January 30, 2009


January 21, 2009

DTV conversion test

Wed. nights for the last 4 years I've gotten together with a swell bunch or cats called Tangier 57. Now we're testing systems so that we can webcast our rehearsals/cd recording sessions/psychedelic elevator rides. You're invited.

Mystery Pipe

What is this thing on Park Point? How did it get there?

pipe 1.JPG

pipe 2.JPG

pipe 3.JPG

Bonus photo: The most climbable tree on Park Point

January 18, 2009

A/V: Details Coming Soon!


January 16, 2009

Who for sewer?

We are one of the lucky 250 households to get the official "Change your sewer line or else" letters. We have gotten 3 quotes each about $2000 apart. We are looking at the cheapest bid and am wondering if anyone has dealt with Shelton Excavating for this type of project. In doing the bid, they were professional, timely and knowledgeable so they seem like a decent choice, especially since they are $2000 cheaper than the next quote.

December 23, 2008

not sayin, just sayin

Paul Lundgren Blagojevich.jpg

Now, Paul, about that vacant council seat....

December 20, 2008

And a bad sweater was had by all.


Images from the Bad Sweater Party at Pizza Luce.

November 07, 2008

Found @ Cub


November 06, 2008



Scenesters or PDD Get-Together? You decide!

Duluth Web Cams

So what's your favorite Duluth Web cam?

Aquarium --

Visit Duluth --

Marine Museum --

Minnesota Power --

Traffic Cams --

Know of any others??

October 30, 2008

Lawd knows I've had plenty of these...

pdd 004.bmp

What?! Aw, c'mon! Anyone?.......Fellas?

October 25, 2008

repost: Halloween night!


No Cover? Yep.

October 20, 2008

Bat Boy: The Musical! at CSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 01, 2008

It's Almost Halloween!


Halloween is almost here!

Excuse my complete and utter geek-out, but I was interviewed for a Living North Magazine article on Halloween in the Twin Ports! Schweeet! You can read the article online here (flip to pages 30 &31). :D
Also, is updated with this year's Halloween events, and has a swanky new logo with a creepy lift bridge. I forgot to add uh, land on either side of the bridge, so apparently the Aerial Lift Bridge is Sarah Palin's "Bridge to Nowhere".
So anyway, if you're looking for Halloween events, or you have a Halloween event you'd like to promote for free, check it out.

Ok, my geek-out is done - thanks for tolerating my spaziness. :D

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September 10, 2008

Haiku Revisited

It's been far too long.
PDD Haiku '08.
Get ready... set... go!!

September 07, 2008

Random building on SHT, and, um, Mars


What is this thing? It's located near Highland Ave. above the cemetery, sort of where Skyline hits the five corners there. Currently, I believe the trail is part of the Duluth section of the Lake Superior Hiking Trail.

The pic was taken right before sunrise, the blurry picture of which follows. I may have posted it before, and no, that's no ufo. It's mars, the moon, and the sunrise all in one pic. All photos taken in a pleasant morning of May. I need to get a better camera. A tripod would be nice, too.


But what is up with that building and where it's located (right next to a creek)? You can clearly see it's only about 10 x 10 feet. It also has bars. Creepy.

September 06, 2008

What the Jade serves on weekdays


I was unaware that Elvis was alive and distributing 'shrooms and tins of elephant to Asian restaurants. This box was for take home, and yes, it just happened to be cut that way. Apologies for the low res, but my friend didn't have a camera, and thusly had to resort to webcam.

August 30, 2008

Jesus for Canal Park

Have I managed to happily avoid it all in years past, or has the levels of zany Jesus stuff in canal park and downtown really increased in 2008?

It seems I can't go down there without seeing at least one person waving a huge sign. Or sometimes, even better;

PVC Jesus

August 15, 2008

Photo Show - Carlson Bookstore

The Duluth Photographers Guild is having a photography opening TONIGHT at Dominic's Downtown Tattoo. This photography show will feature various artists work related to the now closed "Carlson Bookstore".

