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We came, we spazzed, we lost our inhalers


A few photos from the best nerdfest in the Midwest.

GeekProm002.JPG GeekProm003.JPG

GeekProm004.JPG GeekProm005.JPG

GeekProm006.JPG GeekProm007.JPG

Photos by Barrett Chase are here.

Photos by Sharyn Morrow are here.

Photos by Ross Raihala are here.

Photos by Chuck Olsen are here.

Photos of King Neal here.

Everything on Flickr tagged "Geek Prom" is here.


Headline, admired!

I have spent far too much time browsing geek prom related sites today! Sharyon's site is like the portal to all other geek prom related sites we'd otherwise not know about.....Massdistraction indeed!

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