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The new MAC


The Zeppa Foundation has bought the Gardner Hotel (on Lake Avenue, just up from Luce) and has committed to donating free space to a new non-profit for an all-ages music and arts venue. Chris Halverson has agreed to be involved and the new entity will be known as the Music and Arts Collective - The MAC.

I think we all learned a lot about our last effort with the MAC and there are several reasons why this effort will be successful. It's in a better, more visible location near parking and Pizza Luce. A MAC show could run from 8-10:30 leading into a Luce show. Obviously, the support of the Foundation is key. The previous MAC struggled to pay the $800 month in rent, the Zeppas will be providing the space for free - and will provide some start-up operational support.

Most importantly, we have time to do this right and we have the experience to draw on. I'm glad that Chris has committed to being involved, obviously he was the driving force last time - we're going to stay true to that original vision - we are just going to have the space and the resources to do it right.

In order for a project like this to work, it's going to need to be a collective effort and we are going to need the time and energy of those who support downtown arts to be involved as volunteers and members of the new group. If you're interested in helping out, drop me a line at dness717 at charter dot net.

Hope to see you tonight at the Taconite show.

Please note - Jason Cork is in Duluth and on the loose!


I'm a believer.

Best news in a long time. This town needs a MAC and finally this city is on the up-swing again.

hot damn, that IS good news. I can see something giving a good go if it doesn't have to worry so much about meeting the rent.

Very good news.

You'll be hard pressed to do wrong with no rent and an eye towards complementing other evening events.

Hell yes.

I'm so glad to hear this. I was sad when I left Duluth and the MAC behind. I put a lot of time in to helping Chris get it started and felt guilty when it didn't fare too well.

Kudos to you Chris for not giving up.


Hizzot Dizziggity!
That's some whopping great news!
Always felt a great sense of loss when MAC I went down. Many thanks to the Zeppa Foundation for this invaluable gift.

Roger that. I hope it can be half as good as the oriignal MAC space was.

Sweet. Thanks, Mayor Ness!

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