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What the hell is that thing?

This has been driving me slightly crazy for many months. Has anyone seen the strap thing that hangs from the rear underside of some (but not all) larger trucks and just barely drags on the ground? I keep seeing more & more of them. What the hell is it and what the hell is it for? And why does it always seem to be on the more "Good ol' Boy" kind of trucks?


Anti-static (electricity) strap. Drags along the ground to (un)absorb static electricity.

At least, that's my best guess.

Hmmm. You're right, vicarious.
Good call. Thanks!


If that thing works, I think I need to strap one to my body. I'm like a microcosmic lightening rod.

I thought they were trolling.

On my way back from Cloquet a couple of months ago, I passed a Cadillac Caprice? with a couple of older gentlemen riding in the front seat. As I was approaching the car from the back, I noticed a strap-like device hanging from the hitch inches off the pavement. I got closer and realized that it was a nylon stocking with two round objects inside, dangling like the testicles of a large English Bulldog.

Sorry. I am sure it was a Cadillac, so there is no possible way that it was a Caprice.

you can actually buy those.

no fair hbh...you beat me to posting that link.

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