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Homegrown Music Festival, Day Four


All right, Homegrown, you win. I couldn't even finish the third night of the festival. The Renegade Radio Hour was great, but Experimental Tuesday would have killed me. I'm taking Wednesday off to eat grilled cheeses and sleep. I'll be back for Thursday night.

P.S., in response to the post about Twin Ports nightlife: Personally, I wish there were less things to do. I'm exhausted.


getting old Paul?

ET was pretty fun, should have just listened to the radio hour on the... radio and fortified yourself on the wacky music...

But, who am I to talk, I also am not doing anything tonight, some sort of head cold is smacking me around right now, so am resting with the hope I'll be semi coherent for the LSCC. Of course for the LSCC coherent may not be required.

Paulie-- I hope you feel better! It's just not Homegrown without you.

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