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Roar By The Shore No More

The Red Lion is outta here. On the double-plus-good side, it will become an art movie house. Awesome. Thank you again, Zeppa Foundation, Keir Johnson, and Mayor Ness! Duluth is on the upswing...

More info here.


While the plans and initiatives of the Zeppa Foundation in downtown and on that block in particular are worth celebrating, the loss of a local business is not. There's no question the Lion had its moments, but I think Kelly did a good job of cleaning it up in recent years, and she provided a solid music venue for many years.

I just want to make it clear that the foundation's purchase of the building is all about realizing their vision for an independent movie theater and arts center in downtown. It does not reflect any sort of value statement towards that business. I think their willingness to allow it to stay open through Blues Fest weekend is a reflection of that.

Alan and Leanne Zeppa love downtown. They are investing in downtown because they believe in its potential, especially as an arts center with a vibrant, active nightlife. While some may be disappointed with the loss of the Red Lion, I hope folks will keep in mind the true intent of the foundation in this deal - creating high quality venues for music, theater, cinema, and art.

Oh, I'm so excited about this! Thanks for sharing the news.

might have to grind up the floor to remove the accumulation of decades of smoke eh?

I'll kind of miss having it there, and thought it provided a nice counter point to the monstrosity Sheridan.

but.. it'll be nice to have a I-film venue. Pros and cons, pros and cons

Yeah, right.

To clarify:

I wasn't necessarily celebrating the death of the Red Lion, but I was celebrating the arrival of independent cinema and the overall revitalization of Old Downtown. If it's got to revitalize, art and culture are a key part of the mix. At least the Lion won't be turned into, say, a TGI Friday's.

While I appreciate the kind comment by vicarious, the project is driven by Alan and Leanne's vision and passion for independent film. They have been working to find a film venue for a long time. Alan and Leanne put their heart and soul into every grant decision and every project the Foundation takes on

watch out for the downplays and criticisms from the highbrow anti-intellectual set who'll most likely criticize this as a highly anti-business move. (we need more business, not arts and culture...arts and culture don't make a city profitable/attractive/liveable...)

Are you honestly that stupid, or is it deliberate?

Finally, some real film in this town! Too bad the Norshor couldn't have been the place for this. Ah, well.

Yeah! Independent cinema! I'm all for it! I don't miss much about living in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but I did miss Cinema Center which was a really good independent cinema. I remember going there to see Pi, Kenneth Brannagh's Hamlet, TimeCode, and a dozen other films you couldn't get in the mainline cinemas. I'm really looking forward to this.

It looks like I'm moving back to Duluth once I finish film school.

It looks like I'm moving back to Duluth once I finish film school.

Is my head an eraser?



It is this type of new growth that makes it exciting to live in Duluth!
There should be a Zinema raising party! Or a cleanup...

This sucks.

The Red Lion was a great bar for live music. A sad day for bands around town as the options get fewer and fewer.

I liked the Red Lion, always free at the door and cheap at the bar.

This sucks.

The Red Lion was a great bar for live music. A sad day for bands around town as the options get fewer and fewer.

I liked the Red Lion, always free at the door and cheap at the bar.

I am excited and hope it works out financially. Or that they have enough money to devote to the project that it can just break even if necessary. During college I worked with a student-run film society in an incredible theater, showing movies 7 days a week, and I miss those days...

Free at the door? There was always a cover when a band played. Not that I cared, but... Besides, nobody packed that joint except the Black Labels (and The Snakes back when, but both bands can pack any venue in this town). For every other show I saw there, I felt bad for the band. You could almost hear crickets chirping. I think perhaps the general populace was downright scared of the place unless the audience outweighed the regular patrons. Strength in numbers. I'm sure the every other band and musician in this town would agree with me that The Lion wasn't exactly what you would call "a dream gig". I agree, it's not a good thing when any bar that has live music goes away, but this is an upgrade. Best of both worlds? Talk them into a silent movie night on their least $$$ night and have live band perform a soundtrack to whatever movie is playing. 'Tis what we did back in the Norshor days. A lot of people showed up every time and it was a blast. Imagination, people! Imagination! Well, "Other", anyway...

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