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Speaking of Ticks


How many have you pulled off so far? After this post, I started finding about one a day on myself. The dog has had his share, too.


This is my favorite time of year... checking other people for ticks. A great way to bond with friends.

He just left a few minutes ago. I feel so ashamed.

i was just about to write about ticks and my dogs ... when he tooted. not farted .. but tooted. it was more like a squeeeeeeek .. he scared himself - silly charlie

i took the boys .. my pups up to a hike off of piedmont early april and they both came home with ticks. makes me creapy crawly allllll over

ugh, between the ticks and the fires this might not be a cool summer. We need about a week of rain. I've heard people are actually worried about another fire outbreak this year like the one that started way back when in Hinckley.

My Dad's place at Lake Minnesung was crawling with ticks. 2 for me, three for John and three so far for Lilo-but I am afraid she still has some. She still has her winter coat and that can make them hard to find.

there is a new country song on the radio with the refrain "and I want to check you for ticks".

tick talk and you don't stop - yeaaah! sorry.

We were mobbed by wood ticks this week. Induced some sort of hyper-sensory paranoia. Is that... something... crawling... sneaking...

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