Where: Dominic's Downtown Tattoo
Where: 132 E Superior St, Duluth, MN

When: TONIGHT (Friday 8/15/2008)
Time: 8-10pm



August 14, 2008

I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'


I knew that pic of Don was familiar. I'm surprised that the gonzoSci guys didn't pick on this. Nessfoot or Bigdon ... talk amongst yourselves.

August 09, 2008

NOW we've got some waves


More than you can shake a stick at, actually. Be careful. Have fun.

August 07, 2008

"duluthiscool" in "Quigley Down Under"

"Duluth is Cool" in "Quigley Down Under"

So I'm at RT Quinlan's last night doing the usual -- drinking a beer and talking to insane people -- when I glance up at the TV and see our very own Rich "duluthiscool" Narum portraying a soldier in the 1990 Tom Selleck hit, "Quigley Down Under."

How can one man be so multi-talented? I for one am in awe.

Quel es? ... Ahhh ... la belle femme skunk fatale!! Tch-tch.


So, about 15 minutes after I hit a skunk with my car on I-35 last night, the dog managed to get sprayed by another skunk in our yard. My entire world is putrid.

Still, I think skunks are really cool.

August 06, 2008

Don’t be ridiculous


I’m sure as that storm rolled through just before noon there might have been something resembling rip currents at Park Point, but by 3 p.m. the water was as calm as it’s ever been. Warm, too, which doesn’t happen often.

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August 03, 2008







August 02, 2008


August 01, 2008

tall ships & judgement day

jeebus people 2 small.JPG
it's complete mayhem down here.

June 08, 2008

Take the Wood Tick Challenge


Head out of Duluth on Highway 23 and park at Veteran's Memorial Overlook (just past Mont du Lac). Walk back toward Duluth a few hundred feet and head into the woods at the spot in this photo. Walk for five minutes, then count the ticks you have on you.

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June 04, 2008

See You On the Island


And shut the fuck up the butt.

June 02, 2008

Al is Dave? Dave is Al? Al Davis?

Why is this man the reference photo on Al Sparhawk's Wikipedia page?

May 31, 2008

Seen at Cub


May 25, 2008

2008 Memorial Day Bocce Champs


May 24, 2008

New DIY Project

Create your own - Vanilla Ice?

Seen at the Holiday Station on Woodland.

I tried to make one, but after searching the store high & low for a half an hour or so, I couldn't find a single copy of a David Bowie album to use as a base, so I gave up and left.

May 15, 2008

Goodbody, Slim

SG and the Nearly Nakeds, Friday 10AM, Mitchell Auditorium. T-shirts depicting internal organs available for purchase. No glass containers, drugs or alcohol, please. Leave your personal vices at home. If you have been holding back any Slim Goodbody memories, now is the time to share.

May 14, 2008

Seems like only yesterday


Assessing incline crash damage, c. 1901-05

Thanks to Pat Maus at the Northeast Minnesota Historical Center for scanning a ton of images and adding them to the Minnesota Digital Library collections. There are lots and lots of cool old photos like this and this.

Find the site here:
The most recently added photos are linked by the phrase "Neigborhoods of Duluth." Or, do an advanced search and limit the collection to Northeast Minnesota Historical Center.

May 09, 2008

Graffiti on the side of the Armory

taken with my Blackberry...

May 08, 2008

dcb starfire spotted with suspicious looking accomplices


May 07, 2008

Man Runs Over Dog and Sues Dog Owners

I heard about this this morning on MPR and could hardly believe it. This past January Jeffrey Ely hit a dog near Cloquet and kills it instantly. Now he is suing the owners for $1100 to cover damage to car and lost work time. The family is countersuing for $2400.

Um, ya know, crap like this happens, folks. Who's to blame? The driver, probably not. The family? Unlikely. The dog? Hardly. It seems to me when a pet is hit by a car either everyone is to blame or no one is to blame, unless there are extenuating circumstances, which I don't see here.

Anyone want to take a side in this?

DNT | Bemidji Pioneer | Fox 9 (Twin Cities) | WCCO (Twin Cities) | Star Tribune | MSNBC

May 05, 2008

Homegrown Hijynx.




Chris Monroe Homegrown Comic Strip

Posted with permission from Monroe. Click on the strip for larger version.

