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Does anybody know...

Anybody know of a good place to get some target practice in? The shooting range outside Superior isn't open but 3 times a week.

And no, I'm not looking to debate whether guns are bad or not. I just wanna go punch some holes in paper targets with my buddies and have some fun.



shooting range? where?

i could use a little brushing up on my marksman skills.

The Fish & Game league has a public range on hwy Z. Only open Mon/Wed/Sat.


i'd like to get out there sometine and crack off a brick of .22's with my granddad's Savage.

Heck, let's all go!!! Anyone ever shoot a Russian AK?

I recently shot out at island lake. well..not at the lake but there is a shooting range there.

It's about goddamn time that us left leaning markspeople get together and enjoy some riflery in a non-threatening way. Count me in on a PDD shooting party.

soviet AK? 7.62 X 39...those are indeed rare in the U.S., what you're likely to find are Czech and Chinese made AK's...

And yes, I've ran a few clips through an AK...though I would prefer a British Bullpup (9mm) or an Israeli Galil (9mm) because of the interchangeability of the weapon's ammunition, and overall performance. however there is a pretty significant amount of 7.62 X 39 and .223 ammo around to outfit your AK's and AR-15/M16A1's.

I couldn't find the resource that lists the worldwide prices for AKs (since they're so common, they're used as benchmarks). Amazing to look at over time—you can actually see where conflicts are heating up based on the increase in weapon and ammo prices. Anyhoo, here's a Global Index of Illicit Markets to tickle your fancy instead. And if that doesn't get you, the CIA World Factbook should suck you in for hours.

There's an archery range attached to a bar somewhere in Wisconsin.

It's the Antler Inn, right?

I'm not sure that AK's are even that expensive anymore since the worldwide market (both government and civilian) is practically flooded with the things...though as crackdowns on arms in the global sense (that is, as governments denying the populace access to firearms) does quite a bit to push the market upward. It's the old Supply and Demand, which I'm totally convinced is a Jedi mind trick

voodoo economics, anyone?

Z, you're scaring me.

well, I *am* from Texas...

I like the Yugoslavian SKS for a reasonable priced deer rifle. After removing the grenade launching stuff and replacing the original stock with a Dragunov design stock it makes a good rifle for hunting in the swamps

Hunting the ultimate prey in the swamps..

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