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do you ever google something .. then get so bogged down by all the answers you just want to turn to someone and say ... hey maybe you can help me.

anyhoo... i googled this to see it it's been posted about here before and after weeding through archives and posts about homegrown i said screw it .. i'll just ask.

but first .. let's go back in time. on this very weekend 10 years ago ... i was grad-uh-mah-tating from UMD. seeing the kids all crowd down to the decc on saturday got me waxing nostalgic... what was life like 10 years ago.
[insert garth and wayne going back in time .. dooodledooodledoo...doooddlleedoodlledoo]

in 1997 ... i still owned pearl jam's Vitology | i was packing my bags to move to oregon | stamps were 33 cents | i was still a blond | bill clinton was president [sigh] | ricky martin was livin' la vida loca | kamal gindy was still alive and a caring professor and guide.

soooo tangent off .. back in those days .. i worked the open mic circuit pretty good
then you couldn't go one night with out some sweet gal getting up with her weathered acoustic singing fake plastic trees. aaawwww bless her heart.

well i guess this is a rambling blog to ask... where are the good open mics now 10 years later?
i've seen the list, but i want to know what you PDD pals suggest. maybe i'll dust off my 15 year old songs and give it a go again. also, i have a fairly portable full size keyboard, i can bring this to open mics too if folks are interested in playing ...

thanks for letting my ramble


i think the Grace still does open mic stuff, eh?

Google Hacks is an awesome book. The Google syntax you were looking for is:

open mic site:perfectduluthday.com


Open Mic • FREE • 6:30pm
Red Mug Coffee, 916 Hammond Ave. (392.2662)

Open Mic & Poetry • FREE • 8pm
Amazing Grace Bakery & Café, 394 Lake Ave. S. (723.0075)

Open Mic • FREE • 10pm
Sir Benedict’s, 805 E. Superior St. (728.1192)

Open Mic • FREE • 7PM
Beaner’s Central, 324 N. Central Ave. (624.5957)

Open Mic • FREE • 9:30pm
Thirsty Pagan Brewing Co., 1623 Broadway (394.2500)

badda bing...ask Da Man...

I'd have to say in general Beaner's is the best...since they have a sound guy and someone to keep the evening on track.

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