May 01, 2008

As Seen On TV

April 27, 2008

Homegrown Run -- Friday

Once again, in an effort to reduce acute alcohol poisonings by encouraging physical activity away from bars, I’m hosting the Fourth-Annual Homegrown Social Run.

Everyone is welcome to attend and jog, run, speed-walk and/or stand their truck drinking PBR tall-boys and heckling people for wearing short-shorts.*

+ Meet at the first parking lot at Chester Bowl (by the playground equipment)
+ We’ll leave promptly at 4:45pm on Friday, May 2.
+ Expect to spend about 45-60 minutes in the woods – I think we’ll do the route the NMTC uses for their Chester Creek race
+ The pace should be relaxed, as Al Sparhawk will be out of town

In the past, we’ve had four to 10 people come along (including such luminaries as: Dusty Olson, Tim and Brad Nelson, Matt Livingston, Rich Narum, Al Sparhawk, Chris Godsey, Chad Salmela, Marc Gartman, Jamie Ness and, of course, myself). Will this be the year Starfire graces us with his presence? What about Blah blah blah-ler? Might a certain mayor of Duluth attend? Will Burly Burlesque bust harrier skills like British aircraft? Join us Friday evening to find out!!!

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April 16, 2008


9-20-07 DULUTH, MN Get Out Your Atlas and Look at Minnesota. See Caption, Below Photo

April 14, 2008



I'm learning how to drive a manual transmission, and just the thought of driving up and down the great hills of Duluth with a stick shift nearly throws me into panic attacks. Anyone have any advice for me, from hills to avoid, tips for a n00b, or good practice places (that have long open areas and no one to hit)?

The picture is from an old soviet road safety manual. "Onacho" is Russian for "Danger!" - pronounced "oh-pas-no"

April 13, 2008

Geek Prom 2008


My photos are up on Flickr. I tagged them GeekProm2008.

April 02, 2008

I've seen it as well.

Goatse in the sky with diamonds, or gold bands rather.

April 01, 2008

Strange Events in the Duluth Sky

Sjixxxy pointed out to me a phenomenon in the sky above Duluth this afternoon. The phenomenon was an ever-changing beast. Below are two photos, one early on and the second taken later during which the phenomenon had changed drastically almost as if to give Duluthians some sort of sign. :


Upon closer inspection later in the day the phenomenon had changed drastically. See below:

March 25, 2008

Bizarre Minnesota


For what it is worth, Chef Andrew Zimmern, host of a very odd but sometimes entertaining TV/Cable program called Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel, will be doing an entire show dedicated to the freaks and their silverware from the fine state of Minnesota. Previous episodes have had him in Vietnam and Taiwan. Minnesota isn't that far from the epicurean palate, no?

The story line is simple, drop off a fearless eating machine someplace on the planet and he will eat anything. The grosser the food, the better the ratings is my guess. Never eaten Spider Ass fried in oil but hey, I may sometime soon.

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March 16, 2008

Kindly Define "Man Room"


I've been looking for a home in Duluth and came upon this lovely Lakewood listing on Craig's List: (The picture I posted is only of the garage & other room.)

It sounds great - and even features a "Man Room." I'm asking the assembled to define "Man Room" for the newbie. And what does a man do in a room of his own?

My mental image is a semi-finished space with a mini-fridge, a wall of dubious VHS tapes, a leather-esque Lazy Boy and ...a towel. Please help me erase this image with the right one. Is it like a workshop?

March 02, 2008

Who the F is Todd Slauson?!?

(image captured from the movie "Garden State")

February 08, 2008

Sunday Morning Church of Hockey


Do you suck at hockey? If you do, then you're just the person we are looking for.

Every Sunday morning, when the ice is in suitable condition, there's a pickup game at Irving. People usually start to show up around 9:30, and a game develops by 10 a.m.

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February 06, 2008

American Girl dad is from Duluth


The children's book publisher and doll manufacturing juggernaut American Girl released its newest girl late last year. She is Julie, who is growing up in 1974, and the six-book set of books is written by Megan McDonald.
There are nine American Girls now, each a 9-year-old growing up in a different time and place in the U.S. I've been reading them to my daughter, including Kaya, a Nez Perce girl in 1764, Kirsten, a Swedish immigrant living in Minnesota in 1854, and so on.
And here's my point: Tonight, reading Julie's book No. 2, "Julie Tells Her Story," I read the following surprise. It's while Julie is interviewing her father for a school report.
"'Okay,' said Dad, settling into his favorite chair. 'When I was in the fourth grade, growing up in Duluth, Minnesota, money was tight and none of us could afford a bike. ...'"
I wonder if the author has any local connection. I imagine they're going to sell a million of these books.

