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Ah, when you go into production on your micro-budget film, and you cast people back, oh, I don't know..7 months ago and you THINK they have their sh*t together but then 5 days before you shoot you find out they don't and then they flake out on you when your director expresses disappointment, you can sort of feel every blood vessel in your brain shutting down.

So, here I am again.... any RAPPERS out there? The thing is this - two "old testament" rappers (the O.G.'s of the O.T.) who rap these very wordy old testament "songs." The beats are done, the rap is written and we *thought* being rehearsed. So there you go.

if anyone's interested (shooting this weekend!! short notice but I'm getting desperate) email me at carrie(at)4trackfilms(dot)com



This film sounds like a hoot. Can't wait to see the finished product. Condolences on the mess you are in right now.

Sorry. I got nothing. I know a bunch of hip hop dudes in Minneapolis if need be. Let me know if so. Rap is, well... kinda dead on the scene. It's all transformed into various something's else these days and it's way outta my genre. But I know a lotta hip hop guys(.?!) Again, sorry.

..So how many rappers... baaah, nevermind.

Ray the Wolf's new crew, Equal Xchange, sure sounds (real good and) like they're chomping at the bit get out: My Spacey here.

*to get out

I'm sure they have much better grammar than me.

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