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Substance Only Please

Please use this post to comment only on substantive matters! We have to play catch-up to how seriously substantive the Duluth Citizens Blog is! If we don't quickly accumulate matters of substance, they will have more substance than PDD. Oh, if only PDD weren't so lacking in substance (boo hoo .. boo hoo hoo...) Please oh please stop hating on us, Duluth Citizens of Substance! Plus, where is the Duluth Citizensopedia entry that will tell me just what is considered substantive enough, and the correct matters for a community blog to blog upon? Update the weblogs of Justice!


Well, I read a little bit of the DCB so I'm ready to give a try at substance. Here we go. Wish me luck.

"Stupid liberals! Gas tax, bah! Duluth sucks worse than you think it does! Crooked politicians! Someone should tell that guy what's what! I hate this place! Why do I bother to live here? Duluth isn't worthy of me! Listen to me as I spew forth wisdom!"

Okay... there... that's some DCB substance for you.

I never read the DCB blog so i am without substance-but i do get lots of fiber

mmm, fiber...there's fiber in bran...

i loves me a nice fresh bran muffin...especially with butter and honey.

hmmm, a question of substance...where can I find a good bran muffin in town?

Well I went to the bathroom and had a good read, is that what you mean by substantive? Because I tell you, I really gave my all back to the sanitation district.

substance abuse!!!!!

but...i'd rather talk about homegrown, geek prom, game night, youtube and ethel merman...

beats the hell out of:
"it's everybody's fault but mine! crime's up because of these gangbangers and welfare cheaters from chicago! i want more cops and firemen but you better not raise my taxes! why haven't they plowed MY street FIRST? don't they know i'm the most important person in Duluth? the fascist DFL is the cause of all the problems in this city!"

fuck me, they complain a lot...it must really suck to be angry all the time. i've heard that carrying around a lot of anger and hatred makes ones appearance turn ugly (sheesh..the current administration should be proof enough of that...). if that's the case, i'm envisioning a bunch of really angry people at their keyboards complaining rather than contributing and getting uglier by the minute.

What does your garden grow?
I am going to the greenhouse tonight to find another blueberry plant so the one I bought at the Farmer's Market can cross pollinate.
I heard blueberries love acidic soil and a good idea is to throw some cooled used BBQ brickets in the soil. Thoughts?

I say we all gather at the Clayton Jackson Mcghee memorial on Memorial Day and have a public mass suicide to show those Duluth Citizens Blog freaks that we mean business. Then all the bums from the Kozy can pee on our corpses

Heysme, use your old coffee grounds for the blueberries. They will lower your soil's pH.

And my sub stance is that there should be more of them in Lake Superior, but they should be well regulated.


But was it a fart of substance?


Oh yeah, it was.

For fucks sake professor. If you're going fucking post a fucking message on fucking PDD, you better goddamn well use the fucking fuckword "fuck" in your fucking post.

I think the real problem is that DCB has cornered the market on angry-looking eagles in front of American flags among Duluth blogs. For all the banners I've seen at PDD, not a single one of them has any nationalistic overtones.

That's your first real problem, PDD. Get that fixed, and you'll be right in no time. Then all that's left is to stop worshipping Satan and stop voting for Democrats when you know they're really just Communists. Oh, and get a haircut.

god i love sarcasm...

Never fart when you are wearing waders.

Come on guys, stop hating duluth so much. It's the best city in the world (here it comes!) if you meet one or both of the following criteria; you either A) are a spoiled brat born into millions, or B) are a raging alcoholic. In the case of anyone who abosolutely LOVES this city they fall under both catagories. This economy thrives on alcohol and building/renovating landmarks that no one except the "well to do's" give a flying fuck about. This region (duluth/superior) is the "poster child" of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome... just look around at all the sunken eyes, scatteredd minds, social anxiety disorders, wrongful deaths from drinking and driving (which gives us all, even the sobber ones, HIGH insurance rates). Oh, and let's not forget the abuse; verbal, physical, and sexual that stems from excessive consumption. Even though Superior has more bars per capita than any other place on the planet, lets see if we can't issue just a _few_ more liquor licenses. Unless you're "riding the coat tails" of your daddy and mommy, there's no good reason for any of us to stay here. The only people who are going to make any money here are the ones who were born with it. (Why do you think the majority of your friends packed up and left immediately after highschool??) Meanwhile the rest of us stayed here and let the rich snobbs lead us to believe this is a beautiful place to be. I stand back and I see a stale, narrow minded economy, left behind as the rest of the industrial world moved forward. So we sit here and get completely plowed on whiskey and beer as we complain about "newly fuddled techonolgy" like computers, fuel injectiong, cell phones, and anything else that takes more than 2 minutes to figure out. FUCK THIS PLACE!! We should burn it to the ground, collect the insurance, and all go our seperate ways. It's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't really been fun.

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