January 29, 2008

We knew it all along -- United States of Clumsy


ahhh I love winter school cancelations

January 22, 2008

Too Cold to Plug His Hole

Today on the Duluth News Tribune's website they had a hilarious title for an article. Here is the screenshot.


January 16, 2008


Speaking of old school, remember when scaners were cool? This guy has done the leg work if this is your bag. Now let's start spying on the neighbor.

December 18, 2007

You think you're the slickest operator in Duluth


But being the slickest operator in Duluth is kind of like being the world's tallest midget if you ask me.

Check out the Leatherheads trailer.

December 16, 2007

Scenes from a mall.

I think he wants to shake your hand.Something ain't right with these two.
And something really ain't right with lil' Pip here.Sleigh ride.
Oh my god--I love, love, love that they're still using the same Christmas decorations at the Mariner Mall that they had up when I was an impressionable little kid, 20+ years ago. Man, these bring back memories. Rummaging through the overpriced clearance bins at Kay-B-Toys...watching my big brother throwing his money away at Aladdin's Castle...throwing my money away on bric-a-brac at Prange Way...all because my parents were too scared to drive over the "big bridge" to the mall in Duluth.

Ah, those were the days.

35th Birthday Rally in Spirit Valley

December 11, 2007

This guy has a degree


As of today, Jason Cork is a college graduate.

For those of you who don't know Cork, he once bailed out on a semester of college -- right before finals -- to fly to Duluth and not miss the Homegrown Music Festival.

December 03, 2007

Dick Roast Tickets on Sale Thursday, November 6th


December 02, 2007

It's baaack...

November 29, 2007

Duluth's tranquility threatened by lunatics

Prayer siege? Really?

November 07, 2007

So, the question is ...


Which one is Mr. Duluth?

November 01, 2007

WTF Charlie?


DNT: Do you think crime is getting worse in Duluth?

Charlie Bell: Yes.

DNT: Why so?

Charlie Bell: I think people have moved into Duluth that don’t belong here. I think we see people walking the streets that don’t fit the identities, that don’t fit what we normally have, don’t fit the citizens that have lived here for years and years. They do stand out.

Read the whole interview regarding crime in Duluth with Charlie Bell and Don Ness here.

October 31, 2007

Day of The Dead November 1st

Celebrate Day of the Dead

dayof the dead.jpg

October 17, 2007

Left Wing Nut Job

2110-301-603 COLOR.JPGIn a discussion about Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize on KUWS yesterday Karl Spring, chief meteorologist for NBC affiliate KBJR, scoffed at Al Gore and said he wouldn't "pay a dime" to see "An Inconvenient Truth" because Al Gore is a "left wing nut job."

Don't you find it refreshing when scientists can put aside prejudice and examine issues based on cold, hard facts?

Seriously, if this guy as a meteorologist wanted to argue the science behind the movie, I'm all ears. If he just wants to cast aspersions and call people names, then maybe Fox is hiring.

I Love My Lips

What blog about Duluth would be complete without this cultural artifact?

September 25, 2007

Here's That Image You Were Trying to Post, Zoey


September 11, 2007

Duluth News Tribune Lets Everyone Win!

DNT reports dead even TIE at 22% of voters.

Congratulations Don Ness and Charlie Bell for moving on to the heavyweight bout.


September 07, 2007


This is the most amazing story I have heard in a while. Via the DNT.

'The only guy running nude in Duluth': Observation Hill couple recounts how they thwarted burglar
Mark Stodghill
Duluth News Tribune - 09/07/2007

Wayne and Kathie Boniface returned from a dinner at an Observation Hill neighbor’s home Thursday night to find a burglar in their house.

Kathie Boniface asked the burglar who he was? “I’m with the FBI and you are blowing my cover,’’ the burglar said.

