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End of the Geek Streak?

geekprom 002.jpg
Minnesota Statute 617.23 sub (1)


For those of you who haven't heard, six upstanding citizens upholding a six-year long tradition in the spirit of fun were pepper-sprayed and issued citations at the Geek Prom last weekend. Excessive use of force/punishment? You decide.

So, how much is the fine? We need to have a fundraiser for the heroes and martyrs of Geek Prom.

Not sure yet, it may take a few days for everything to get entered into the court system.

So the cops just happened to be standing there holding mace? I'm thinking the Science Museum (who does not approve of the Geek Streak) tiped off the cops. The cops were probably more than happy to have a chance to mace some out of shape trekke geeks.
And seriously, mace?!? What kind of public threat could naked people seriously be? They *obviously* didn't have any hidden weapons...

Whoa! Whoa! Speculation off! Shut down the rumor mill!

The Science Museum didn't 'tip off' anyone. The police were there acting as security, just like at any large event. The Science Museum didn't have anything to do with this on either side.

What I think is weird/funny though is that the museum currently has an exhibit about the beauty of the human body.

If only my kingly powers could grant you emancipation you so deserve.

As king, I'm making you all knights. I name you all Sir Nudealots of the Geek Kingdom.

You know what additionally sucks about something like this? It makes those arrested ineligible for a lot of social service jobs. ANYTHING to do with public indecency gets flagged on background checks and I have not heard of a single case where such judgements have been "set aside" by Dept Human Services.

hey man, florida recently pardoned jim morrison for flailing his junk in 1969, so there's hope for you yet.

I'll help coordinate the fundraiser. Jeff Hamm said he would play, unsure about the rest of ELnO.

I recieved a corrected ticket in the mail yesterday. They couldn't even get THAT right the first time. I went online at and it appears as though it is necessary to appear before the judge in June. I'm starting to get more irritated at this. I believe the policeman improperly used the pepper spray. That stuff is supposed to be used to delibilitate a harmful person, and is supposed to be sprayed IN THE EYES! It seems he was just trying to be malicious. Also he said something to the effect of "Since I used the pepper spray, I have to write you up." (kind of like when a policeman discharges his weapon, they must report it). Well if he didn't use the stuff (improperly) then he wouldn't have had to write us up. If I have to appear before a judge, I'm thinking about pleading Not Guilty. I wish I had an attorney.

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