on!

Saturday, June 09 and Sunday, June 10, 2007
10:00 am to 7:00 pm

~ Adults: $9.00
~ Seniors: $7.00
~ Children 6 -12: $7.00
~ Children 5 and under: Free
~ $1.00 Discount per person dressed in costume

~ From Duluth: From Interstate 35 and U.S. Highway 53. Take U.S. Highway 53 North to County Highway 7 (also known as Industrial Road). Turn left on County Highway 7 and continue on to McGregor Road. At McGregor Road turn right and proceed to the Olde World Renaissance Faire entrance on your right. Distance is approximately 19 miles.

June 07, 2007

free fun


Finnegan's Summerfest

Check out www.finneganssummerfest.com for parking information and details!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

June 06, 2007

Poor, poor Scooter


President Bush says he feels terrible for the family of a former high-ranking White House staffer who has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for lying to federal investigators.

"Mr. Libby was the poster child for all that has gone wrong in this terrible war," said defense attorney Theodore Wells.

Libby has maintained his innocence.

I love the smell of a Pardon in the morning. Reminds me of a dead bloated adminstration.

It's That Time Again.

Every year about this time Doteasy, our Web host asks me to pay the bill for hosting and bandwidth. Every year I hope I will be rich enough so I don't have to ask you all to pitch in. That year will come but it isn't here yet so if you could see it in your heart to give a buck or two to the cause I would greatly appreciate it. The annual cost is $120 so if a small portion of the 1000 daily visitors we get donate it shouldn't be too painful.

I tried to find one of those fancy donation meters to track the progress but they all seem to be out of business so I will keep an eye on the progress and pull the donation button just as soon as the goal is reached. If more than $120 comes in I will put it into a fund for the PDD birthday party which is coming up soon. Can you believe PDD is going to be 4?

Thanks in advance for your support and if you don't donate now there will be PDD shirts available in my store soon.

June 05, 2007


Featured Extras Needed!

so this weekend we're in need of a few "featured extras" to be in a scene at a soup kitchen for GOD ROCKS....any takers?

Email me at carrie[at]4trackfilms[dot]com - The shoot is Saturday, June 9th 6-8pm.


June 04, 2007

Homegrown Kickball Review


Now that a month has passed, I think I'm finally able to put it in print: Friday won the kickball game.

Homegrown Kickball Classic 2007

In the first extra-inning game in Homegrown kickball history, the Friday bands finally prevailed, defeating Saturday 4-3. It was Friday’s first victory after losing the first seven games to Saturday.

Jon Choi was the game’s most valuable player, performing solid at shortstop, going 3-for-3 at the plate, and scoring the game-winning run for Friday. Jerree Small was also in the running for MVP simply for catching every ball that was kicked to her, even when everyone thought she would drop it for sure.

Tony Derrick kicked in the winning run in the bottom of the 10th inning with a lazy fly to centerfield that fell in front of Justin Korhonen and bounced away from him, toward Aaron Ashley. Ashley fielded the ball and made a wild, over-the-shoulder toss into the infield, allowing Choi to round the bases and score.

Korhonen, who showed up late and never made a plate appearance, simply wandered out into the field and took a spot late in the game. When the game-deciding kick was lofted in his direction, he seemed confused and unable to take the five easy steps reach it. This made him an obvious choice for least valuable player.

What most people didn’t find out until after the game is that Korhonen, a member of Gus Watkins’ band, is legally blind. So, perhaps the fact that he even moved in the general direction of the ball should be applauded.

Former members of Bone Appetit were responsible for four of Saturday’s seven fielding errors. Friday’s team committed just three errors.

Saturday did have two sensational fielding plays: Paul Connolly robbed Rich Mattson of a single with a sensational catch, and Fred Tyson made a shoe-string grab on a ball deflected by Maya Galvin, resulting in a putout of Kyle MacLean. Not to be outdone, MacLean made a sensational catch in the eighth inning in support of Friday.

The most hilarious play of the game occurred in the fifth inning, when Friday’s Tim Nelson singled, rounded first when he shouldn’t have, slipped and fell on his ass in the mud, and then was promptly tagged out.

Saturday had three players kick 2-for-3: Derek Delgado, Chris “C-Dubz” Warne and Jeremy Craig. The entire Friday team combined for just six singles; half of them were by Choi.

Both teams had 18 players make plate appearances.

Though Friday won the game, Saturday bands still claim a moral victory. Cory “Hot Rod” Ahlm mixed Snow Storm Wintergreen Schnapps with Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog, took a hearty chug and proclaimed, “It’s a Homegrown miracle.”

Later in the day, Saturday coach Paul Lundgren pied Friday coach Eric “Heiko” Edwardson. “It’s not about who wins and who loses,” Lundgren said. “It’s about who can be the poorest sport.”

June 03, 2007

PDD Game Night

After a patriotic hiatus, PDD Game Night is back and better than ever!

When: Monday, June 4 at 6pm-ish
Where: Robin Goodfellow's
What: Come play games with your fellow PDD Gamers! Food is generally ordered and fun is generally had by all! See you there!

Freaks! You're all... Freaks!!

Nice slideshow/film of the "Duluth scene" from '98-2001 made by Ms. Trish here:


Most all us freaks are featured if you were around the 'Shor & whatnot during that time period. Some have stayed, some have moved on. Has it really been that long already? Sheesh, time flies. Sweet slideshow/film, like the lady herself. Check it out. Nice hair, Adam & Starfire. Yeah, I know... nice beard, Gwanto.

June 02, 2007

Over the hill...


Today's the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Release...yesterday was the anniversary of the U.K. release. They even played the album in its entirety on KQ.

June 01, 2007

Tough day to be a butterfly


The shores of Lake Superior are littered with dead monarch butterflies. Take a walk along Park Point. There' s one every ten feet.

Accordion Awareness Month

There is no geekier holiday known to man!
All Things Accordion
Accordion USA

Did you know...

*The piano accordion is the official musical instrument of the city of San Francisco and has been since 1990.

*Actress Lucy Liu plays the accordion

*Guitarist Nils Lofgren started on the accordion.

*Billy Joel and Barry Manilow also play the accordion.

*The accordion is a member of the reed family, not the keyboard family.

*The first United States-made piano accordion (the ones with the keys on it) was manufactured in San Francisco back in 1907. It was at the Guerrini Accordion Company on DuPont St. (Grant Ave., near Columbus Ave.)

* When people think of an accordion, they usually envision that large, black monstrosity with piano keys on one side and about a thousand buttons on the other side. However, the accordion family also includes Cajun button boxes, chromatic and diatonic button accordions, the concertina, the bayan, and the bandoneon.

*Isn't the accordion just being used at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs? Heck no! Shania Twain's immensely popular Come On Over CD has accordion on a couple of tracks. Los Lobos. Bruce Hornsby plays the accordion and uses it in shows. Counting Crows use accordion a lot. Here in San Francisco, the show Forever Tango was a huge hit and featured two bandoneonists.

*China is the largest manufacturer and exporter of accordions in the world.