When Wayne Boniface got done with the intruder, he had no cover.

The suspect ran from the home carrying less than he came with. A lot less.

Read full story here.

September 01, 2007

The Lion Sleeps Tonight



John’s Red Lion Bar is now closed after over 35 years in business.

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August 21, 2007

Lubricating our County Commish

CandDennisFink.jpgYou know, when I'm vouchering for a business trip I always have to ask myself - Are in-room pornos and lubrication reimbursible? Apparently Duluth's County Commisioner, Dennis Fink, thinks so.

From the Timberjay:

The Fink investigation, released to the Timberjay on Wednesday, details a number of incidents in which Fink’s secretary indicates she was subjected to sexual comments or ogled by Fink or others in his presence.

While the secretary had sought intervention from another commissioner several years ago, she indicated in her statements that the behavior continued.

The incident which finally precipitated the complaint occurred in March, 2007, after Fink had returned from a county-sponsored trip to Washington D.C. According to the report, Fink handed his secretary some receipts for reimbursement, including a grocery receipt that included a sexual lubricant and another hotel receipt that indicated Fink had ordered a sexually explicit movie.

The secretary said it was unusual for the commissioner to provide such receipts, since they weren’t reimburseable. Commissioners typically are reimbursed for daily expenses through a per diem, which does not require receipts.

According to the investigation, Fink inquired the next day as to whether his secretary had all the receipts she needed. She said she ignored his comment, but believed that the commissioner was trying to get a reaction from her due to the nature of the receipts.

Fink, in his statement, said the receipts had been given to his secretary in error, and were not intended to harass her.

He further denied making any of the sexual references reported by his secretary or having ogled her.

August 20, 2007

Stoners Volunteers Needed

The City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Commission’s Disc Golf Planning Committee seeks volunteers to continue helping to install the area’s first public 18-hole disc golf course.

A work day is scheduled for Saturday, August 25 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to clear throwing lanes and install throwing pads, for holes 3, 13, 14. Please meet on the disc golf course site, accessed from the Trinity Road lower gated area, which is ¼ mile south of the Lake Superior College’s Trinity Road main campus entrance.

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August 17, 2007

Fourth Street Alliteration


Next door to the former Hip Hop Candy Shop, it's DeeDee's Doodads!

July 27, 2007

Bright Lights, Big City?

Uh, did anyone else notice a fairly massive police presence at Portland Square Park last night around 3:00 a.m.? What I thought was heat lightning turned out to be cruisers prowling 4th and 5th Streets with their searchlights on, presumably looking for Person or Persons Unknown...

July 16, 2007

Urban Dictionary Slams Duluth

1. Duluth

A Cold ass town on a hill where you can't get lost. All you have to do is pop the clutch and let the car coast and you'll find your way to Lake Superior. The two major Duluthian Pasttimes are Getting Drunk and Getting Frostbite.

On a scale of 1 to useless, Duluth ranks about a 'Pauli Shore.'
Pauli Shore!!!?? -- Isn't that some sort of fighting words?
There is more at

July 01, 2007

Murder Victim's MySpace

Adam Sheda was shot to death at a house party in the East Hillside on Friday night, having just returned from fighting in Iraq.

This is his MySpace page.

"All my friends better throw me one hell of a party when I get home. My plans when I get back are to drink until my heart stops."

- Adam Sheda

News stories here and here.

June 11, 2007

Rummage sale thiefs

Just read about this over at the Duluth Freecycle board and am passing it along on the remote chance it might help.

Essentially it boils down to looking for a white jeep-like vehicle that has the lisc plate number VNG 420. The plates are unregistered so the cops can't track them....

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June 01, 2007

Tough day to be a butterfly


The shores of Lake Superior are littered with dead monarch butterflies. Take a walk along Park Point. There' s one every ten feet.

May 24, 2007

DCB Banner Contest

I hereby announce a banner contest.
You must create your best PDD banner using an eagle and a flag. Winner gets elected to city council.

(and please don't use quotes in your post. quotes allow satan to infect your computer with a virus. quotes are also the leading cause of SIDS in infants.)

