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What I did this weekend, two words... Kidney Stones

So, I woke up Friday to the prospect of four days off work, but ending up puking in pain, spending two fucking nights at the hospital and having a 5mm stone (plus some additional accidental tissue) ripped out of me via the penis, catheter inserted, a PCA pump of morphine that I was hitting every 6 mins for 2 hours post operation. At that point I definitely could still feel the pain, but just didn't care. Imagine getting stabbed in the right kidney with a long knife and you can approximate the pain. Now, for the next week whenever I go pee it feels like someone is kicking me in the right side.
On balance I would have preferred to have my fingers slammed in a car door, seriously.


Eek - I had gallstones and those were bad enough. I can't even imagine how much worse kidney stones must be...

wait...they operated on you THROUGH YOUR PENIS?

Wishing you a speedy recovery-i feel very grateful now as i recently had a kidney stone but it passed within two days and the scan did not show any others

I thought they were
Edgeways, I've been there and I wish you the best.

I thought they were blasting kidney stones with a laser nowadays.

I had Kidney stones when I was 13; three very large ones and I had the same operation except through my uretha. Recovery was almost worse than the month of extreme pain prior to the operation. I pretty much missed 1/2 of ninth grade.

Edgewood, on this special Memorial Day we will remember you and the sacrifices you have made.

when we were dismantling my grandmother's worldly goods, i found an old brown envelope with about four or five perfectly round tan stones in them (kidney or gall? i don't know). i couldn't throw them away. i know that makes me weird, but i don't care.

yikes, edgeways. glad you survived.

thanks all.. yeah Paul I think this is my most memorable memorial day every. Never really had any reason to pay attention to it before. Now it is A DAY THAT WILL LIVE IN INFAMY, or er, at least the day before memorial day, but I have a hard time working "penultimate" into into the whole thing.

mayday: yes, you begin to comprehend the scale of these things.

Purple: I wish.. perhaps that is for the wealthy, or the super large stones, who knows, but they didn't play asteroids with my... er I'll stop now.

I've had 2 children and 2 kidney stones. The stones were MUCH more painful (and pushing out 2 9+ lb kids wasn't exactly a picnic). There is nothing like the pain of a kidney stone!

Here's to a speedy recovery..


yeah...sympathies and condolences...makes the moving of furniture I did this weekend seem...trivial.

hope you get to feelin better...

Man, I feel your pain. I've had kidney stones 5 times. Yes, five. Luckily, none of them have been quite large enough that they had to "go up and get them the hard way" so to speak, but peeing out a 2-4 mm jagged rock is no fun. Drink lots of water all the time. It helps keep them from coming back. Can't imagine how many I'd have had if I didn't drink lots of water...

Ouch. A few years ago I got diagnosed with maybe having kidney stones. Doctor prescribed that I dirnk a to0n of water & go as much as I can for a week.

I've never been so fearful of taking a leak then I was that week.

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