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Happy Fun Duluth Citizens Day!

happyface.jpgI have been reading the Duluth Citizens Blog with the rest of you and it has made me sad. I think they need a big virtual hug. So, on authority of myself, I am declaring today Happy Fun Duluth Citizens Day! I am encouraging everyone to make Duluth's blogging community a happier funner place and spread joy to everyone!

So let's go do our part! Maybe they'd like some knock knock jokes. Or you could tell that happy story of your last birthday. Or maybe you could tell them how happy you were at Homegrown this year! Leave out the part about barfing on my shoes, though. That wasn't so happy.


Yeah, well, they didn't accept my benign happy statement.

Damn babysitters....

Well, I'm discouraged by my attempts to bring Happy Fun to Duluth Citizens. Only two of my dozens of Happy Fun comments were posted. They didn't like my knock knock jokes. They didn't print my happy review of Burrito Union. They didn't post my happy anticipation of the Northern Lights Harry Potter release party down at the Depot. They didn't want to hear about beautiful walks in Chester Park. They didn't want to think about sipping margaritas on the deck of Hacienda del Sol.

I guess they don't want to think about happy things.

I suppose I should be happy because obviously they take their Free Speech very seriously over there, in a Homeland Security Patriot Act sort of way.

they didn't post any of my comments. what a horrible way to treat royalty. i think we need a geek streak through their website.

yeah...they're kinda like that...i wouldn't expect too much in the way of sympathy from their ilk.

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