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Cloud Cult on MTV


Duluth’s own Cloud Cult will be on MTV News this weekend. See the Minowa farm, Earthology Records, Cloud Cult's recording studio and live footage from the band's recent New York City show.

Air times

Fri 5/11: 650pm, 1050pm
Sat 5/12: 1050pm
Sun 5/13: 550am
Mon 5/14: 550am, 650am, 850am

Sun 5/13: 430am, 1130pm
Mon 5/14: 330am, 630am

Fri 5/11: 645pm, 745pm, 845pm, 945pm, 1045pm
Sat 5/12: 1145am, 1245am, 145am, 245am, 345am, 445am, 545am, 645am, 745am, 845am, 945am, 1045am, 1145pm, 1245pm, 245pm, 345pm, 445pm, 545pm
Sun 5/13: 645pm, 845pm, 1045pm
Mon 5/14: 1245am, 245am, 445am, 645am, 845am, 1045am, 1245pm, 245pm, 445pm


That's awesome. Congratulations to Craig and crew. Though, there is some irony to such an intensely independent band landing on MTV. Good for them both.

Hey, could someone digitally record this and post it somewhere? I don't have cable.

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