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Hitching a Ride


Geek Prom is Saturday. Convoy info is here.

Quoth City Pages:
Unless you were prom queen, or had a magically clichéd virginity-losing night à la Brenda Walsh on 90210, prom was probably an expensive disappointment. Or maybe you just stayed home that evening and did your geometry homework. Don't be bitter; just go to Geek Prom. The event takes place at the Science Museum of Minnesota, which is far better than any school gym or hotel banquet hall. Partiers will get their nerd on with video gaming on a ginormous screen, talent contests, and handwriting analysis. There will be dancing, of course, with live music by the local E.L.O. cover band E.L.nO. Are your dance moves awesomely odd? Spend some extra time this week practicing in front of the mirror for the "spaz-off" competition, which recognizes the most bizarre, awkward, or joint-cracking dancer on the floor. Nerd attire is strongly encouraged, so be sure to get those pocket-protectors, knee-high socks, and plastic glasses out of storage. Pushing 30 and still without a date? Fear not; according to the Geek Prom website, "inflatable, cardboard, or otherwise inanimate dates will be admitted at no charge." 18+. $15. 9:00 p.m. to midnight. For tickets call 651.221.9444. —Jessica Armbruster


Electric Light Orchestra rules!!!

But can I dissect a cow's eye again this year?

oh, PROM... I thought you said ROM.

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