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Become Mr. or Ms. Duluth!

Pier Pressure

The City of Duluth is looking for a qualified person to operate the Aerial Lift Bridge [pdf]. I ran across this job posting when it was offered a few years back and thought that if only I could operate the Lift Bridge, I'd pretty much be the King of Duluth. Then today, I found out that it's being offered again.

Sadly, I'm not nearly qualified, as the job demands not only the operation of the bridge, but the bridge's maintenance as well.

Coolest job in town? Yes, I think it is.


Dream job! I would be available as fill in:) Hurry, the job posting ends tomorrow.
Does the city have to follow a protocol or legal length of time to post a job? Two weeks does not seem long enough.

Just a wild guess, they have someone, internally, already picked out but have to at least go through the motions of seeking applicants from outside, and two weeks is the shortest period they can get away with.

Believe me, two weeks is more than long enough for them to acquire hundreds of applicants. (Besides, I think the time limit is the same for all City jobs.)

All government jobs are in high demand around here.

I am in agreement with you about the job most likely being already filled but we can be hopeful.

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