May 11, 2007

Speaking of Ticks


How many have you pulled off so far? After this post, I started finding about one a day on myself. The dog has had his share, too.


I hate it when people forward bogus warnings, but this one is real, and it's important. So please send this warning to everyone on your e- mail list.

If someone comes to your front door saying they are checking for ticks due to the warm weather and asks you to take your clothes off and dance around with your arms up, DO NOT DO IT!! THIS IS A SCAM!! They only want to see you naked.

I wish I'd gotten this yesterday. I feel so stupid. :)

April 29, 2007

Hi Ho, The Derry-O


What: PDD Game Night
When: Monday, April 30, 2007 at 6pm-ish
Where: Robin Goodfellow's

Come play games with your fellow PDD Gamers. Food will be ordered. Fun, as always, will be had. Some of the games played recently include: Carcassonne, Ticket To Ride: European Version and Munchkin Fu. See you there!

Just for the record, Hi-ho Cherry-O was one of my favorite games when I was a little kid. What was yours?

April 26, 2007

A Complete History of Duluth, Abridged

April 25, 2007

As someone who was born at St. Mary’s in Duluth but grew up mostly in Superior, I’ve often wondered why anyone would want to live on the side of a huge rock. Sure the view from the hill is nice, but so is the view of the hill. I mean you people can’t play sports without worrying about chasing the ball 2 miles down the hill into the lake if you miss it. And there’s the driving in winter thing. Anyways I am wondering what the steepest streets in Duluth are. Here’s a few to get started with, at 4thAve.E.&1st St. and 26th Ave.E.&Superior St.:

steep 001.jpgsteep 002.jpg

April 01, 2007

Traditional High School Experience - For adults.

Cafe_Kids_Clean_240px.jpgAfter years of hearing , "I wish they had a school like this when I was in High School", HCIS staff is proud to announce High School for Adults. Un-like the actual HCIS experience this is without any of the educational content and focuses on the cultural aspect of high school. Un-comfortable meetings with parents, Lunch room cleaning, Restorative justice circles, In-School Suspension in the director's office and hats only on wed.

"This cuts to the heart of the experience of American high school...well, for this, we'll add a few things that HCIS doesn't really have like clicques and a football team" says Technology Teacher/Administrator Baci. Other PDD regulars, like HBH will serve as subsistute teachers. Like "real" HCIS, Registration is limited so sign up by posting a comment here on PDD.

March 29, 2007

Darling's Observatory


Have I been living under a rock or something?

I was browsing the Duluth Wikpedia Article tonight when I came across a piece of Duluth history I'd never heard of before--Darling's Observatory. J.H. Darling (some rich dude in 1917) built an observatory that housed a 9 inch private telescope as a "means of awakening an interest in this noble science [astronomy] among the people of his city and of contributing to the popular knowledge of the subject." It seems the spot that it used to stand on is now Observation Park out by Emerson. I went out to the spot tonight to look for evidence, and it was scanty. I was just curious if anyone else could shed some light on this topic or maybe just a better picture? From the one above the observatory looks quite grand. I wonder why it's still not there? It looks like it was kind of a big deal for its time........

March 13, 2007

We ALL knew it...

Screenshot-1.jpgYep, I first heard about it from Donn Hansen...jets from the airbase scrambled, dog fight with UFO over the lake right off the point...the paper for that day missing from the library micro-fische, the "Kinross" incident, the "atomic hand gernade" "barrels"..recent discovery of a "shipwreck" that no-one knew about...My direct observations of grey helicopters hovering over this part of the lake escorted by coast guard boats...and now this..recent updates of google earth maps imagery for this area show an obvious doctoring....Gonzo scientists please help us...

March 12, 2007

What a Pissing Match!

The Bayfront Blues Festival is leaving Duluth.

According to news release, for financial and business reasons, the festival “has accepted an offer to conduct the Blues Festival at a location minutes from downtown Duluth but outside of the Duluth city limits. Bayfront Blues Festival is excited and grateful to continue its event of 18 years at a new location.”

Blues Festival spokesman and attorney Michael W. Lien said he understands that the new location will be announced in the next few days.

