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Homegrown in Retrospect

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Wouldn't you say it was one of the top nine Homegrown Music Festivals ever?

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It was my favorite Homegrown festival this year ever.

Certainly in the top-10.

I'm just now over my hangover ... 36 hours, 1300 miles, three airports and two episodes of The Office later.

Jerree Small told me that I should post the highlights of Homegrown. I think it's a little late to create a new post, but I'll through something up here.


1) Mike "Scoop" Wilson plays a show at Homegrown; more importantly, he wields a Flying V guitar, much like early '90s WCW wrestler Heavy Metal Van Hammer.

2) Moments before Wilson steps on stage, SuddendEATH helpfully detunes said guitar while talking. Wilson apparently does not notice.

3) Ted from Father Hennepin makes a rare appearance, and I drunkenly harass him until he agrees to consider playing with Starfire et al. next year.


4) Homegrown officially begins at 12:35pm when Chris Whittier draws the first Sharpie mustache of the week on himself.

5) Burly Burlesque witnesses these shenanigans.

6) I go running in Chester Bowl and burn the first pitcher of the day off. This is the only smart thing I do all weekend.

7) Ol' Yeller plays Link Wray's "Rumble", AC/DC's "Big Balls" and Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back in Town". They also play some of their own songs. Goddamn Ol' Yeller is good.


8) Kickball is predictably ridiculous: Whittier brings a bottle of blue Kool-Ade in a bottle of windsheild wiper fluid; a "Homegrown Miracle" occurs when Hot Rod and I combine his bottle of eggnog with my bottle of Snowstorm -- peppermint schnapps with stuff floating in it, so it looks like a snow globe -- and come up with something drinkable; Friday wins the game; Jerree Small catches three pop flys, including two kicked by Burly; and most impressively, there's no controversial calls.

9) All this stuff and more goes down at the Shaky Ray.

10) For no good reason, I continue buying Rich Mattson and Baby Grant Johnson shots of totally undesired rail vodka.

11) Rhyme at Crew Jones's show, paraphrased: "You went for that girl 'cause you thought she was prettier / but it turned out she was crazy like Chris Whittier."


12) I track down SuddendEATH's guitar from the back of Fuh's car and we escape Duluth. To quote Hot Rod: "Every year, on Friday I think, 'I need to move back to Duluth,' and every Sunday I think, 'I'm so glad I don't live in Duluth.'"

And then there's my favorite Jason Cork quote from Saturday:

"Lindquist keeps trying to put his dick in my pocket."

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