The announcement comes as Duluth administrators and Bayfront Blues Festival President Chris Mackey wrangle over potential fees and taxes owed to the city. City Attorney Bryan Brown said he will take Mackey to court if he doesn’t provide financial documents for an exhaustive audit of the festival.

Mackey and new Bayfront Festival Park director Craig Samborski have also been unable to agree on the terms for this year’s festival.

Lien’s news release said Samborski and the city are asking for more than $60,000 in fees — up from $22,000 in 2006.

“Bayfront Blues Festival, Inc., does not feel it has sufficient time to complete negotiations with Secret Service Entertain-ment, LLC, for the use of Bayfront Park for the 2007 Festival,” the release said.

However, the release said the decision to move the Blues Festival is a financial decision and “is not related to the Duluth City Council’s continuing negotiations with Secret Service Entertainment, LLC, pertaining to the management of Bayfront Festival Park.”

February 26, 2007

She wants your blood!


OK...I know this may be the strangest request ever on PDD.
She is a phlebotomy student at DBU and needs to have 18 more SUCCESSFUL blood draws to be able to pass her phlebotomy class before her internship.

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February 18, 2007

Someone is judging you

Duluth Politics

As for me, I like how he refers to himself as "us" and "we". I also like how he pretty much never gets any comments.

February 17, 2007

I Got My Goggles On.

Oy Vey!


When: Monday, February 19, 2007 at 6pm or so
Where: Robin Goodfellow's
What: Come for a schtick and schmooze with your fellow PDD boichikas and mensches! We'll play some kitschy games and order some latkes and lox. L'chaim!

January 11, 2007

In your face, Milford!


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January 10, 2007

Local School Mentioned in Obscure Comic

Today's Gil Thorp:

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December 14, 2006

Was this at the DECC?

Stare Wars - Episode 1

December 04, 2006

Le Parkour - Duluth Style

December 02, 2006

Stop The Inanity


90s hair bands. Bad album covers. Wigs.

Starfire, what have you started?

For a change of pace, try this...

Minnesota's Longest Bridge: Located near the source of rivers, Minnesota does not have bridges that can compare to other places in length. The longest bridge entirely in the state is MN 77 over the Minnesota River. The two Duluth Bridges to Wisconsin are longer.


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December 01, 2006

my blog-flogging: forever in sweat pants

if you make it to the end i'll give you a dollar.

Let's Have a Blog-a-thon!


Hey Kids,

Let's get this party rolling. Starting this morning and lasting through the weekend I challenge all PDD members to contribute something to our little Blog. Post a picture, tell a story, make a movie or just tell a joke. If every member here posted one thing it could be quite a party. So get going there are only 72 hours left to get in on the fun.

--->over and out, for now.

November 25, 2006

Hoot Hoot Hoot Hoot Hoot Hoot....

Oh no!

Indogneato broke PDD. I say we put him in a corner and hoot at him.

November 12, 2006

what i did all night..

Ryan Board

Lundgren Circuit Board

John with Circuit Board

October 23, 2006

Dear Deer


Need I say more......

September 20, 2006

Evil Jeff For Senate!

August 15, 2006

Roast dem beans!


We're giving the second of three public tours at work (for those who don't know: Alakef Coffee 1330 E. Superior St.) on Aug 25th at 10:00 a.m.(the next is in late Sept., if you miss this one). Pre register for the tour is required...question? register? give the office a ring @ 218.724.6849.

If you ever wanted to know's a chance to find out! Impress your friends at your next party by tossing out coffee facts like marshmellows at a Grateful Dead show setbreak!

August 10, 2006

The Holy Grail

Some time ago, Barrett set forth a challenge, promising great rewards to anyone who could locate a legendary Duluth tourism spot featuring Telly Savalas.
There was a lot of discussion about whose attic, basement or catacombs to search. Well, our Little Buddy mike has come through for all of us. He spent time that should have been spent writing health care ads digging through Howard Klatzky's basement. And he's posted not only the Telly Savales ad, but also the Gilligan and Skipper ad and 3 Al Franken/Tom Davis ads.

So Barrett, does Mike get the great rewards, or Howard?

July 16, 2006

More GO

So I was directed over here by one of the many people I have met at Robin Goodfellows while playing Go there last Thursday. He said to lookup the post and see what was up. I did and now am inviting any one to join us on Thursdays to learn and play Go at 7:00 at Robin Goodfellows. We have three players so far and would love to add more to the roster and maybe even get several days and locations to meet and play.

July 13, 2006

Why Has No One Ever Told Me about This?!?!

I had no idea.

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July 08, 2006

Da house is on fire!

House on fire.jpg

And the 911 dispatcher was more concerned with the fact that my cell phone was breaking up.

I awoke this morning to find I was out of coffee, which in it self is an emergency situation. It's pissing down rain, but I MUST have coffee. My body is also telling me I need food, so I begin my drive down to The Sunshine Cafe
As I'm yielding at the corner of 26th Ave. W. and first, I gaze to the left and witness the front porch of a house completely in flames. There is absolutely no one about. No tenants standing outside crying about the loss of their home, no neighbors gawking for entertainment -- nobody. Except for me, in my car, manically honking the horn. I call 911 from my cell phone, get out of my car to get a better assessment of what’s happening; it’s still pissing down rain.

As I’m trying to tell the dispatcher that there is a fire at 26th Ave. W and first, she keeps repeating, in an irritated tone, “I can’t hear you from that phone….I can’t hear you.” I get back in my car and begin screaming at her “FIRE! 26TH W AND FIRST! ..."FIRE!” Shortly thereafter the fire trucks arrive.

By the way, today’s breakfast specials at The Sunshine Café are the mushroom omelet or the Swedish pancakes. I highly recommend the mushroom omelet.

June 22, 2006

My summer just got better!

I was at the airport yesterday to pick up an out of town guest. As I waited, I saw that huge black stretch humvee sitting at the main door. To myself, I said "hmmm, what loosers have ordered that thing?" Oviously something related to Las Vegas..but no! As we pulled away I saw a camera crew and then to my suprise...several older little people posing for cameras before climbing (with assistance) into the back of the hideous gas belching cheney mobile. After some conversation, Patrice's mom hit it...They were MUNCHKINS going to Grand Rapids for Judy Garland days....I saw a MUNCHKIN!!!! Number 12 has been scratched off my list.munchkin.jpg

June 20, 2006

Sister Bar Exchange

I was poking around Eric Ringsred Dot Com today and found his "Coming Attractions" page. I like #4 the best.

May 25, 2006

squicky, icky and cool (gross)

Here is a WaPo article about Duluth Doctor Johannes Aas. I am both repulsed and impressed by this news. Incidently Dr. Aas seems to be pretty active in Duluth, finally, here is a picture of the fellow.

May 17, 2006

Second Annual Gonzo Science Paulding Light Expedition

This is a heads up that a few of your fellow bloggers are going camping in Paulding, Michigan this weekend, home of the mysterious "Paulding Light," which is either a ghost, a UFO, or an astounding optical anomaly. Anyway we had a blast there last year, capturing the phenomenon on video and everything. It's easy to see, it's hard to say what it is. If anyone's interested in joining us, you can google the directions yourself and meet us out there, or you can drive out with one of two caravans. Karl and Kim are leading the early wave; meet them in the Rose Garden parking lot on Friday at 3pm and tail them to Paulding. A second wave is being led out by me, Jill, The Candidate, and our ghostbuster Brianna on Saturday at 12:30pm, also from the Rose Garden lot. Bring: your car, your camping gear, food, beer and rain gear just in case.

May 05, 2006

Doing a Shot at Homegrown.

doing a shot at homegrown

click the pic to watch.

April 21, 2006

Local Sears takes Customer Satisfaction to a New Level!

20051219-Cusomter_Satifaction_Up.gifApparently the Miller Hill Mall Sears is taking customer satisfaction to a whole new level. Check out this job description for a sales associate -

Responsible for selling and servicing customers. Must be willing and able to handle customer issues that may arise on the sales floor. The associate will spend all of their time on the sales floor.

Selling customers? Servicing customers?!? I imagine that some customer issues will arise! And you have to spend all your time on the floor? Wow.

Thanks to Charlotte for bringing this to my attention.

April 17, 2006

First Duluth Juvenile Giant Squid Hunt in the Tunnels Goes Awry